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Style Icons Closet

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Come Raid Style Icons Closet!

When women think of vintage, they imagine old Hollywood glamor or June Cleaver from “Leave It To Beaver.” If that is the case then Style Icons Closet is the closet to raid.

All pictures with friendly permission by Style Icons Closet

Style Icons Closet is owned and operated by two British sisters who call themselves, Sisi and Mimi. They pride themselves in their simple and quaint collections of handmade goodies. Sisi and Mimi sew everything themselves, creating what they enjoy most about vintage fashion and how they personally envision it.

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Style Icons Closet can be compared to a pastel cupcake shop for hungry pin-up fashionistas. A bakery for vintage fashion in the United Kingdom, displaying a large window that is filled with cotton candy colored hues, sugary polka dots and even some samples of a more exotic taste.

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It seems that Sisi and Mimi have devoted their time to making Style Icons Closet a polka dot, floral and lace boutique. Their diverse taste in tribal prints though is what really causes their online shop to stand out. Creating old fashion inspired pin up pieces, with bold African tribal prints, makes their small collection pop. Very unique and eccentric, yet this online store keeps the daring yellows, greens and black prints as sweet as their other cupcake colored goodies.

Keeping their designs classic, this online shop is the home to the ever famous pencil dresses, fun party dresses and sexy little black dresses for a night filled with cocktails. As mentioned earlier, Sisi and Mimi create everything by hand. Filling their shop with designs from the heart, every stitch is a thread of pure undying passion for vintage and pin-up fashion.

They make dresses for the customer, asking for measurements to create a perfectly tailored piece of pinup artwork. Customers have the option of choosing their own fabrics and measurements, while Sisi and Mimi offer high quality customer service. They offer, not only dresses, but tops, skirts, petticoats and jackets.

If a pin up girl is looking for the classic stylings of a 1940 and 1950’s fashion icon, Style Icons Closet is the obvious choice. Never dull, always adorable and fabulous!

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King Kerosin

King Kerosin

Since 1998, King Kerosin has been offering one-of-a-kind clothing items branded under the tagline of “Made in the Garage.” In the King Kerosin shop you’ll find a variety of items made with a rockabilly, retro, and greaser-inspired style, whether it’s bowling shirts, pin up girl t-shirts, retro work shirts, or thermals for men and women. On each of these pieces you’ll find truly unique embellishments and graphics, many of which sport a tattoo-inspired look.

Whether you’re a dude or a chick that loves cars, rockabilly style, skulls, or screen-printed t-shirts, the King Kerosin brand offers something perfect for you. Guys can find shirts with hot rods sporting the slogan “In Speed We Trust,” or vintage-inspired prints made with classic car and pin up girl photos. Ladies, there are shirts for you in a variety of colors made with the King Kerosin logo, rockabilly-inspired prints and embellishments, and fonts and styles made for any girl who wants a casual t-shirt to wear while still staying true to her sassy retro style.

If you’re looking to dress up old clothing items, bags, purses, or backpacks with a little King Kerosin bling, they also sell patches that can be easily sewn on to your vintage pieces or rockabilly wardrobe. The styles often change depending on which shop you’re in, but King Kerosin is always consistent at offering pieces that stay true to the pin up, rockabilly, and greaser style.

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Check back regularly to see the latest items offered by King Kerosin. Whether it’s a classic car, a sassy slogan, or a sexy pin up girl you want on your shirt, chances are this brand will be coming out with something that perfectly suits your needs and styles. Even if you’re a rockabilly lover who avoids the simple look of a t-shirt and jeans, you will love the items offered in this store because they’re basic and functional while still being super stylish and unique.

Next time you’re on the hunt for a t-shirt to add to your growing collection, don’t go for a basic plain color or anything that doesn’t make you feel your best. Check out the selection at King Kerosin for a one-of-a-kind t-shirt experience.

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If you’re looking for a gorgeous, unique handmade petticoat for your pin up wardrobe created with quality local fabrics that’s custom made to your style and preferences, then look no further than Petticoats-A-Plenty. Founded in the United Kingdom, Petticoats-A-Plenty offers a wide variety of glamorous 1950s style petticoats with soft tulles, bold colors, varying levels of fullness and length, and more.

Each petticoat at Petticoats-A-Plenty is designed to make you look and feel your absolute best. If you’re picking out a petticoat for a costume or retro-inspired night out on the town, their many accessories such as bloomers and boas will give you the look you need for a true retro, pin up, or rockabilly style with a sexy burlesque edge. Whether you’re the girl next door or the rockabilly rockstar, you’ll find petticoats and accessories that perfectly suit your style.

One of the great aspects of Petticoats-A-Plenty is that aside from browsing their wide selection, you can even come to them with a specific request if you already know what you want, and they’ll create the perfect custom petticoat for you.

Aside from petticoats for weddings, costumes, and formal dresses, Petticoats-A-Plenty also sells a variety of formal dresses for women of all sizes who love recreating 1950s style with their modern wardrobe. You’ll find gorgeous tulle wedding dresses named after Marilyn, Jackie, Audrey, and other pin up icons, with long skirts, tea length skirts, and just enough room to add in some colorful tulle if you’re looking for something less traditional.

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In their “pretty frocks a-plenty” section, you’ll find even more, a wide selection of retro pencil skirts, duchess-inspired dresses and accessories, and extra fun items such as pin up playsuits and bra and panty sets. With such a wide selection, you’ll find everything you need for a full-blown pin up girl wardrobe at Petticoats-A-Plenty.

Take a look through all the adorable offerings, or if you already know what you want, contact them through their website for a custom made petticoat or dress. Whether you’re a size 2 or a 22, Petticoats-A-Plenty works with every woman to ensure the perfect fit and style for true pin up girl fashion.

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Pin Up Shoes

Pin Up Shoes

For the average pin up girl, the perfect pair of pin up shoes are just as important as the rest of her outfit. Pin up girls of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s know that the perfect pair of flats, pumps, stilettos or boots are one of the most important accessories to creating a pin up style outfit that is truly retro, rockabilly or vintage. Whether it’s a vintage floral sundress or adorable and fun pin up girl playsuit, shoes make the outfit for every pin up girl.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of pin up shoes for any outfit whether it’s retro, rockabilly, burlesque or purely vintage, you don’t have to browse through Grandma’s closet or local thrift stores to find the perfect pair with just the right style. There are all sorts of fashion designers all around the world that are passionate about shoes and the pin up industry who continue to create styles that last from generation to generation.

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One of the most popular footwear companies for girls who love crazy pin up styles is T.U.K. Shoes, where you’ll find everything from colorful flats to crazy pumps to pair with a pencil skirt or playsuit. Some other pin up shops with adorable shoes you don’t want to miss are Get Cutie Co., Sourpuss Clothing, Retro Kitten Apparel/Gypsies Do It Better, Babygirlboutique, and Pin Up Girl Clothing. For one of the largest selections of purely pin up shoes and vintage inspired styles, check out Modcloth, a favorite vintage shop of women all around the world.

Pin up shoes don’t have to be only one specific style. They can be coordinated with the colors and style of the rest of the outfit, but if you’re looking to be a little more fierce, you can add a pop of color to a simple black dress, skirt or pair of pedal pushers and wear a bright pair of pumps, platforms or patent leather stilettos.

No matter what style you’re looking to go for, shoes make the outfit of every sexy and confident pin up girl. Browse through these shops and you’re sure to find the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

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