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Lucky Lola

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Lucky Lola

Lucky Lola is an online fashion shop that offers Pinup and Rockabilly styles of clothing. The store offers a variety of clothing items as well as accessories and other fun items that are done in exciting retro styles.

_MG_5407All pictures with friendly permission by Lucky Lola
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Lucky Lola sells outfits from a wide variety of different pinup clothing brands including Lucky 13, Lolita Girl Clothing, Miss Fortune, Miss Hussy, Pinupgirl Clothing, Mode Merr, Queen of Heartz and Stop Staring. There are likely to be new labels in the assortment of offerings each time you visit the store.

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The most popular item of Lucky Lola shops is their Rockabilly style dresses. Whether you’re looking to snag a retro style dress in bright colors, classy and classic cuts or you’re going for the vintage sailor look, there is something available at Lucky Lola that will perfectly suit your taste.

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Whether it’s a new office outfit or a night out on the town with friends, there are professional, classic, low-cut, glittery, and basic retro dresses to suit virtually any style and occasion, all at a great price.


Dresses are not the only exciting item offered by Lucky Lola. The store consists of a wide variety of pants, tops, bathing suits, stockings, bathing suits, and accessories.


And they don’t stop there – lip balm, lip gloss, air fresheners, and cute clutches and purses are included in the stock as well. If you’re looking for a pinup, Rockabilly or Retro themed item but don’t know where to find it, odds are you will find it at Lucky Lola. Not only will you find it, but it will be available in leopard print, polka dots, and bright, fun colors as well.


The assortment of hair clips, pins, rings, purses, stockings, bandanas, fun little hats and other accessories will make any Rockabilly pulse beat faster and faster. And if you’re not a tiny little thing and worry you’ll never find a dress or stockings to flatter your curves and zip up your back, don’t worry… Lucky Lola embraces beauties of all shapes and sizes, and you’ll feel better once you discover they all the way up to size Extra Large. The wide range of sizes, colors and items available at Lucky Lola makes it the perfect choice for pinup aficionados everywhere.

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Goods & Accessoires Rockabilly Uncategorized Vintage

Miss Hussy Clothing

Miss Hussy Clothing

Miss Hussy Clothing is an Australian clothing line that is inspired by Retro, Rockabilly, Vintage and Pinup fashion styles.

Miss Hussy Clothing was established and created by Hayley Stoneham in Adelaide, Australia, where she studied fashion and business management. Her largest fan was her grandmother, who worked as a tailor in a department store in the 1940’s. Her mother is her main source of inspiration, with whom she shares a passion for everything vintage and retro.

Hayley began selling the Miss Hussy Clothing line on Ebay, and after a great deal of success, began selling the label on a Myspace fan page she created for the clothing line as a store front. She moved to Melbourne, Australia, and began producing her clothing designs in large quantities so she could begin marketing Miss Hussy as a professional label. She began selling her pieces in Las Vegas, Nevada and even lived there for some time, but the true roots of the brand remain in her home country of Australia. To this day, the clothing pieces are still manufactured in Australia.

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Hayley’s love for vintage style and clothing of the 1950’s came about due in part to the fact that the clothing from that era embraced curves and women of various sizes, and since she claims to have never been entirely thin, felt more comfortable in these styles. She creates pieces that look as if they came directly out of a clothing catalog from the pinup and retro era’s, and enjoys creating colorful dresses, swinging skirts, pencil skirts, stylish and form fitting tops, and plenty of retro embellishments. She also garnered inspiration from her mother’s closet, using the ideas and pieces to create a similar style that is fresh, young and lively. Old Hollywood films are another popular piece of inspiration for Miss Hussy Clothing.

Hayley continues to draw inspiration from retro era’s to create pieces that are beautiful, high quality and embellished with retro and vintage looking patterns and buttons. Whether it be polka dots, leopard print, floral prints or the classic pinup sailor look, quality clothing is the main priority of Hayley as she creates Miss Hussy Clothing. She continues to develop more pieces for online shops, and offers them at affordable Australian prices that range from 65 to 130 dollars.

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