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Pinup Empire Clothing: Australian Boutique Specializing in Vintage-Inspired Clothing

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Pinup Empire Clothing: Australian Boutique Specializing in Vintage-Inspired Clothing
Both owned and operated in Australia, Pinup Empire Clothing has an obvious passion for fashion related to the 40s, 50s and 60s rockabilly style.

flower rockabilly dressAll Pictures with friendly permission by Pinup Empire Clothing
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This online shop puts the customer in the forefront, which is always one of the best characteristics for rockabilly vintage-loving fashionistas.Their collection covers a broad selection of vintage-inspired clothing, accessories, shoes and swimwear.

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If you are looking for retro-inspired to make you stand-out from the crowd, Pinup Empire Clothing certainly has the right amount of uniqueness to get that done! The fashion of yesteryear was feminine, fun and cheerful, and pinups, burlesques and rockabellas have maintained this aesthetic since.

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Pinup Empire Clothing understands the love for vintage-inspired clothing, and they have found the perfect combination of garments and accessories to represent the essence of retro-style fashion. Their customers are privy to a multitude of stylish garments, including pencil dresses, wiggle dresses and swing dresses in addition to cardigans, pussy bow tops and summer capris.


You will recognize brands, such as Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen and Stop Staring, but Pinup Empire Clothing also introduces Australian labels, like Doll Deluxe, that are just gaining popularity from rockabilly ladies all over the globe. There is a good balance between international brands and Australia’s most adored vintage-inspired clothing designers. They welcome your feedback, especially if you would like to see more of something in their store.

polka dot pencil skirt

When it comes to rockabilly-style, an outfit is not complete without accessories. This is one of the best collections on the easy-to-use Pinup Empire Clothing website. Their hair flowers are delightful, their retro-inspired sunglasses are modernly chic, and their fans are a fun and unique way for keep cool without compromising class or style. Also, the collection of handbags are classic but have successfully endured the test of time.

rockabilly skirt

Pinup Empire Clothing does a good job of keeping a variety in their shop. No matter how you define your personal style, you will find glamorous, edgy and playful pieces reminiscent to fashion from decades past. Whether you are a sweet and serene pinup or a sweet but tough rockabella, the shop offers something different and exciting for everyone.

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Zweitracht is a German shop dedicated to offering fashionable threads that resemble classic pin up styles of the 1940s through the 1960s. If you are passionate about these looks, whether you’re a sweet pin up dame or a bold rockabilly princess, Zweitracht offers something for women of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Zweitracht offers a great selection of vintage-inspired dresses that reveal as much or as little as you’d like. The queen dresses are perfect for a fall or winter day, with a 1940s bib-like embellishment in front, collared neck, and long sleeves, available in a variety of colors. If you don’t want a full dress in this style, the party shirt offers the same style without the skirt, so you can pair it with jeans, pedal pushers, a skirt, or anything else that suits your style.

Zweitracht also offers some casual spring and summer day dresses in floral prints, solids, plaids, and other colors, made in a loose-fitting style with a tie around the waist that makes it super comfortable and easy to wear however you want, flattering your best assets.

You’ll find plenty more tops in the Zweitracht shop, particularly boatneck styles in short sleeves, solid colors, and with a small embellishment near the collar for a classic pin up girl look. They’re perfect for office wear, casual wear, or even out for a fancy dinner if you dress them up.

You’ll also find a variety of adorably retro accessories at Zweitracht, particularly their scarves that can be worn around your head to keep your hair back, or around your neck for a fun pop of color to any outfit. They can even dress up purses with a sweet bow tie if it’s too warm for a scarf on your body.

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Zweitracht gives women a great way to dress retro while still looking classy and polished, all at affordable prices. If you love the looks of beautiful pin up ladies and don’t want to scour the thrift store for cool vintage looking threads, take a look around Zweitracht for a contemporary piece that is still designed with the 1940s and 1950s in mind. You’ll certainly be glad you did!

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Principessa is a pin up and retro inspired shop catering to women who love the styles of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Whether it’s the sweet innocence of the fashion you covet or the fun and fearless attitude that goes along with it, you’ll find just about everything you need to enhance your wardrobe and fancy up your look at Principessa.

The sexy pin up dresses are some of the most popular pieces available for sale at Principessa. Sexy fitted pencil skirts are paired with colorful tops to create bold contrast in a piece that is both work appropriate and perfect for date night. In their dress selection you’ll find polka dots, leopard print, and bold blocks of color contrasts, perfect for the sassy pin up, retro, and rockabilly diva in every woman.

Pencil skirts and flowing skirts with plenty of tulle are available for corporate wear as well as the perfect piece for a night of dancing. Another popular section at Principessa is the body suit and bathing suit selection. You’ll find pieces perfect for lounging at the beach or pairing with one of their many skirts, a pair of legwarmers, or some cute pedal pushers.

The body suits at Principessa also complement lingerie and burlesque pieces quite well if that’s what you’re looking for, and can be easily paired with some tights or thigh high pantyhose. For the domestic diva, Principessa also sells adorably fashionable and retro aprons for days spent baking or working hard over the hot stove.

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Their accessories section has an assortment of aprons, as well as retro inspired bandanas and hats to wear with your favorite retro dress or body suit. Principessa has affordable prices on their wide and unique selection of pin up and retro inspired goodies in a variety of colors and sizes. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes can find skirts, dresses, and tops to pair together.

Next time you’re on the hunt for some retro wear for your wardrobe, whether it’s to start small and complement your existing wardrobe or you’re looking for full blown retro wear, check out the selection at Principessa. You definitely won’t leave disappointed.

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Burlesque Wear For Women

Burlesque Wear For Women

Burlesque wear for women is a popular lingerie, performance, costume and formal type of dress for women who love the pin up and retro looks of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Burlesque wear is typically inspired by burlesque theatre performances of these eras, often done in a satirical form by women wearing corsets, stockings, garter belts, feathery hats and masks, pasties, stilettos, and other lingerie-like pieces of clothing. Burlesque wear for women may often look like costume wear or lingerie, but the diversity of burlesque components means the pieces can be used for a wide variety of styles.

Burlesque wear for women can be as colorful, revealing, simple, or complex as any woman prefers. If you see burlesque wear and immediately think of a corset with a sexy pair of stockings, that may be all you need for the perfect outfit. If you’re looking for a burlesque-inspired look to enhance a dress, skirt or outfit you’re wearing to a formal affair, there are ways you can wear it to enhance your look as well. Many burlesque pieces accompany sexy, slinky lingerie, and they are also popular additions to costumes.

If you’re on the hunt for burlesque wear for women, there are plenty of boutiques across the web that cater specifically to women looking for a customized, sexy, and affordable burlesque outfit. For a steel-bone, custom made corset that’s tailored right to your needs and specifications, check out SugarKitty Corsets, Bibian Blue, KaosKorsets, Redcat 7, Burleska, Versatile Corsets, Miss Katie, and Maya Hansen.

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For burlesque accessories such as pasties, garter belts, and even burlesque-inspired dresses, check out shops such as Feisty Cat, Starlets & Harlets, FairyGothMother, and Gothesque.de. Looking for the perfect pair of stockings or hosiery to complete your outfit? Girdlebound, Sweet Pins, Stockings HQ, Hepburn And Leigh, Cervin Paris, and Secrets In Lace. These shops all sell accessories that will accompany your burlesque look whether it’s for a formal affair, work, or play.

Burlesque wear for women is to always be worn with confidence, so tease your hair, strap on your favorite stiletto heels and swipe on some of your favorite red lipstick; you’ll have heads turning left and right the minute you leave the house.

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