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There are always different trends in fashion, and their popularity depends largely on many different factors. Some people opt for comfort over style, while others value their looks over the functionality of the clothing that they choose. [All in Rockabilly]

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Rockabilly clothing, which is heavily inspired by the looks from the 1950’s and has a distinctly vintage and retro look and feel is a style of clothing that is both attractive to look at and comfortable for the wearer.

It’s not only about the clothing and dresses, but also about the hairstyles, the undergarments, the accessories and the lifestyle – including the attitude and behaviors common in the 50’s – that have carried over and help to keep the rockabilly image alive. From a new type of dress to vintage shoes and bright accessories, this look is easy to replicate.

Rockabilly Dress by Lady V London

Rockabilly Fashion: Explained

To understand what to look for when shopping for Rockabilly clothing online, it’s important to understand where the look came from. Rock and roll music was big in the 50’s, but so was country music, often referred to as having a “hilbilly twang”. These two genres of music seem very far apart based solely on sound, but in the fashion world, this wasn’t the case. The two clothing styles favored by fans of each genre of music came together, offering people a chance to wear daring, darling and off the wall pieces of clothing like dresses and skirts. These items featured bright colors, sweet, soft patterns of things like flowers and gingham, and some off the wall color and print combinations that were ideal together. Though slightly mismatched and odd, they work – and they created a style that was worn by rockabilly lovers everywhere. It may be vintage today, it was fashion forward and edgy when the trend first began.

The style was about being a little “out there” and not settling for the norm. Typical skirts and loose fitting blouses were replaced with dresses that featured a an hourglass silhouette, tighter skirts and sweaters and sky high, brightly colored high heels. When it came to patterns, basic became boring; animal prints, bright cherries and multicolored polka dots allowed people to dress with more of an edge… and believe it or not, both men and women began wearing the ever popular cuffed denim look, which could be paired with just about anything. During this time, people also began experimenting with variations of these looks – but in more modest ways. Dresses and jeans were paired with flats, jeans themselves became more high waisted and tighter, and footwear became key to completing every look, no matter how far the rockabilly angle was pushed. To dress the part, people had to be thorough, from head to toe.

Rockabilly Hairstyles

Even hairstyles changed with this Rockabilly culture. What people today consider a vintage or “retro” pin-up look was inspired by this era of fashion. As always, women were wearing many different hairstyles, but there are a few that stand out and can immediately be pointed out as falling into this era. For men, a popular style became a pompadour – a tall “roll” of hair that is angled back and away from the face.

This style also was used by some women, but the focus was on the curl itself, and not the height. A neat appearance was important, and even the classic ponytail or pigtail look could (and still can!) be accentuated by a curled bang or a bright bandanna tied around the hair. Another option for women looking to get just the right hairstyle is using flowers to cover bobby pins, to draw attention to curls and waves, and to accentuate the colors chosen for the dresses and skirts, no matter what they are.

Rockabilly Hairstyle Tutorials

Hairspray and a comb are absolutely necessary to complete the rockabilly style. The dresses and clothing are important, but having hair that looks just right is essential. For men, pomade is a way of life, because it helps the hair stay in place, even when having a great time with friends or dates.

Rockabilly Shoe Culture

Even though the rockabilly era’s culture is all about fashion and flash, it also revolves around having fun while choosing to dress the part. This includes dancing, so even though high heels were great for everyday wear and use, sometimes a more “sensible” shoe was worn along with a dress or skirt. Buckled pumps, comfortable (but bright) flats, and leather shoes for men became insanely popular. Still popular with many groups today, Chuck Taylors, which are affectionately called Chucks made their debut. This type of shoe is synonymous with the retro style – not only are they comfortable and versatile, but they are readily available both online and off.

Vintage Designs from the 50’s

The vintage designs on the fabric that define the rockabilly style of clothing are almost as important as the cut of each piece. Even though the silhouette of each dress, or the shape of the skirts are the cornerstone of the era, dresses that are a solid color, or simply feature petticoats underneath the skirts to give them volume aren’t always enough to make them stand ou on their own. In this fashion era, it’s the little details that make things pop, like seams on stockings, youthful, fun designs like cherries, foods, flowers, birds, themes like a marine or sailor style, and even the use of classic cars within the designs that are key factors to the rockabilly style. These images and prints can be found on dresses, skirts, shirts and even in things like photos from the era that feature “set pieces” along with men and women attired in rockabilly clothing.

The Rockabilly Culture

Fashion isn’t the only thing associated with this era and style, it’s about the way that people felt and responded to the culture of the Rockabilly Movement. The music was a fresh new blend of rock and country twang, new styles of dance emerged, new attitudes from young men and women were prevalent in the world. This vintage era was about being confident, happy, and willing to try new things in both life and with image. The look is about stepping away from what is considered normal and safe, and making a statement with clothing, hair and makeup choices. These changes were reflected not only in the style of dress that became popular, the music that was created and enjoyed, and the relationships that people had with each other, but also in the movies and television as well as the magazines and newspapers that were popular at the time.

The rockabilly culture is something that hasn’t died, it’s just become a lot less mainstream as time has passed. New trends have taken over, but if dressing in retro, vintage styles and having a carefree, confident and lighthearted attitude are desired, finding the right clothes is an important step. Not every brick and mortar store will carry the right clothing, so be willing to put in some work finding the right pieces online; the outcome will be well worth it when that perfect swing dress or polka dot halter top and pencil skirt arrive. Paired with some bright red lipstick, a crisp bandanna and some cherry heels, and the retro look will never completely fade.