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Burlesque Clothing

Making a Statement With Burlesque Clothing

Before the era of Burlesque began, stage performers – particularly women – were modest, demure and simply meant to provide entertainment via the use of their voices or their ability to play instruments or act out a play, a movie or a skit.
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Their clothing choices were dresses and skirts of different lengths and styles, flat or low heeled shoes plus a specific style of makeup that was appropriate for the situation at hand. Burlesque, however, changed this and gave women a chance to distance themselves from the norm, be appreciated for not only their talent, but their looks as well.

Burlesque Costume: Redcat 7

The art of Burlesque dancing first became popular in the 1920’s onstage in Paris, when audiences began to attend the events and grow in size. The word Burlesque itself means that something is dramatic, exaggerated or imitated, and in this case, it describes the way that the performers exaggerate the removal of different articles of clothing (commonly dresses and coats followed by lingerie like a corset that are made of lace or have lace accents), or the use of props and costumes, which are a plus.

Burlesque lingerie of each size is meant to be seen and appreciated, and the performers often choose specific outfits to go along with their routines, which change often and depending on the season or event. Popular performers like Dita Von Teese choreograph routines to go along with specific costumes, props, lingerie and music, and people will flock to see these shows because they appreciate the art form. Though similar in theory to being a stripper, a Burlesque performer is considered with a higher regard because the idea is not simply to get paid by taking clothing off nightly; it’s meant to be an experience and an event for both the performer and the audience each time a performance happens, which is a plus for performers because it eliminates that stigma.

Burlesque Lingerie: Dark Ladies Wear

The idea behind the design of each costume and style of each of the dresses is to give the performer a chance to seduce and enchant those watching in slow, steady and controlled movements and actions. Even something like removing gloves, stockings, a hat or a coat to reveal lace lingerie or a corset can be sexy when it is done properly, which is why many people consider Burlesque performing an art form – typically completed in said corset, black or colored lace and high heels for an adoring audience. These corset costumes can be made and worn in any size, any color and any theme – it all depends on the need of the individual performer plus the situation at hand.

What it Takes to be a Burlesque Performer

The desire and ability to perform onstage are 100% necessary, but so is the correct wardrobe. Finding the proper clothing to help accentuate the overall performance is essential, which is why many performers are very serious and selective when it comes to choosing their costumes, their first corset, or even their first performance venue. Online stores like Lulu & Lush, Pandora’s Choice and Love Burlesque offer performers a chance to look through hand made outfits and accessories by category, meant to give people confidence and quality options when it comes to things like finding a corset, selecting the right lace, and choosing fans, pencil skirts, garters, dresses and heeled shoes.

Burlesque Outfit: Love Burlesque

The main idea behind dressing the part of a Burlesque performer is to feel comfortable on the stage, which means finding comfort with an individual’s body type whether it is a “typical” size or a plus size. Burlesque is not only for those that are a size zero; there is actually a large market for plus size performers worldwide. The sites listed above offer pieces of clothing for people of all different sizes, simply waiting for discovery and use on one of the sexiest and most erotic stages imaginable. Many different size options exist on these websites for things like a corset, shoes, shirts, stockings and even dresses – no one will be left out.


Nylons: Ars Vivendi

Plus size Burlesque performers like Lillian Bustle and Dirty Martini are wildly successful, and no less desired than the typical size performers; in this profession, the size of the performer does not matter as long as the ability to perform well and enchant the audience exists. The idea is to play to a person’s strengths in order to involve the audience fully; in a good Burlesque performance, the audience will be so enamored with what’s happening before them, they will forget that they are simply sitting in a chair and watching a show performed by a corset nd lingerie clad beauty. Confidence and sex appeal are key, and since different people enjoy different characteristics that women possess, Burlesque gives women of all types a chance to have their moment in the spotlight. The size and overall strength and athleticism of Burlesque performers may give them the ability to incorporate different elements into their performances; this keeps things fresh and exciting plus offers opportunities for people of all shapes, sizes and images.

Burlesque Fashion

Many people associate the art of Burlesque performing with the “pin up”, retro style of makeup and dresses. This means pencil skirts, fitted dresses, pale skin, bright red lipstick and immaculately styled hair paired with newer, sexier undergarments like a corset or daring lingerie. Some people that perform Burlesque routines use feathers and fascinators, which are small, delicate headdresses that can be used in place of hats to formal occasions to complete their costumes. These can be hand made by the performers themselves or custom made by established and capable designers – the only thing that matters is that they match with the intended outfit.

Burlesuqe Costume: Bibian Blue

Additional accessories that are a must for those doing Burlesque performances are stockings – in black, nude or patterns, pasties that will alleviate the need to wear a bra under outfits or a corset that is strapless, backless or made entirely of lace, shapewear like a waist cincher or trainer to help performers get an hourglass figure while onstage, and lingerie that adds even more sex appeal to the overall outfit. Jewelry and shoes are also important to the overall look, but these are often the final pieces of the outfit to be purchased, and one pair (or item) can be used time and time again for many different looks, no matter the corset or lingerie that is paired with the costumes.

Burlesque Dress: Colour Me Bad

Burlesque fashion is meant to be alluring, sexy and a little old fashioned, but there are plenty of ways to bring a modern twist to each performance. While many articles of clothing are black, white and crimson red, it is not uncommon for people to choose jewel toned accents, bright colors for shoes, the fascinators, corset and lingerie, and more contemporary choices for the dresses, coats and clothing that are worn as costumes to start each performance.

Retro Lingerie: Dotties Delights

It is also important to note that not all Burlesque performers wear a corset; some simply stick with a good old fashioned striptease. When paired with sexy, lace lingerie, the right accessories and a sultry attitude can do the same for everyone involved as costumes featuring a corset can.

Where to Find Burlesque Clothing

No matter whether or not someone is looking for “tame” Burlesque costumes that consist of a pencil skirt and button down shirt to be worn over a corset and some lace, or full on stage costumes that requires a corset, high heels, stockings and garters plus numerous accessories, customers are in luck when they know where to look for these costumes. Doing research online will lead potential buyers to websites that feature quality apparel and accessories that will allow them to build their wardrobe from the bottom up. Plus size performers, size zero individuals and everyone in between are sure to find the outfit of their dreams by scouring what is available online. If, for some reason, this is not possible, online shops and designers like Redcat 7 and Miss Kate are more than willing to work with customers to create the perfect piece, even if It just means some extra beading, adding more lace or black satin trim, or finding a lingerie item in a different size.

Burlesque Dress: Love Burlesque

Finding the Burlesque costumes is not the difficult part of the process because there are thousands of high quality choices available to performers – the most difficult thing is finding the confidence to pull up those stockings and lace up a corset for the first time before stepping out onto the stage in a pair of heels and some lingerie… everything after that is just pure fun.

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