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Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur

Founded in 1994, Agent Provocateur is a British lingerie brand started by Joseph Corre, son of Vivienne Westwood, and Serena Rees. The first shop was opened in the Soho district of London, over time opening 30 stores in 13 countries around the world.

The store sells high-end lingerie filled with color and character, designs inspired by Corre’s tiresome attitude toward women always wearing boring, colorless and forgettable lingerie. After setting out to find some of the best lingerie in the world and ending their search in disappointment, Agent Provocateur was started as they realized it would be best to just start their own line.

As Agent Provocateur is known for selling some of the sexiest and most seductive lingerie in the world, it is no surprise why so many women are faithful shoppers of the brand for their most intimate pieces and undergarments. Bras, panties, knickers, corsets, girdles, pantyhose and swimsuits are all available in a variety of colors, styles and fabrics. Whether it’s leather and lace or some smooth silk and satin you’re after, you can find an abundance of all of it in this shop.

See through lace bras with push up padding are a popular item, giving women the added boost and sex appeal they lust after when wanting to look their sexiest. Knickers that barely leave anything to the imagination as well as full bottomed styles can be paired with the bras or a sexy corset. Ruffle bottoms, thongs and full briefs can all be accompanied by sexy suspenders that hold up a sexy pair of pantyhose.

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Corsets can be worn with skirts as part of a sexy eveningwear outfit, over a shirt for a work appropriate outfit, or on their own with a pair of knickers and suspenders for full blown sex appeal and an explosively sexy lingerie look.

For something that can frequently be worn in public, check out their bathing suit and bikini section. Frequently inspired by retro, pin up and rockabilly styles, bathing suits are available in retro one piece styles or string bikini two piece styles that cover as much or as little as you want.

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Women all around the globe are showing off their sexiest assets with the seductive lingerie sold at Agent Provocateur.

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Jessica Louise

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Jessica Louise

Jessica Louise is an online clothing shop offering a wide variety of pin up, punk, and rockabilly inspired items for ladies who love bright colors, tulle skirts and petticoats, skull prints, contrasting stripes, and other styles that stand out from the crowd.


All Images with friendly permission by Jessica Louise

The dress section of Jessica Louise is by far the most popular, where women can find basic slip dresses in fun, girly colors and prints, or more drastic costume-like dresses such as the Pirate Punk Dress or Miss Mandy Skull Dress.


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You’ll find basic summer pin up sundresses, sailor-inspired dresses with bold colors and stripes, leopard print in all sorts of colors and styles, and even gothic-inspired dresses in black and charcoal with punk lace accents.


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If you’re looking for more than just dresses, the selection of fancy tops is also full of fun styles and varieties. You’ll find your fair share of keyhole tops with short sleeves and a circle in the neckline for just the right amount of bare skin, even more stripes and leopard print, and adorable colorful tops with pin up girls adorning the front and back.


Pair these tops with one of the adorable hoodies, tanks, or tees, available with all sorts of screen printed designs such as kitties, skulls, pin up girls, and more. The accessories section of Jessica Louise offers punk, rockabilly, and scene kid styles.


You’ll find embroidered patches, funky earrings, limited edition flower hair pieces, purses, leg warmers, gloves, bikinis, lingerie, suspenders, garters, necklaces, hats, and much more. These pieces are perfect if you’re not looking for a full blown outfit but still want to show off your punk style with an embellishment or two.


Jessica Louise designs clothing for every woman, with an entire section dedicated to plus sizes. You’ll find the same styles in a wide range of sizes, and if there is something you’re dying to get your hands on but don’t know if it will fit you, owner Jessica always keeps herself available to answer emails for questions and concerns you may have.


Next time you want to add a little punk rockabilly to your sweet and sexy pin up wardrobe, take a look through Jessica Louise for some truly one-of-a-kind style.

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Burlesque Outfit

Burlesque Outfit
Finding a burlesque outfit is about more than just a sexy corset and some thigh-high tights. A good burlesque outfit incorporates a woman’s individual style and personality into the look, whether she goes for a fun and flirty innocent pin up pixie look, or a bold and daring gothic or rockabilly style. Burlesque outfits often incorporate retro themes and styles, creating a timeless look that is coveted for many generations.

The perfect burlesque outfit consists of many important pieces that can be combined and mixed and matched to create whatever look you want to achieve. Some staples to the burlesque outfit wardrobe include overbust or underbust corsets, nipple pasties, thigh-high nylons and pantyhose, girdles, garter belts, suspenders, sky-high stiletto heels, arm gloves, feather boas, and more.

If you’re looking for some of the highest quality, sexiest and diverse burlesque outfit pieces money can buy, there are plenty of shops that cater to women just like you. For all the burlesque fixings check out shops such as Love Burlesque, Gothesque.de, SugarKitty Corsets, Maya Hansen, Lulu and Lush, and Feisty Cat. For burlesque-inspired corsets and lingerie, Fairy GothMother offers corsets, accessories, dresses and undergarments that replicate everything we love about a sexy burlesque outfit.

For a full-blown corset that’s perfect for a burlesque performance or costume, Slacks Fashion, Redcat 7, Burleska and Bibian Blue are some of the most popular shops. Check out shops such as Ars Vivendi and Pandoras Choice for some of the best hosiery and accessories available.

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If you want to incorporate some pin up girl or rockabilly flair into your burlesque outfit, check out shops such as Pinup Girl Clothing, Emerald Angel, TopVintage.nl, and Anatomic Bomb.

Always remember that aside from the clothes, corsets and accessories, the perfect burlesque outfit always comes with the right level of confidence, sass and attitude. Any woman can pull off a burlesque outfit if she has the confidence to flaunt what she has and wear it with plenty of grace, class and style.

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Burlesque Outfits

Burlesque Outfits

Burlesque outfits are designed to be sexy, seductive, and teasing without being overly revealing. Burlesque is often compared to the modern day striptease, with more tease and less of a woman’s body parts revealed.

Model: Steffi, Visa Louisa Kunstmann, Photo: See2Feel
Outfit: Bibian Blue

Burlesque has been popular since the 1920’s, incorporating a variety of dance styles and seductive outfits, and modern day burlesque performers such as Dita Von Teese have brought the popular style of dance back into the limelight.

A true burlesque performer typically wears little more than a leotard and body suit, thigh-high stocking, corsets, stiletto high heels, and pasties, small sticky circles used to cover the smallest portion of a woman’s breast. Burlesque outfits typically incorporate feathers, pearls and sequins into their style, creating a feminine and sexy “over the top” look.

A true burlesque outfit isn’t the type of clothing a woman would wear on a day to day basis while out shopping or running errands. Burlesque outfits are typically saved for performances, where women perform a strip tease on stage to classical, often retro music. Pin up and retro styles are often inspired by burlesque outfits, and although burlesque outfits are often more revealing than everyday wear, the style of thigh high tights and fitted corsets are used in dresses and other pin up outfits.

If you’re looking for a sexy burlesque outfit but don’t know where to start or what style is best for you, check out Glamour Bunny, Sugar Kitty Corsets, The Pin Up Peep Shop, Love Burlesque, Redcat7 or Bibian Blue. These shops all incoroprate burlesque dancing into their clothing and styles, using corsets, thigh high stockings, stiletto heels and even pasties as inspiration for their creations. Professional burlesque performers, amateurs and even pole dancers or women who enjoy burlesque outfits as a type of lingerie have found the perfect outfit for them in these shops.

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One of the best parts of burlesque performances is that women of all ages, shapes and sizes have found themselves doing it. The outfits are meant to enhance a woman’s fierce confidence, attitude and curves, without revealing so much that they are actually stripping and removing all their clothes. It takes a great deal of confidence to truly pull off authentic burlesque outfits, so don’t be shy! Try one.

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