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Eve Couture: Whimisical and Sexy Vintage Inspired Fashion

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Eve Couture: Whimisical and Sexy Vintage Inspired Fashion
The vintage inspired fashion from Eve Couture is whimsical, a little hip and definitely sexy.

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All Images with friendly permission by Eve Couture

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Since 2013, this German label has focused on providing its pinup and rockabella consumers with exclusive handmade clothing. Designer, Eva-Maria Geißer, is not new to the fashion industry, as Eve Couture is her follow-up label to Black Jewels Clothing, which she has successfully presented during Berlin Fashion Week.

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In this line, Eva creates vintage inspired clothing, which is suited for everyday wear or a night out on the town. She deliberately manages a small and limited collection, guaranteeing rockabellas to add one-of-a-kind pieces to their already uniquely retro style wardrobe. From wildly designed form fitting mini dresses to quirky detailed hats, every item in this label is different from what you’d typically see in a vintage inspired clothing store.


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Fashionable pinups will be drawn to the individualistic style of Eve Couture. The dresses, tops, sweaters, jackets and boleros are full of colorful animal prints, polka dots and stripes, and they allow the world to see a peek at your wild side.


While the pieces are feminine, they are sexy without looking trashy, but they’re not typical styles for your average girly girl. However, there are small elements any girl can appreciate, like sweet bows and purposefully detailed buttons.


The looks inspired in the Eve Couture line definitely fall within the fashion from the 1950s. Many of the styles are similar to steampunk fashion, while others are just the right amount of fantastical. You might even feel like a modern day Alice in Wonderland, which is a source of inspiration for many of today’s most fashion-forward collections. The stockings available are incredibly attractive and sensual, but note that these are not manufactured by Eva or her label.


As they say, “Good things come to those who wait.” Since each item is made-to-order, expect a three week interval from the time you place the order with Eve Couture and the finished product. Once the product has been shipped, Eva includes a two year warranty, which is a praiseworthy sign of her integrity as a retailer and high quality designer.

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Glamrock Clothing – Wearing Vintage Fashion Today

Wearing Vintage Fashion Today

Glamrock Clothing is a dutch online store that specializes in vintage-inspired fashion. Its clothes are modeled after genuine retro clothing from the ’40s and ‘50s.


A major problem with real vintage clothing is sizing. It is common for a woman to find the perfect vintage dress in a secondhand shop, only to find that it cannot be worn until it has undergone expensive alterations. The fabric may also be torn or threadbare. Glamrock guarantees good fits and high-quality fabrics.

Another major perk of shopping at Glamrock Clothing is that all of its offerings embody the contemporary image of retro clothes. Many of the items in secondhand shops that date back to the 1940s do not look like the kicky rockabilly dresses that young women want when they visit these stores. It can be difficult to find genuine pin up clothing that is still in good condition in vintage shops. This is where Glamrock steps in. It eliminates the hassle and frustration of having to scour multiple physical stores just to find one or two passable items. Every item in Glamrock’s stock makes a statement.

Rockabilly dresses are favorites among vintage lovers because they flatter all body types. The Belle Halter Dress is a great starting point for young women who new to retro fashions. Its knee-length skirt flares out from the natural waist. The sassy cherry print is a cute, punk touch. The Lana dress is a classic A-line dress in royal blue. It has a buttoned bodice that rises to a v-neck, which is a fun twist on 1950s house dresses. Part of the fun of embracing vintage is playing with stereotypes. Reclaiming the styles that used to signify unenlightened women makes a very powerful statement, especially if the look is deconstructed with goth or punk details.

Pencil skirts are retro wardrobe staples. Any kind of top can be tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt to create a curvy pin up silhouette. Glamrock devotes an entire section of its shop to skirts like these. The Bettie Page Jumper Pencil pays homage to the pin up icon with suspender straps and a waist as high and snug as a corset.

Glamrock Clothing also offers vintage-inspired lingerie, hairstyling products, stockings, shoes and swimsuits. There is no need to shop at any other retro store; Glamrock has all of the bases covered.

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20th Century Foxy

20th Century Foxy

20th Century Foxy is an online clothing boutique specializing in reproducing vintage styles from the 1940s and beyond. If you’re a woman who covets the look of pin up, rockabilly, and burlesque icons such as Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, and Dita Von Teese, you’ll find everything you need to replicate their timeless wardrobes at 20th Century Foxy.

20th Century Foxy

To get a feel for what 20th Century Foxy offers, browse through their “New Arrivals” section to see what is on trend and coming in for the upcoming season. Dresses, skirts, stockings, and hair pieces can all be found in this section, where you can find their newest pieces and get your hands on them before anyone else.

The selection of dresses is the most popular section of 20th Century Foxy. Channel your inner pin up diva with one of their many Stop Staring dresses, a curve-hugging dress with a pencil skirt falling just below the knees, with various sleeve styles for whichever look you choose. You’ll also find a-line dresses in unique floral prints, pencil dresses that offer a sexy silhouette that are still appropriate for work or a fun evening out, and bold styles channeling famous icons such as the Hepburn Dress, Harlow Dress, and Society Dress.

Pair together some of their many separates for your own unique pin up doll look. Skirts, pedal pushers, swing jeans, and sweaters come in all sorts of colors and patterns, perfect for mixing and matching to create your own look. Complete the look with a shawl, shrug, or fur piece for a truly elegant look. There is also a selection of petticoats if you’re looking to add a little tulle to a dress or skirt.

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Finish off your outfit from 20th Century Foxy with one of their elegant jewelry pieces such as a pair of chandelier earrings, a pearl necklace, or a simple jeweled solitaire necklace. You can even dress up your hair with one of their many hair pieces made with flowers, lace, and bows.

20th Century Foxy makes it simple and fun to find your own pin up style. Browse through their selection and create a look that’s unique to you and your body shape.

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Burlesque Costumes

Burlesque Costumes

Burlesque costumes are worn for a variety of reasons, whether a woman is doing a genuine burlesque performance, wants a burlesque-inspired look for a costume party or event, or just wants to add some retro sex appeal to her lingerie collection. Burlesque costumes are classic, iconic looks, with styles that go all the way back to the 1920s, gaining popularity in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s with icons, theatre performers, and dancers around the world.

Burlesque Costumes

Burlesque costumes are incredibly diverse, and can be as simple, colorful, revealing, or complex as any woman desires. Women who are tiny and petite love burlesque costumes just as much as women who are curvy and voluptuous, so there’s no shortage in available stockings, corsetry, and accessories for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

When creating a burlesque costume, one of the most important components is the corset. Finding a corset that suits your needs, whether it’s layers of fabric or a sturdy steel-boned corset, is simple with the amount of customization available by corset designers. Search through shops such as KaosCorsets, SugarKitty Corsets, Maya Hansen, Bibian Blue, Miss Katie, Burleska, and Redcat 7. Most times the designer will allow you to choose everything from the sturdiness of the bone to the colors of the fabric, lace, ruffles, and trim.

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Of course, a corset can’t do it all. Burlesque costumes have plenty of necessary accessories such as pasties, garter belts, ruffled panties, stockings, floral hair pieces, and suspender straps. You’ll find a great assortment of burlesque costume accessories at Gothesque.de, Starlets and Harlets, and Feisty Cat. For luxurious stockings and hosiery that will stand the test of time and last more than one wear without snagging, browse shops such as Sweet Pins, Hepburn and Leigh, Secrets In Lace, Girdlebound, and Cervin Paris. Some of these shops also allow for customization, so whether it’s pasties, stockings, or a garter belt you want to adjust and tailor to your own needs, the talented designers will work with you to make that happen.

Burlesque costumes are always worn with confidence, so don’t be afraid to flaunt your body in the perfect outfit. Check out these shops for the most luxurious and high-quality burlesque looks on the market.

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