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Lady Vintage: 100% Handmade Vintage Inspired Clothing from Germany

Lady Vintage: 100% Handmade Vintage Inspired Clothing from Germany
Lady Vintage is a made-to-order label based in Germany that specializes in rockabilly fashion. The stylistic similarities of vintage and pinup clothing from this era is executed exquisitely.


Even from reading the descriptions of each piece and perusing through the handful photos, you can tell the designer has a passion for retro fashion, has a keen eye for detail and puts high quality in the forefront.

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The selection of Lady Vintage designs available are limited, but don’t let that scare you away. There’s a heavy emphasis on sailor style, polka dots and pinup inspired clothing that has just the right amount of the Stepford Wife influence.

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You’ll find recognizable cinched waistlines, classic halter tops and standard skater skirts present throughout the collection. There’s also a nice element of surprise with a simple pencil skirt and retro style western blouse in the mix of dainty dresses and tops.

What’s special about Lady Vintage pieces is that each garment is actually produced at the time you place an order. The problem with factory-made clothing is the lack of detachment between the designer, retailer and the customer. In this case, you’ll interact directly with Lady Vintage, because they will email you as soon as your order has begun production and when it’s been shipped.

One might think high quality clothing made exclusively would be costly, but the garments are actually reasonably priced. Expect the total waiting period from production to shipping to take roughly two weeks. If you’d rather pick-up your order after the item is completed, the website also allows you to choose this option.

It’s exciting to anticipate what’s new to come from Lady Vintage, who draws inspiration from the 1950s rock and roll lifestyle. Keep an eye out for a collection of rockabilly and rockabella t-shirts, which are projected to come soon to the site. Merchandise pieces like these will be shipped as soon as payment is made. Purchases from this gives rockabellas and pinups a special feeling of individuality, which is something that’s cherished when you choose to embrace retro inspired fashion.

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Pin Up Clothing

Pin Up Clothing

Ooh-la-la and va-va-VOOM, all the men love ladies in pin up clothing costumes! If they say they don’t, they are lying, plain and simple. The fact is this: the many pin up clothing styles easily enhance all kinds of figures and anyone who adores adorning themselves with retro fashions should take heed.

Model: Veronika, Visa: Louisa Kunstmann
Outfit: Pinup Couture – Thanks to Buy Unlike

From innocent girl-next-door housewife to sexy bombshell, the pin up look covers a wide range of personalities in amazingly figure-flattering designs.

Now the stick-thin mod styles of the 1960s and the lean and lanky look for ladies of the 1970s are all well and good for females who like to look pre-adolescent, but if you want to feel like a Real Woman then you need to get your curves on. A girdle, corset or a bullet bra from shops like Secrets in Lace, FairyGothMother or Playful Promises give structure to your shape, and some retro heels like the Ellie Shoes Penthouse Collection Open Toe Pinup Girl Heels sold at Baby Girl Boutique give your legs and bum a lovely lift. Don’t forget your seamed stockings like those sold at Ars Vivendi. With their long line leading up your legs and underneath your skirt they give all the gents about a bit of wonder and intrigue.

Do you like to feel truly sexy and have all eyes lock on you as you sashay across a room? Buy a sassy wiggle dress like the Sugar Dress in Red with Black Cherries from Collectif sold at Pinup Girl Clothing. A true wiggle dress has a hem narrower than its hip and this tiny base is what keeps the ladies’ legs together at the knee and creates the classic wiggle walk.

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Pin up clothing styles include bombshell dresses, satin A-line swings, bustiers, boleros, cardigans and capris; sailor-style shorts and skirts, tailored military outfits, shapely gingham shirts and flouncy peasant tops. Tailored to make everyone a wasp-waisted and busty as they possibly can be, what’s the bottom line? Whether you are tall and skinny or have girth and a full rear, there is no need for despair because pin up clothing will make you fair!

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