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Sugar Doll – Sweet and a little punky retro swimwear

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Sugar Doll – Sugar Doll – Sweet and a little punky retro swimwear

Hard work pays off, and now, Sugar Doll is making a mark in the retro and vintage world.

All Pictures with friendly Permission by Sugar Doll

The shop’s humble beginnings began on Myspace and led to a boutique shop on Etsy. Now it functions as an online independent retro and rockabilly swimwear store. The designer of the shop, Shay, knew she wanted a fashion career but she wasn’t sure what exactly. Before her online ventures, she started her career designing bikinis and lingerie for exotic dancers. Now her shop focuses on fun and flirty designs and consists only of retro inspired swimsuits and halter tops.

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Sugar Doll pieces have the perfect mix of contemporary and vintage style. The tops and bottoms, which can be mixed and matched, come in classic patterns, such as stripes, animal print and gingham. High quality materials, like lace and heart-shaped buttons, are placed with purpose. This swimwear collection is fun for every rockabilly beauty or girly girl of all ages.

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Even though this retro swimwear line is not as revealing as most two piece bathing suits, something about them still scream sexy. The combination of high waisted bikini bottoms and halter tops accentuate a woman’s assets, and together they allow women to look and feel confident.

High-waisted bathing suits are flattering for most bodies, since a woman’s stomach is flattened and most midsection imperfections are hidden. Women who appreciate the fun and flirty retro style make this style of swimwear look good. You have to embody the pinup and retro persona in order to pull these swimsuits off.

The shop has a small collection, which allows anyone who purchases items from this store to own something unique. The creativity behind designing just bikini tops, bottoms and halter tops is masterful, so without a doubt, keeping this collection to a minimum was deliberately done. The small selection available in the store keeps the designs and pieces cohesive.Anyone can tell the designer aims to please a specific audience.


If you are a woman who is inspired by retro and vintage fashion, Sugar Dolls Retro and Vintage swimwear deserves a spot in your closet. If pinup clothing is your go-to look on a daily basis, what you wear to the beach or pool should be no different.

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