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Mademoiselle Tambour: European-Designed Retro Dresses

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Mademoiselle Tambour: European-Designed Retro Dresses

What began as a chic European boutique has become a world famous line of retro dresses with a fun, feminine flair. Mademoiselle Tambour specializes in unique, vintage inspired dresses that are comfortable for today’s women.

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madmoiselle tambour

With boutique locations across Europe, their pin up worthy clothing is also available to order online, shipped straight to your front door. Monika Tambour is a fashion designer with an eye for vintage classic looks that give a lovely feminine aura while remaining true to their original design. She founded her line of retro dresses hoping to meet an aesthetic and practical need.

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These outfits can easily be worn to the office, around the house, or for an evening out in the big city. Mademoiselle Tambour is committed to using the finest European-made materials for a finished product that is high quality and fashionable. They pride themselves on manufacturing well-made pieces in a fair and honest work environment for employees and customers.

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Not only do these clothes look fabulous, but they also have integrity stitched in every step of the way. Mademoiselle Tambour’s retro dresses are known for their bold color blocking styles and soft floral patterns. Cute waistline belts and sashes give a sweet silhouette to many of these vintage dresses above A-line skirts that are fun for any occasion.

You’ll also find rockabilly looks in pencil skirts for daytime wear or flared skirts in blue denim that are perfect for dancing the night away. Fitted blouses and blazers complete the unforgettable look for a chic outfit that could be worn to work and show off your rocking retro style.

At their online site, Mademoiselle Tambour showcases some of their favorite dresses being worn by television celebrities around the globe. Whether famous actresses or button-down newscasters, these vintage dresses have become fashion icons everywhere they go.

You too can become part of their online gallery by sending in a picture wearing your favorite Mlle Tambour look. This brand is proud to say that their clientele base is as unique and diverse as their designs. The rockabilly fashion era was about celebrating individuality after all, and these lovely retro outfits beautifully agree.

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Rockabilly Look? A Brief Fashion History

What is the What is the Rockabilly Look? A Brief Fashion History

We already know that the rockabilly fashion is one we adore: the Betty Page form-fitting rockabilly dresses, high-waisted jeans and bold colors and patterns that make the wearer stand out.

Rockabilly Look

Dy Style
Dy Style

But where did this iconic look come from? It all started with rockabilly music. The term rockabilly is actually a combination of ‘rock and roll’ and ‘hillbilly,’ signifying the style’s early combination of rock and country Western sounds. This genre was made popular by famous rockers like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash in the 1950’s, when the post-WWII generation was ready to push the boundaries of social norms and experiment with an edgy new look.

Miss Fortune Clothing
Miss Fortune Clothing

The picture perfect pinup girl of the 1940’s gave way to the rocking look of the 50’s and 60’s. Teens everywhere traded their full A-line dresses and petticoats for hip-hugging pencil skirts and skinny jeans. In men’s fashion, the tough leather jackets and Dr. Marten’s leather boots became in vogue.


The look symbolized a musical style and generation’s ideals of independent expression and honesty, letting your rockabilly clothing show your true colors. While victory roll hair and and rockabilly music did not stay strong through the 1960’s, the vintage look returned with full force in the 1970’s and 80’s as a new generation embraced what had become classic fashion.

rockabilly look poison-heart-clothing
Poison Heart Clothing

Years have passed, but the passion for rockabilly dresses and hairstyles only grew stronger with its resurgence. Now the full crinoline skirts and polka dot blouses were included in the rockabilly look as part of the old fashioned and classic throwback to days gone by.


The silhouette of this clothing style still shows off the feminine shape and this was also adapted for plus-size options. Today the rockabilly look is still going strong with a host of online shops catering to the demands of this popular style. Punkabilly Clothing specializes in rockabilly dresses and swimwear for all sizes.


Form-fitting rockabilly dresses and pencil skirts abound at Daisy Dapper Retro Clothing and Doll Deluxe. Today there are even shops for children and babies rockabilly outfits, like Pigtails and Pirates in Australia. No matter the era, rockabilly clothing continues to inspire all generations to flaunt their style.

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Pin Up Outfits

Pin Up Outfits

Pin up outfits are for the fearless, retro inspired woman who is not afraid to make a statement. Typically reflecting styles worn in the 1950s and 1960s, pin up outfits are often associated with Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Modern day divas like Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry have been seen sporting pin up goods, and there is no denying that pin up, retro and rockabilly style has certainly made a comeback in the fashion world.

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Pin up outfits often incorporate form-fitting dresses, playsuits, tops and pants, colorful accent pieces and bright contrasts, feminine nylons and shoes, bold accessories, and prints such as leopard print or polka dots. They can also be mixed with modern styles, using a hint of pin up such as a plunging neckline or flared ruffle skirt for the swingy, flirty effect.

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Fortunately, in order to find an awesome pin up outfit you don’t have to scour the aisles at the thrift or vintage stores. There are plenty of boutiques on the internet that sell a variety of pin up outfits and vintage inspired pieces, ranging from fun and flirty dresses to bold rockabilly punk styles. Some of these stores include Modcloth, What Katie Did and Babygirlboutique for the classic pin up looks, Miss Hussy Clothing, Stop Staring Clothing, Lolita Girl Clothing and Yvonne’s Inked Divas and Gents for more of a retro or rockabilly look with a punk edge, and Lucky Diva and Pony Maedchen for military inspired dresses and outfits. More popular pin up and retro boutiques include Tokyo Motor Grrrl for racer looks, Cervin Paris and Girdlebound for hosiery and accessories, Blue Velvet Vintage for classic dresses and elegant looks, and Sourpuss Clothing for retro looks with skulls, zombies and more in each outfit and accessory.

There is no shortage of style in regards to where your pin up outfits can go. Whether you’re sweet and feminine, fierce and punk or tattooed and into the rockabilly scene, there is something out there for you. Pin up girls aren’t afraid to flaunt their natural assets, and they wear fitted clothing that shoes off every curve and silhouette. Swipe on some sexy red lipstick for the perfect accessory to any pin up outfit!

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Pin Up

Pin Up

Pin up fashion, clothing and style is all about confidence, sass, attitude and fierce, bold, fearless style. Bright red lips, curvy hips and confidence that pans the entire room are some of the most important assets to a sexy, well done pin up outfit.

Picture in Flickr CC by roparedes

Pin up clothing represents styles of the 1940’s, ‘50s, and ’60s, and brings a retro or rockabilly look to the style of just about any girl. Bright colors, tight corsets, back seamed pantyhose and sky high stiletto heels are some of the basic concepts of pin up style. Flowing skirts that represent the innocence of June Cleaver and sexy, fitted halters to channel Marilyn Monroe are all styles that are frequently used in pin up clothes.

Perfect pin up style starts at the undergarments. Purrfect Pineapples and What Katie Did are two popular shops with nighties, slips, and seductive yet innocent lingerie that reflect the pin up undergarments of decades long gone. They’re the perfect start to any pin up outfit and flatter your figure for the perfect silhouette.

The perfect silhouette needs the perfect dress. Whirlingturban and Lolita Girl Clothing specialize in pin up couture, rockabilly dresses and retro styles from a variety of decades. If you’re looking for something more military inspired, check out Pony Maedchen, a a military dress clothing shop with a variety of styles to reflect the war and importance of the military in retro decades.

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One of the best parts of pin up fashion is that it caters to women of all sizes, shapes and ages. Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 32, pin up style is perfect for you. Curves are an essential part of a sexy pin up dress, and the styles are designed to enhance your natural features while still hiding and flattering your insecurities. Don’t let the dress do all the work, though – pin up style still requires an enormous amount of sass and confidence, so don’t be afraid to let your true personality show. Pin up style is all about fierce femininity, fearless style, red lips and sky high stilettos, so don’t let anything hold you back in your search for the perfect pin up look.

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