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Rumble 59 – Rockabilly Store

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Rumble 59 Rockabilly Store

Today’s fast paced and technology driven world makes many wish for the times of face to face contact instead of Facebook and sending letters instead of Email. This nostalgia springs from the belief that the past was a simpler time when men were suave and charming and women were innocent and well-behaved.


However, there is no need to idolize the past when one can embrace the true spirit of days gone by with Rumble 59. This German retailer shows the past as the rebellious and edgy climate it really was, and all designs embody the rockabilly lifestyle.

Women do not have to wait for a jock to give them a letterman jacket anymore when they can purchase their own. Ladies who want a casual and vintage outfit for the daytime can pair the jacket with a high quality printed shirt from the Rockabilly Rebel line and be ready for lounging at the diner with milkshakes or taking a ride on a motorcycle.


Rumble 59 also has looks for those who love pin-up and rockabilly styles. Women can be beautiful and feminine while still able to rock with everything from denim pencil skirts with clean lines and a snug fit to tight striped shirts that show off a woman’s assets.

rockabilly shirts

Both men and women can enjoy the line of denim Rumble 59 produces because it is not artfully distressed, torn, ripped or otherwise modified in the name of fashion. Store bought imperfections are fake, but this denim is genuine. Wearers will have to earn faded denim and flaws in the material by getting dirty, partying and living fearlessly.

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Greasers, ruffians and moonshiners can enhance their outfits with accessories like flasks, switch blade inspired combs, bold belt buckles and more. Whether drag racing with a bandana or finishing a perfectly styled hairdo with a checkered headband, Rumble 59 ensures you look rockabilly chic from head to toe.

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There is no need to idolize the past when it is possible to find beauty in classic rock idols, old school street gangs and smoky lit bars. Rumble 59 brings the past back with these glamor meets grunge outfits that should never go out of style.

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Freddies of Pinewood

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Freddies of Pinewood is a vintage, pin up, rockabilly and retro inspired boutique offering men’s and women’s clothing and accessories in a wide variety of styles.

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All Pictures with friendly Permission by Freddies Of Pinewood

Men and women who love the looks worn by the young and hip of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s will certainly find styles they love that look just like the outfits worn back then. Pedal pushers, capri pants, colorful button downs, jackets, striped sweaters, and much more are all available for both men and women of all ages and sizes.

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In the women’s clothing section you’ll find casual, work appropriate and fun and flirty looks at affordable prices. Whether you’re into classic, fitted button downs and a pair of capri pants for work or want some sexy halter tops to pair with a pencil skirt, it is all offered here.

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In the summer styles you’ll find separates such as high cut shorts, belly-bearing halter tops, polka dot accents and adorable sundresses, all combined to create all sorts of perfect summer outfits. Women will also find casual jeans and tops for lazy days at home, and in the women’s accessories section you’ll find scarves to wrap around your waist or even your hair for the days you’d rather keep it up and out of your way.

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There’s plenty for men to choose from in Freddies of Pinewood as well. There are all sorts of button down shirts in different colors and styles that can be dressed up or down, whether it’s a formal night out or a fun and casual date. Sports shirts, corduroy tops and pin stripes can all be found in the many combinations of styles for men. Pair them with a pair of dark-wash jeans with the bottoms rolled up for a classic 1940s look.

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For the chilly days, women can choose from several adorable retro inspired coats in solid colors as well as plaid styles that can be as dressy or as casual as necessary. For men, motorcycle jackets and caps allow plenty of warmth without compromising style.

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Whether you’re a pin up or rockabilly lover or just love incorporating some retro styles into your wardrobe, you’ll find some unbeatable styles at Freddies of Pinewood.

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Sweet Cherry Clothing: 1950’s Styles for Men and Women

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Sweet Cherry Clothing: 1950’s Styles for Men and Women

Dreams of the soda fountain and ice cream parlor come true with the delightful styles of Sweet Cherry Clothing. This brand is all about recreating the magic of the American 1950’s from pin up dresses to vintage accessories.

All Pictures with friendly Permission by Sweet Cherry Clothing

sweet cherry logo

Immerse yourself in a world of rock and roll retro style from top to bottom. Sweet Cherry Clothing began as a small design company with a dream: to capture the independent and inspiring spirit of the 1950’s world and bring it to today’s women. With the growing popularity of rockabilly and pin up looks, it didn’t take long for Sweet Cherry Clothing to become its own rocking trend in fashion.

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That is when the designers decided to expand their market to include rockabilly men’s clothing as well. Based in Barcelona, Spain, this vintage brand now sells their products worldwide and has been spotted at many rock and roll concerts and venues around the globe.

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Specializing in detailed vintage reproductions, Sweet Cherry Clothing aims to capture the rockabilly look by making each piece unique and top-quality. The men’s line includes hot rod work shirts with rock and roll emblems, rockabilly jeans, and jackets. With hand embroidered flames, casino, and even Elvis motifs, the Black Cherry line for men is one of a kind vintage style that is difficult to duplicate anywhere else.

For the pin up girls and rockabilly divas, there is a wide selection of bold blouses, pin up dresses, and cute jackets. You’ll find everything from sexy leopard print and pencil skirts to sweet poodle skirts and (of course!) red cherry patterns.

What sets Sweet Cherry Clothing apart from other brands is their wide variety and selection of vintage accessories. For lovely victory roll hair, choose from polka dot bows to cameo barrettes and plaid bandanna ribbons. Their fun retro jewelry options include dice earrings, sparkling pendants and beaded pearl necklaces.

For the rockabilly gal, check out some skull and crossbones pieces too! Finally, there is a great selection of cute vintage clutches and handbags to complete your gorgeous pin up look. At Sweet Cherry Clothing, they’ve thought of every last detail to make the 1950’s come to life.

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Rockabilly Jeans: The Staple for a Classic Wardrobe

Rockabilly Jeans: The Staple for a Classic Wardrobe

What article of clothing is more essential and versatile than classic denim rockabilly jeans?

Rockabilly Jeans


They have been around for decades and aren’t showing any signs of fading. Jeans are a girl’s instant go-to item and there is a host of shops and brands with perfect rockabilly jeans styles to choose from.

Suicide Glam

Whether you’re headed out on the town or lounging around home in style, Freddies of Pinewood is a one stop shop for vintage style rockabilly jeans and pants. Specializing in 1940’s and 1950’s fashion, they have a whole section devoted to retro jeans, pants, and even dungarees. You’ll find high waist button jeans for that recognizable rockabilly silhouette that hugs your curves perfectly.

Vivien Of Holloway

Freddies of Pinewood even has some jean jackets to match for a denim outfit that is sure to delight.
Rumble 59 has the right idea with their signature slogan, “Denim Without a Cause.” Since 2003, they’ve been bringing the rockabilly style of a 1959 American town to fashion stars around the globe.


They host a wide selection of jeans, trousers, shorts, pants and even overalls for girls and guys. Wide or skinny leg, capris cut or long, Rumble 59 has a pair of jeans for every retro scene. Their cavalier rockabilly attitude is plain to see in the rest of their vintage clothing as well.

Redcat 7

Ready for more of your favorite rockabilly jeans brands? Queen Kerosin and the matching King Kerosin are not just about punk t-shirt designs, but they carry blue jeans as well to complete the look. Browse through their sale items for men and women to find your signature fit.

Vecona Vintage

Finally, Prison Blues lives up to its name with authentic jeans made by the inmates of an actual prison in Oregon, USA. Here are traditional blue denim jeans, also available in black and with different button and pocket options. Not only will you rock that classic vintage look, you’ll shine with the confidence of helping instill the hardworking spirit known to jeans in individuals aspiring to the work ethic of productive citizens.

Nicole Katherine Designs

Anytime of year, rockabilly jeans are the staple of your vintage wardrobe. Keep rocking that retro style!

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