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Where to Find Retro Swimwear

Where to Find Retro Swimwear

Pin up is known for it’s playful aura, ladies being modest teases while doing everyday tasks. The most popular and alluring of pin-up shots being sun soaked babes playing with beach balls under coconut trees.

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Swimwear has come a long ways for women, from swimming almost fully clothed to wearing skimpy string bikinis. Nothing really ever comes close to the swimsuits styling of the 1940s and 1950s, where just enough midriff and cleavage are exposed so cause a thrill. Modest, classy, fun-spirited styles for women with ample curves and bright smiles. Retro swimwear today is usually created by hand through small online shops, dealing out simple collections of high quality vintage swimwear that captures the true spirit of pin-up pieces. As the popularity for vintage styles increases, more and more fashion designers are taking up the challenge of producing steamy retro swimwear for ladies.

One of the more popular styles for retro swimwear is Rockabilly, taking classic elegant bathing suits from the 1940s and 50’s, then jazzing them up with leopard spots, vibrant cherries, and adorable swallows. Rockabilly inspired swimwear are best seen with victory curls, bows, and colored bandanas used as head-bands. Websites such as SugarDoll, For Luna, Modcloth, Tokyo Motto Grrrl, The Red Dolly Swimwear, Dillinger Pin-up, and Kustenluder have top quality rockabilly retro swimwear and Pin Up Bikinis. Edgy collections, filled to the brim with eye catching prints and classic vintage styles. Every piece is screaming for a trip to the beach on the back of a smooth motorcycle.

Some ladies prefer the more timeless Hollywood image of vintage bathing suits, modeling their appearances after pin-up stars, such as Esther Williams. Esther was an Olympian swimmer and actress, starring in movies about swimming. After having children her business savvy blossomed into selling retro swimwear from her era. Who better to buy retro swimwear from than the one and only Esther Williams?

Other online boutiques that cater to the glamorous world of retro swimwear are Drama Queen, Fables by Barrie, and Dillinger Pin-up.

The world of retro swimwear is an exciting and colorful place, with so many colorful bold designs and saucy twists. Shopping around is the best way to find the best retro swimsuit.

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Visiting the online store of TopVintage.nl is a little like stepping into a catalog straight out of the 1950s.

7042-77127-collectif-clothing-red-trixie-doll-swing-dress-102-20-14342-20151118-006w-largeAll Pictures with friendly permission by Topvintage
Ohne Titel Kopie

The Dutch-based online shop has exceptionally high quality reproductions of items that were popular in the 1950s era all the way to the 1990s, particularly fitting the styles of retro, pin up and rockabilly looks. There is also a selection of genuine vintage passed down over the years, chosen with care and extreme attention to quality and detail.

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Trendy brands and labels that hold a leading spot in retro, pin up and rockabilly looks are found in a wide variety of styles throughout the store. Bettie Page Clothing, Heartbreaker Fashion, Collectif and Stop Staring Clothing are just some of the brands you’ll find at TopVintage.nl. You’ll find endless varieties of lingerie, petticoats, retro swimwear, sky-high stilettos, purses and bags, jewelry, accessories and more, imported from all around the world for the finest selection in pin up fashion.

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You’ll find all sorts of styles in TopVintage.nl whether you’re looking for a sassy sundress covered in polka dots, classic military-inspired casual wear and uniforms, sexy petticoats to wear with a rockabilly dress or burlesque outfit, or anything else to satisfy your craving for true vintage and pin up fashion. They ship all around the world an offer styles in a variety of sizes at affordable prices, so it’s highly likely you’ll find an affordable piece of clothing that’s perfect for your wardrobe.

If you’re a bargain hunter, be sure to check out the sale and clearance items available at TopVintage.nl. You’ll find pieces that are soon to be discontinued and difficult to find anywhere else, all at affordable prices. If you find something you love in the sale section, be sure to snatch it up right away!


The lingerie section at TopVintage.nl hosts a variety of sweet, hot and sexy pieces such as frilly stockings, babydoll tanks and nighties, ruffled briefs, and more, the perfect variety whether you’re looking for something sweet and innocent or bold, daring and sexy.


The shoe section offers something for everyone, whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect set of high heels or a well-crafted pair of winter boots. You’ll find basic as well as incredibly unique styles that can be paired with all sorts of pin up and rockabilly looks.TopVintage.nl is perfect for all your vintage and pin up needs!

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Broad Minded Clothing

Broad Minded Clothing

Broad Minded Clothing is a Portland-based boutique specializing in playful retro swimwear, fierce rockabilly dresses and adorably cute pin up outfits for the sassy girly-girl in every woman. The designer’s passion for everything retro brings about an endless variety of looks and clothing pieces inspired by the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and even the 1970s, with playful floral prints, brightly colored polka dot patterns and fierce color blocking for a look that is one-of-a-kind, playful and perfect for showing off your personality.

If you’re a leopard lover, Broad Minded Clothing has an incredible selection of looks for you. From one-piece bathing suits that hug and show off your curves to fitted pencil skirts to wear to work to sassy dresses for fun formal events, they have it all, and it’s in more than brown and black print as well. You’ll find traditional leopard, black and white leopard and even leopard with patterned stripes throughout for just the look you want.

If ruffles and polka dots are your thing, you’re also in luck with Broad Minded Clothing. Two-piece bathing suits with ruffle tops and bright or subtle polka dots are combined for an adorably retro or pin up-inspired look that covers as much or as little as you want. You’ll also find ruffles and polka dots adorning flowing dresses, fitted pencil skirts and button-down tops for casual work wear or a night on the town when you want to look your sexiest.

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For the classic pin up sassy sailor look, you’ll find all sorts of styles here including nautical navy blue and white striped tops paired with navy blue bottoms, feminine sailor hats with a clean white finish, and more. Whether you’re looking for a sweet and innocent look or a bold and sexy outfit for a burlesque dance, costume or sexy night in, you’ll find enough styles to create just the right look at Broad Minded Clothing.

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Browse through the online catalog and discover how easy it is to mix and match styles to create just the outfit you have in mind. Whether it’s leopard, lace, polka dots, black and white or bold, fearless color combinations, you’ll find everything you need at Broad Minded Clothing.

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For Luna Swimwear

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For Luna Swimwear

Taking a penchant for retro lingerie and combining it with a passion for swimwear, British shop La Magia collaborated the two to create a retro, pin up and rockabilly swimwear line, For Luna Swimwear.

fl1All Pictures with friendly Permission by For Luna

For Luna Swimwear was created in 2009 and is now considered to be one of the most popular online shops for vintage swimwear on the market.

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Chic, feminine swimwear is the objective of For Luna Swimwear. Fans of pin up and retro styles will find the perfect bathing suit for lounging at the beach, whether they’re looking to be extra covered or extra revealing. Bright colors, funky leopard prints and a variety of comfort levels can be found in the bathing suit selection at For Luna Swimwear.

fl4zum shop

The online store carries a wide variety of bathing suits from many different retro, rockabilly and pin up style brands. Some of the more popular brands that can be found in the store include What Katie Did, Little Beach, Esther Williams, Playful Promises and Lolita Girl Clothing. Between the huge variety of brands, shoppers and pin up swimsuit enthusiasts can find halter top suits, skirt bandeaus, or low leg cuts, as well as a variety of different bikini shapes.


Since pin up and retro styles were known for being flamboyant, cheery and colorful, it’s no surprise the suits come in so many different colors as well. Leopard print, bright red, hot pink, cherry prints, zebra stripes, pin stripes, and even bold yet simple black or white bathing suits can be found in the store. Women of all different styles can find something that perfectly suits their look.


Since modern bikinis tend to leave so little to the imagination, many women who are fans of the pin up and retro styles of the 1950’s find it to be much more comfortable for them to wear a less revealing suit. It is less common to find a triangle top string bikini in For Luna Swimwear, since true pin up enthusiasts would rather leave a bit more to the imagination and relax on the beach in comfort.


For an endless variety of retro and pin up swimwear, look no further than For Luna Swimwear. You’ll find hundreds of suits from many different designers, providing options for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

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