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Ozone Clothing knows how to do the Hepcat Fashion Scene

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Ozone Clothing knows how to do the Hepcat Fashion Scene

The retro look from the 1940s and 50s has found a perfect home at Ozone Clothing. Expect to be pampered by owners Dave and Jan with personalized customer service. Shop here for the coolest, hassle free experience with the clothing brands to make it worth the visit every time.

20160321-01All Images with friendly Permission by Ozone Clothing

If you are an enthusiast of this glamorous style, then you will spend time and money here. Even with a budget you will find that perfect Zsa Zsa Skirt, or an exquisite cardigan. And that is only the beginning. Bring paper and pen to write down a list of items that will surely catch your eye.


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Ozone Clothing is a British based business that started out in 1998 as a body piercing venture and has flourished into one of the premier retro shops on the planet. Everyone has a brand that they love and some have many. At Ozone Clothing, they are sure to carry yours. They specialize in the best including Lucky 13, Tarantula, Lux De Ville, Daredevil, Liquor Brand, and Steady Clothing.

20160321-03zum shop

These brands bring the vintage look home like no other. It gets even better with Ozone Clothing’s own collection of the same name with dazzling pieces. Their lines of clothing come from countries such as the United States, except their exclusive brand is made in Britain.


Ozone Clothing’s inventory is packed with every conceivable clothing item and accessory. This includes clothes for the whole family such as shirts, pants, rockabilly dresses, hats, and bags. Affordable is the only term needed to describe the prices that range from £15 tees to £124 denim jeans and every price in-between. Get that vintage bombshell look with an Emmy flounce dress for under £100.


There are accessories including the wildly popular Betty sunglasses and reading glasses starting at £8.50. Check out bags from brands such as Liquor Brand for £57. Get something for the kiddies with £14 tees from Steady Clothing and more. For that specialty item, look at the collection of Coop stickers for only £3.50 each.


As you can see, Ozone Clothing is one for your list of places to shop for all things retro. Get your rockabilly groove on with exceptional quality and hepcat style. Place your orders online using the pound, Euro or dollar currencies. You will not be disappointed.

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What is Retro Fashion?

What is Retro Fashion?

Retro is a big buzzword in the realm of fashion today that conjures images of bygone decades complete with vintage cars, pin up girls, and rockabilly icons.


The oblong Box Shop
The Oblong Box shop

But what exactly is meant by the word ‘retro’ and why is it so popular now? Simply, what is it about this retro fashion that we all love so much?

retro dress @ lady v london
Lady V London

Believe it or not, the term ‘retro’ to describe a certain throwback style has been around since the 1970’s. It’s actually a shortened version of the French word ‘retrospectif’ from which we get the English ‘retrospective.’ So the retro fashion is literally one that looks back at something in the past. It’s no wonder then that the most classic fashion items that come to mind are styles from the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

Lolita Girl Clothing

Today, many brands and shops are interested in making these vintage looks new again, tailoring them for today’s men and women. Taking their inspiration from the pin up girls and rock and roll guys of yesterday, they’re crafting modern versions of styles that have lasted through the decades. It seems that the demand for retro fashion is not fading anytime soon!

Kitty Rose Couture

From brands like Doll Deluxe and Modern Vintage  pin up dresses and skirts to the rocking looks of Trashy Tart and Catfight Collections, it’s easy to find everything from vintage jeans and jackets to shoes and accessories. These hot items like those at Vintage Galeria are anything but out of date.


Fashionistas worldwide are harnessing their bombshell beauty with bold colors and fun prints that proclaim personality and independence. Gorgeous pin up dresses are now available for every body type, including plus sizes and kids’ clothing. Everyone can feel like a rockabilly star in a classic retro style that looks and feels great.

Retro Dress @ Vivien of Holloway
Vivien of Holloway

The retro fashion mania doesn’t stop at great daytime and evening wear. Now you can find lifestyle accessories too, from kitchen decor at Modcloth to the tote bags of Coco Fennell to cute add-ons at Miss Vintage. Live life in style with retro fashion items everywhere! Retro fashion is here to stay so take some inspiration from the past to move forward with bold and beautiful steps!

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Coco Fennell: Making Pin Up Dresses for Every Glamour Girl

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Coco Fennell: Making Pin Up Dresses for Every Glamour Girl

Coco Fennell has a simple mission: to make every girl feel gorgeous inside and out. Their fun line of retro dresses in bold prints and styles bring back the essence of the pinup girl fashion icon and make this timeless look accessible to today’s women.

IMG_5859-EditAll Images with friendly Permission by Coco Fennell
coco fennell logo

The lovely Coco Fennell started her clothing line from her modest flat in the Shoreditch borough of London (UK) in 2011. Little did she know that her retro designs would take off into a fabulous fashion enterprise recognized all over the world.

Coco-143all online shops

Renowned fashion icons and celebrities have even been spotted wearing these Hollywood-gorgeous dresses for daytime and special occasions. At this shop you’ll find rockabilly classics like the Graceland Jumpsuit and cute knee length pinup dresses for fun in the sun.

Coco-209zum shop

Let your retro style shine with patterns like polka dots and florals, or go bold with a solid color in bright red, black, or blue. These styles are so deliciously fashionable, it’s hard to choose a favorite!

Dresses come in floor length maxi gowns, knee length sundresses, and above the knee romper lengths so there is something for everyone to feel comfortable in. Show off your favorite hobbies with fabric prints in casino cards, ice cream cones, and kitchen gadgets. There is simply no end to the possibilities of fun vintage outfits at Coco Fennell.


Because new designs are being periodically added, it’s worth checking back periodically to see the latest pinup looks. Also take advantage of their limited time sale items for glam dresses at discounted prices. Shipping prices are available for UK, Europe, and worldwide options. Complete your rockabilly look with picture-perfect accessories such as head scarves and tote bags with screen-printed retro emblems.

Another fun part about feeling great in Coco Fennell is their Instagram Girls page. Snap a photo of yourself wearing your new Coco Fennell dress and they’ll put it online with the rest of their glamorous hall of vintage fame. You can also view this page for fashion inspiration to get ideas and develop your own pinup girl style. This brand loves to make women look and feel bombshell beautiful and they’re not afraid to show it!

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Cindy Bangs: A Spanish Brand for Retro Lovers

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Cindy Bangs: A Spanish Brand for Retro Lovers

Cindy Bangs is a 1950s inspired clothing label from Spain and was founded by three designers, Claudia Blasco and Maria Anglès.

All Pictures with friendly Permission by Cindy Bangscindy-bangs-logo1

These three talented ladies attended the same design school and came up with their idea to sell retro spirited garments in 2011. The next year, they established their online store, and in 2013, they graced the city of Barcelona with their flagship store. Now they offer a range of Rockabilly and retro fashion for not only pinups but to men, kids and even babies, too!

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The label’s garments are produced in an assortment of colors and recognizable vintage impressions, like polka dots, tropical prints and leopard prints. Sirens adore the hourglass silhouettes Cindy Bangs clothes create, since they’re complete with cinched waistlines and accented necklines. The skirts and dresses are either chic and form fitting or full and flirty.

zum shop

Combine their figure flattering bottoms with one of the store’s gorgeous tops and one of their structured jackets or classic cardigans. The Cindy Bangs footwear collection is one of the most exciting parts of the store, because many of the shoes are unique.

While most of the designs are original and inspired by retro fashion, Cindy Bangs also offers men and women authentic vintage pieces and and other well-known industry brands. The designers will also work with you to produce a custom-made garment or accessory if you have a special occasion. It’s nice to have a shop attend to almost all your vintage loving needs!

The Cindy Bangs label has grown quite a bit in just a few short years. These designers use their excitement for pinup style and fashion from the 1950s as the focus for their collection.

They design and select their clothing and accessories with such passion, and it’s highly apparent they take this nostalgic aesthetic seriously and with love. We can’t wait to see how much more they grow and what they have in store for the future!

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