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What’s Underneath: The Appeal of Retro Lingerie

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What’s Underneath: The Appeal of Retro Lingerie
Looking your best starts with confidence in knowing that your body is beautiful and feeling comfortable in your own skin.


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What Katie Did

Wearing lovely retro lingerie is one way to achieve that inner feeling of sexy glamour, and from burlesque corsets to garter belts, and high waist panties to bullet bras, here is everything you need to look pin up girl gorgeous underneath it all.

Secrets in Lace

Vintage lingerie started out as a support system for women’s feminine curves so they could look their best on the outside. Now, brands like What Katie Did and Playful Promises have made luxury lingerie from the last century a whole new world of beautiful retro undergarments.

Playful Promises

As timeless retro lingerie grows in popularity, the selection of vintage bras, seamed stockings, shapewear, and corsets is on the rise too. Create sumptuous hourglass curves with a classic corset from Miss Moss, SugarKitty, or V-Couture for a burlesque or rockabilly lingerie style. Waist cinchers, girdles, and suspender belts abound at Revival Lingerie in lovely lace or smooth satin.

Kiss Me Deadly

Speaking of lace, the lingerie designers at Agent Provocateur have a sensuous selection of French knickers and panty sets. Match these at Sweet Pins or Cervin Paris to some thigh high nylon stockings and matching garter belt on those pin up legs that will really make you want to strut your stuff. Retro lingerie and loungewear is now available online for plus sizes as well so every shape and size can feel vintage sexy from head to toe.

Revival Lingerie

The best part about these retro lingerie selections is the support and comfort they provide beneath other rockabilly and vintage clothing items. Remember, the bullet bra and waist cincher corset were originally designed to give women the shape and support they wanted beneath their everyday clothes.

 Model: Bernie Dexter, Photo: Levi Dexter
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Many women today are surprised at how well fitting and comfortable vintage lingerie actually is! That’s why it also important to find well-made, quality lingerie pieces and splurge a little extra for a fit that’s right for you. Whether it’s for the sexy bedroom boudoir or as shapewear under a rockabilly dress or pin up girl outfit, retro lingerie can make any woman feel bombshell beautiful inside and out.

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Rockabilly Clothing


Rockabilly-Clothing.de is an online fashion boutique that specializes in primarily rockabilly clothing, with a hint of pin up and retro style for more flair and representation of past styles.


All pictures with friendly permission by rockabilly-clothing.de

They carry dresses, corset tops, pin up tops, fetish clothing, toys, stockings, high heels, accessories and a wide variety of other items that represent the pin up and rockabilly era.

Over the years, the range of clothing offered on Rockabilly Clothing has steadily increased. They carry a wide variety of brands including Lee Kleiman, Marlies Dekkers, Patrice Catanzaro, What Katie Did, Bettie Page Clothing, Lucy B, and much more.

There is a wide range of fashion available from the Rockabilly Clothing online store. Whether you’re searching for lingerie, vintage duds, t shirts, metal signs, belt buckles, vintage car goodies, or psychobilly fashion pieces, it is available on Rockabilly Clothing. It’s not just clothes, as you can see. Metal signs, classic car prints and classic car decorations are also available in the shop.

Since the greaser look is so often incorporated into the rockabilly style, there is also a variety of greaser style clothing available for men and women who love the rock look of the 1950’s. Hair pomade, leather jackets, giant belt buckles and ruffled leather skirts and dresses are just some of the greaser style clothing available. Whether you’re looking to simply grease up your hair or go full on greaser with the leather, lace and boots, it is all available here in the Rockabilly Clothing store.

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Rockabilly is a popular style for millions of people because it incorporates retro and pin up looks as well as classic rock music and cars, particularly from the 1950’s. Whether you’re into hard rock, tattoos, goth style or like taking a more tame approach to your pin up and rockabilly look, it can all be done due to the versatility and variety of rockabilly style.

Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 22, you won’t have a problem incorporating it into your style, either. Greaser girls and rockabilly dames can all find the perfect outfit to incorporate into their style due to the wide variety and curve-hugging styles of the 1950’s. Whether your style is innocent, playful or punk and gothic, Rockabilly Clothing has something for you.

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