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Lady Vintage: 100% Handmade Vintage Inspired Clothing from Germany

Lady Vintage: 100% Handmade Vintage Inspired Clothing from Germany
Lady Vintage is a made-to-order label based in Germany that specializes in rockabilly fashion. The stylistic similarities of vintage and pinup clothing from this era is executed exquisitely.


Even from reading the descriptions of each piece and perusing through the handful photos, you can tell the designer has a passion for retro fashion, has a keen eye for detail and puts high quality in the forefront.

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The selection of Lady Vintage designs available are limited, but don’t let that scare you away. There’s a heavy emphasis on sailor style, polka dots and pinup inspired clothing that has just the right amount of the Stepford Wife influence.

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You’ll find recognizable cinched waistlines, classic halter tops and standard skater skirts present throughout the collection. There’s also a nice element of surprise with a simple pencil skirt and retro style western blouse in the mix of dainty dresses and tops.

What’s special about Lady Vintage pieces is that each garment is actually produced at the time you place an order. The problem with factory-made clothing is the lack of detachment between the designer, retailer and the customer. In this case, you’ll interact directly with Lady Vintage, because they will email you as soon as your order has begun production and when it’s been shipped.

One might think high quality clothing made exclusively would be costly, but the garments are actually reasonably priced. Expect the total waiting period from production to shipping to take roughly two weeks. If you’d rather pick-up your order after the item is completed, the website also allows you to choose this option.

It’s exciting to anticipate what’s new to come from Lady Vintage, who draws inspiration from the 1950s rock and roll lifestyle. Keep an eye out for a collection of rockabilly and rockabella t-shirts, which are projected to come soon to the site. Merchandise pieces like these will be shipped as soon as payment is made. Purchases from this gives rockabellas and pinups a special feeling of individuality, which is something that’s cherished when you choose to embrace retro inspired fashion.

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Cindy Bangs: A Spanish Brand for Retro Lovers

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Cindy Bangs: A Spanish Brand for Retro Lovers

Cindy Bangs is a 1950s inspired clothing label from Spain and was founded by three designers, Claudia Blasco and Maria Anglès.

All Pictures with friendly Permission by Cindy Bangscindy-bangs-logo1

These three talented ladies attended the same design school and came up with their idea to sell retro spirited garments in 2011. The next year, they established their online store, and in 2013, they graced the city of Barcelona with their flagship store. Now they offer a range of Rockabilly and retro fashion for not only pinups but to men, kids and even babies, too!

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The label’s garments are produced in an assortment of colors and recognizable vintage impressions, like polka dots, tropical prints and leopard prints. Sirens adore the hourglass silhouettes Cindy Bangs clothes create, since they’re complete with cinched waistlines and accented necklines. The skirts and dresses are either chic and form fitting or full and flirty.

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Combine their figure flattering bottoms with one of the store’s gorgeous tops and one of their structured jackets or classic cardigans. The Cindy Bangs footwear collection is one of the most exciting parts of the store, because many of the shoes are unique.

While most of the designs are original and inspired by retro fashion, Cindy Bangs also offers men and women authentic vintage pieces and and other well-known industry brands. The designers will also work with you to produce a custom-made garment or accessory if you have a special occasion. It’s nice to have a shop attend to almost all your vintage loving needs!

The Cindy Bangs label has grown quite a bit in just a few short years. These designers use their excitement for pinup style and fashion from the 1950s as the focus for their collection.

They design and select their clothing and accessories with such passion, and it’s highly apparent they take this nostalgic aesthetic seriously and with love. We can’t wait to see how much more they grow and what they have in store for the future!

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LoveChuckTaylors: Chucks as Rockabilly and Punkrock Shoes

LoveChuckTaylors: All the Attitude without the Headache

People have been wearing Converse’s Chucks Taylors, also known as “Chucks,” for decades. In the beginning, Chucks were sneakers for athletes, like professional basketball players, and were only available in a handful of colors.

il_570xN.533175976_a81zAll pictures with friendly Permission by LoveChuckTaylors

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As the popularity grew, Chucks came in an assortment of colors, became associated with punk rockers and rockabillys and are now a staple in modern retro fashion. Fortunately for punk rock and vintage fashion lovers, Kelly, a sneaker aficionado and owner of the U.S. based Etsy shop, Love Chuck Taylors, is the master at custom making Converse Chuck Taylors.


Custom Rockabilly Shoes
Rockabilly culture has adored Chucks since the 1950s, and Love Chuck Taylors has taken classic prints and designs and made these sneakers more fashionable than ever. Faux leopard print fur, polka dots and houndstooth are all part of the shop’s rockabilly collection.


These exclusive designs are handmade and featured on the tongue and back strip of the shoe. Pair them up with a sexy pinup skirt and t-shirt, and you’ll have the ultimate rockabilly casual look!


Custom Rock and Roll and Punk Shoes
For those with an edgier aesthetic when it comes to fashion, the shop also offers Chucks with silver and gold studs and spikes. Do-it-yourself projects is a trend, and there is a mass of tutorials on the Internet instructing us how to spike and stud Chucks.

punk chucks

More often than not, this project is tedious and time consuming, and you end up ruining a perfectly good pair of sneakers. Save yourself the time and headache by letting this shop figure out the small details that make these kicks head turners.


All these customized and affordable Chucks come in low or high tops, in any color or size and will ship internationally. If you don’t see a color or design of your liking, Kelly will custom make any pair of Chucks especially for you. These Chucks aren’t just for the rockabellas, because they are available for men and children, too! Her love and dedication is obvious in every pair made. See for yourself by perusing through the glowing reviews on her Etsy site!

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Style Icons Closet

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Come Raid Style Icons Closet!

When women think of vintage, they imagine old Hollywood glamor or June Cleaver from “Leave It To Beaver.” If that is the case then Style Icons Closet is the closet to raid.

All pictures with friendly permission by Style Icons Closet

Style Icons Closet is owned and operated by two British sisters who call themselves, Sisi and Mimi. They pride themselves in their simple and quaint collections of handmade goodies. Sisi and Mimi sew everything themselves, creating what they enjoy most about vintage fashion and how they personally envision it.

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Style Icons Closet can be compared to a pastel cupcake shop for hungry pin-up fashionistas. A bakery for vintage fashion in the United Kingdom, displaying a large window that is filled with cotton candy colored hues, sugary polka dots and even some samples of a more exotic taste.

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It seems that Sisi and Mimi have devoted their time to making Style Icons Closet a polka dot, floral and lace boutique. Their diverse taste in tribal prints though is what really causes their online shop to stand out. Creating old fashion inspired pin up pieces, with bold African tribal prints, makes their small collection pop. Very unique and eccentric, yet this online store keeps the daring yellows, greens and black prints as sweet as their other cupcake colored goodies.

Keeping their designs classic, this online shop is the home to the ever famous pencil dresses, fun party dresses and sexy little black dresses for a night filled with cocktails. As mentioned earlier, Sisi and Mimi create everything by hand. Filling their shop with designs from the heart, every stitch is a thread of pure undying passion for vintage and pin-up fashion.

They make dresses for the customer, asking for measurements to create a perfectly tailored piece of pinup artwork. Customers have the option of choosing their own fabrics and measurements, while Sisi and Mimi offer high quality customer service. They offer, not only dresses, but tops, skirts, petticoats and jackets.

If a pin up girl is looking for the classic stylings of a 1940 and 1950’s fashion icon, Style Icons Closet is the obvious choice. Never dull, always adorable and fabulous!

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