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Lola Ramona – Copenhagen’s Cutest Pinup Shoes

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Lola Ramona – Copenhagen’s Cutest Pinup Shoes

The retro-loving designers at Lola Ramona bring adorable vintage and rockabilly styles to life in fabulous pinup shoes.

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All Images with friendly Permission by Lola Ramona

From classic pumps to ankle boots, these shoes tie the perfect pinup outfit together so wearers can look fashionable from head to toe! For over ten years, Lola Ramona has worked hard to re-create the most gorgeous 1950’s style footwear in pinup shoes that modern women around the globe will love. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, their production is still relatively small.

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This gives an advantage to those who are looking for unique pinup shoes that won’t be duplicated anywhere else. The name Lola Ramona came after the shoe design was complete, and seeks to capture the style of a girl with attitude. As a result, these shoes are quirky and fun, but also slip-resistant and durable in all kinds of weather.

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While Lola Ramona rolls out new pinup shoe styles every season, their basic fit remains the same. Usually the patterns or accessories will change – from rockabilly pinstripes to black and white polka dots, or from beautiful bows to big buttons. The idea is that once a pinup girl chooses her preferred style, she will always be able to find it again in new colors, prints, or patterns.


The Lola Ramona website is easy to browse by past and present styles, where pinup shoppers can find fashionable pumps, wedges, summer sandals, comfy loafers, and even super cute rain boots! Best of all, these basic pinup styles are available in bold polka dots, animal prints, pretty pastels, or sultry stripes. Choose your favorite, or mix and match for the perfect pinup outfit.


Luckily for 1950’s fashionistas, Lola Ramona is available throughout Europe and the USA, but also partners with several pinup clothing shops online like TopVintage and Mondo Kaos. Lola Ramona’s pinup shoes are made of leather or canvas fabric with wooden heels and slip-resistant rubber soles.

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Because of this quality construction, they may be more expensive than competitors, but they also come with a 2-year warranty. No one wants her perfect pinup look to be ruined by a broken heel or scuffed sandal, and Lola Ramona’s shoes are built to never let you down!

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Lola Ramona: Fun and Sweet Pinup Shoes

Lola Ramona: Fun and Sweet Pinup Shoes

If you’re looking for sweet but bold pinup shoes that make life a little more fun, Danish label, Lola Ramona, is right up your alley.

lola ramona schuheAll Pictures with friendly Permission by Lola Ramona
lola ramona logo

Since 2006, founder Gitte Sandquist has filled a void in shoes by providing amusing, high quality shoes to every retro, vintage and shoe enthusiast all over the world. The shop’s style is modern yet nostalgic, and there is a pair perfect for your vintage taste.

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The shop produces two collections a year from Denmark,which includes classic pinup style ballet flats, wedges, sandals and high heels in each. While each collection is not necessarily extensive, the styles and designs are diverse and unique.

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The Summer Collection
The summer collection is light, airy and incredibly sweet. Every pair of pinup shoes go well with high waisted pencil skirts, shorts and swing dresses–basically, every outfit a retro loving girl has in rotation in the warmer months of the year. Summer after summer, Lola Ramona seems to nail pinup shoes perfectly for summer fashion.

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The Winter Collection
As seasons change and weather gets cooler, vintage and rockabilly girls tend to embrace an edgier attitude while maintaining a feminine glow about them. The shop understands this transition, so their winter collection is complete with shearling lined boots, rugged rain boots and classic retro style creepers and oxfords in addition to their usual pinup shoes.

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Sentimental and Bright Colors and Prints
Lola Ramona makes sure the patterns and colors that have made pinup and retro fashion popular are present in every shoe. Nautical stripes, charming bows, fashionable animal prints and appealing polka dots are all features you will find in both seasonal collections. Black, white and red are common color schemes, but you’ll find solid colors and unexpected color blocks, too.

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These pinup shoes aren’t the most sophisticated, but sometimes, girls just need to have a little fun. Lola Ramona shoes allow you to do just that. Their shoes are definitely eye-catching and have loads of personality. Best of all, the shop focuses on making their Pinup shoes comfortable! You’ll want to make any ordinary pinup outfit interesting with a pair from Lola Ramona.

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