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Burlesque Outfit

Burlesque Outfit
Finding a burlesque outfit is about more than just a sexy corset and some thigh-high tights. A good burlesque outfit incorporates a woman’s individual style and personality into the look, whether she goes for a fun and flirty innocent pin up pixie look, or a bold and daring gothic or rockabilly style. Burlesque outfits often incorporate retro themes and styles, creating a timeless look that is coveted for many generations.

The perfect burlesque outfit consists of many important pieces that can be combined and mixed and matched to create whatever look you want to achieve. Some staples to the burlesque outfit wardrobe include overbust or underbust corsets, nipple pasties, thigh-high nylons and pantyhose, girdles, garter belts, suspenders, sky-high stiletto heels, arm gloves, feather boas, and more.

If you’re looking for some of the highest quality, sexiest and diverse burlesque outfit pieces money can buy, there are plenty of shops that cater to women just like you. For all the burlesque fixings check out shops such as Love Burlesque, Gothesque.de, SugarKitty Corsets, Maya Hansen, Lulu and Lush, and Feisty Cat. For burlesque-inspired corsets and lingerie, Fairy GothMother offers corsets, accessories, dresses and undergarments that replicate everything we love about a sexy burlesque outfit.

For a full-blown corset that’s perfect for a burlesque performance or costume, Slacks Fashion, Redcat 7, Burleska and Bibian Blue are some of the most popular shops. Check out shops such as Ars Vivendi and Pandoras Choice for some of the best hosiery and accessories available.

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If you want to incorporate some pin up girl or rockabilly flair into your burlesque outfit, check out shops such as Pinup Girl Clothing, Emerald Angel, TopVintage.nl, and Anatomic Bomb.

Always remember that aside from the clothes, corsets and accessories, the perfect burlesque outfit always comes with the right level of confidence, sass and attitude. Any woman can pull off a burlesque outfit if she has the confidence to flaunt what she has and wear it with plenty of grace, class and style.

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Feisty Cat

Feisty Cat

Feisty Cat is a sexy burlesque boutique specializing in a variety of pasties and nipple tassels for the retro, pin up, rockabilly and burlesque bombshell in every woman. Pasties can be the perfect accent to any outfit, wearing them as part of a costume or under a sexy top “just in case” something comes out. Sexy burlesque performers wear pasties and nipple tassels as a part of almost any costume, whether they plan to bare all or just give a peek while doing a dance.

At Feisty Cat you will discover such a variety of pasties and tassels that you’ll come up with tons of new inspiration for costumes, outfits and Burlesque performances. Sea shell pasties are perfect for a mermaid inspired costume or lingerie piece. Black pasties with rhinestones and feathers are ideal for a cabaret look that is classy but still completely sexy. There are even pasties with chains attached that connect the two, the perfect accent for a tease-filled performance.

Looking for some adorably innocent pasties? Sequined cupcake pasties are colorful and adorable, while the kitty cat pasties boast cute red ears atop a black kitty face. Green shamrocks with red tassels are fun and festive, perfect for a sexy redheaded Irish vixen.

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Accentuate your pasties and nipple tassels with some vinyl lingerie, false eyelashes, legwarmers, gloves, stiletto heels, feather accessories and much more. Everything you need for the perfect burlesque or retro costume is available at Feisty Cat, with a variety of pasties that will certainly have you coming back for more. Vinyl outfits, retro heels, wigs, bondgirl inspired looks, steampunk inspired outfits and a collection of Bordello inspired looks are all sold here. You’ll certainly find inspiration for a new outfit or performance number, and each one can have a new theme, inspired by a cute new set of pasties.

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Find the perfect top hat or feather hair accessory to complete your outfit. Whether you are a full blown burlesque performer, you’re just looking for a sexy costume for a party or you genuinely love the look and sex appeal of everything offered in the Feisty Cat store. Take a look around for some new sexy attire!

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Gothesque.de is the solution for pin up and burlesque lovers who are tired of the vanilla fashions dominated by cute red cherries and peppy retro circle skirts and want clothing that is a bit darker, racier and more Bettie Page than Doris Day.

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This Moers, Germany-based online shop is located both left of the Rhine and left of center and specializes in rediscovering female lasciviousness through their wide selection of burlesque, fetish, Gothic and pin up clothing, shoes and accessories from names like What Katie Did and Pinup Couture as well as unique, handmade items.

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Their burlesque section is the real deal, and relatively inexpensive to boot. Satin bustle skirts, satin gloves, seamed stockings, plastic waist-cincher sets, and girdles to die for plus semi translucent black satin panties provide everything exhibitionist bombshell-burlesque divas need to put on a show-stopping performance every day of the week, while their large selection of handmade, one-of-a- kind nipple pasties ranging from cute neo-burlesque strawberries on white with red tassels to the Admiral’s Wife pasties in metallic gold are just what the naughty Doctor ordered.

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Their fetish section is pure latex in transparent nude and purple and shiny opaque black and red: mini-skirts, corsets, long skirts and shoulder length gloves so shiny and elastic you can almost hear them snap and squeak. Afterward, why not top the whole thing off with Gothesque.de accessories like collars, hair flowers, headbands, feather fans, boas, fascinators and razor pendants? Plus, dirty divas and cheesecake pin ups alike can add flair to their hair with their hot pink or fire-red hair dye.

The Gothesque.de pin up section swings to the rockabilly side and although their selection is small each piece is smoking-hot from their rockabella SugarShock Sailor Sailor Top AHOY! and glamorous Greta Black Satin Pin Up Girl wiggle dress to their retro red swimwear.

Prices at Gothesque.de range from € 9,99 to €99,99 but most fall in the middle; a reasonable range for unique and different clothing difficult to find anywhere else. Sadly they only ship to certain countries within Europe, but if you happen to be traveling nearby, you can make an appointment to pick up an order at their headquarters in Moers. They accept a bank transfer, PayPal and cash.

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