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Senorita Martita – The Place to Shop For 60’s Dresses!

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Senorita Martita – The Place to Shop For 60’s Dresses!

The Sixties was a time of change and social development for women, creating the always changing fashion industry of the 1960s.

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Senorita Martita, an vintage online shop, is dedicated to creating 60s inspired vintage dresses. The designer describes her dresses as playful and comfortable, crafting vintage dresses from soft cottons and silks.

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Martha is the head haunch-o and the imaginative brains behind Senorita Martita’s beautiful collections. She aims to fabricate high quality 1960 themed dresses that are versatile and stylish. The thought of parenting a line of dresses made of itchy tweed and heavy cottons would most likely make her cringe in discomfort. Women should be able to move freely and feel pleasant while remaining 60s chic.

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Originating in Madrid Spain, Senorita Martita dishes out delicious candy colored pieces. Martha’s love for bright eye-popping colors leads to very vibrant fashion collections. The Spring and Summer lines consist of free flowing short sun dresses and skirts as the Autumn and Winter collections carry button down coats, pea coats and adorable empire dresses with bows. The shop also offers a variety of charming patterns such as plaid but what really makes the dresses pop are the unique artistic designs. From bumble bees and flowers to dragon flies the bottom of some dresses are embroidered with these cute little numbers.

Mint greens and tangerine oranges fill this online store with such life and color, composing such a groovy and timeless atmosphere. With so many collections and pieces for every season, the choices may seem a little overwhelming for one vintage lady to handle. Those over-loaded feelings are worth it to purchase a high quality 1960s inspired dress that will make a woman want to dance!

From high collars to pleated skirt bottoms, Senorita Martita accommodates a luxurious 60’s feel in its online shop. Even creating its own fashion line for the ever-famous Barbie Doll. Barbie looks quit dashing with a high beehive hairstyle and a lively Magenta colored Sixties inspired dress.

If these dresses don’t make a lady feel alive and want to sport a pillbox hat, then who knows what will! Senorita Martita is one of the best shops to satisfy a craving for 1960 inspired dresses.

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Chopper Monster

Chopper Monster

Chopper Monster is a Madrid-based clothing boutique specializing in rockabilly, pin up, and retro-inspired looks that were popular throughout the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Men, women, and children can all find tops, pants, dresses, and accessories that channel a unique, personal style whether it’s a sweet and sexy look or a bold and daring rockabilly look.

Women have an endless variety of choices at Chopper Monster for everything that is pin up, rockabilly, retro, and vintage inspired. Blouses and camisoles, dresses and skirts, vests and jackets, pants, and accessories are all part of the collection offered in this diverse store. You’ll find all sorts of casual and dressy styles in bold, solid colors as well as exciting patterns such as thick stripes, polka dots, plaid, and graphic tees to complement every look. Dresses range from simple and casual looks for a simple day out, to more dressy looks that can be dolled up for a special night out.

For the guys, you’ll find a seemingly endless assortment of graphic tees with rockabilly styles such as cars, bands, flames, tattoo-inspired looks, and much more. For the preppy dude, there are a whole bunch of adorably fun and colorful sweaters, plaid flannel shirts, and trendy yet casual button downs in all sorts of styles and colors. Pair them with the perfect fitting pair of jeans and some boots or TUK Brand sneakers.

The girls and boys section also allows you to dress your kids up in styles that are just as trendy as yours, so you can give the whole family matching styles that are as retro as they are fun.

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The excitement doesn’t stop at your clothing, either. Chopper Monster offers home accessories for your kitchen and bathroom, as well as decorations and accessories to give each of your rooms a little personality. Lastly, you’ll also find books, records, DVDs, and vintage comic books that are perfect for stocking your shelves with some timeless pieces that will last for generations to come.

At Chopper Monster, you’ll be able to satisfy your pin up and rockabilly obsession with items for your wardrobe as well as around your home. Take a look around and discover what the shop can do for your style!

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