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Sivletto is an online shop dedicated to offering 1950s pin up and rockabilly-inspired items to men and women who are passionate about those styles. They also have a brick and mortar location in Stockholm, Sweden, offering their luxurious goods to locals and tourists looking for one-of-a-kind vintage and retro-inspired items.


Sivletto offers items for both men and women, ranging from casual basics to dressier statement pieces. Ladies, this is the perfect shop for you to stock up on camisoles, basic t-shirts, and other items that are worn under dress clothes or with a casual pair of jeans and shoes. You’ll also find cute vintage-inspired work attire items such as A-line skirts, plaid button-down tops, and more. Looking for the perfect retro bathing suit? Find it here in a variety of patterns, styles, and sizes.

Guys, there is something for you at Sivletto too. You’ll find a wide selection of graphic screen-printed tees, button-downs, wallets, letter jackets, sweater vests, classic jeans, hats, and even undergarments.

Dress up your kids at Sivletto with cute classic tees and hats, socks, baby blankets, and much more.

Sivletto is also known particularly for their wide selection of Levi Jeans, available for men, women, and children. You’ll find Levi corduroys, basic jeans, dressy black pants, jean skirts, bandanas, overalls, dresses, and button-downs, each of which is affordable and ideal for dressing up or down.

The unique clothing pieces offered at Sivletto come from established brands in the rockabilly and pin up industries such as Rockefella, CTH, Steady Clothing, Wrangler, Esther Williams, Emmy Design, Lucky-13, Edwin, DePalma, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, and much more. If there is a rockabilly or punk brand you covet, chances are you’ll find it while browsing through the Sivletto selection.

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Sivletto is perfect for shoppers of all kinds because you’ll easily find basics such as jeans and t-shirts, but you’ll also find sassy style to dress up the entire family. Plaid children’s hats, polka dotted bathing suits, funky graphic tees, and even books and DVDs are just some of the reasons why their wide selection is so popular. Next time you’re looking to add a little rockabilly to your life, browse Sivletto for something you’ll love.

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Melle Fred

Melle Fred

Melle Fred is a Parisian lingerie label with a vintage and retro twist. As with any French fashion designs, this label also uses the highest and finest quality of products to add premium visual highlights and superior glamour. The styles channel that of old Hollywood movie stars such as Rita Hayworth and Greta Garbo.

Luxurious, sensual and seductive, the styles of Melle Fred come in all sorts of colors and designs. Silk and lace accents are available for bras, panties, corsets and garter belts.

The lines within the Melle Fred label include Meline, Annya, Bettie and Virginia. Each line has its own unique appeal to it. Meline is a combination of sensual and sassy with pink and black hearts and bows. High waisted corsets and deep leg bottoms create a very sexy retro style. While girdles show little skin, they are still worn very sexy with the designs and materials used.

The designs in the Annya line are transparent and flowery. Red roses on a black background accentuate bras, girdles and panties, adorable, innocent and charming. The looks can be as innocent or as provocative and naughty as you would like them to be, particularly those in the Bettie line. High waists but surprise cheeky looks in the back make for a very sexy and pleasant surprise for anyone who is taking a peek!

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The fine, high quality lingerie pieces found in Melle Fred can be found in their online stores as well as a variety of boutiques throughout France and Germany. If you’re not local to these countries, it is very simple to order some sexy lingerie online and have it shipped right to your door.

Prices for these pieces are actually quite affordable, ranging from 40 to 80 pounds. There is also a wide variety of sizes available so it is simple to find something that perfectly suits you, your style and your body type.

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Whether you are tiny and petite or voluptuous with plenty of curves, Melle Fred sells lingerie that will look sexy on you. Find something to slim you under a dress or lingerie for a sexy night in, the wide variety offers all of it in an endless array of styles, fabrics and seductive colors.

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