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Néné Chérie: French-made Vintage Inspired Clothing and Accessories

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Nene Cherie: French-made Vintage Inspired Clothing and Accessories

Nene Cherie is a French shop owned by Honey Nene, a talented seamstress who creates clothing, hats and accessories, in the south of France. Her design aesthetic is primarily tailored towards the fashion of the 1920s through the 1960s. Every retro and vintage fashionista will enjoy her original pieces and understand her respect and appreciation for these time periods.

All Pictures with friendly Permission by Néné Chérie

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Hollywood Style Clothing

Retro-styled women will love Nene Cherie’s clothing because they are vintage inspired. Gypsy lola , 50s diner, navy style and sexy bustier tops are all included in the tops collection.

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For the summer, the shop has a few flirty high waisted shorts available, and for more conservative occasions, the perfectly retro skirts are available in swing styles or high waisted pin up styles. The elegant interpretation of past decades are masterfully crafted in the small but beautiful dress collection.

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Beautiful Handmade Capes and Coats

Nene Cherie’s collection of capes and coats are so elegant, and they can turn any ordinary woman into a star. The amount of workmanship put into each item is obvious and every aspiring pin up girl will be warm and looking glamorous at the same time. From faux fur accents to full circle patterns in the longer coats, these classic details and high quality fabric are striking and flattering for every woman’s body.

Must-have Vintage Style Accessories

Every retro loving girl should have a copious amount of vintage style accessories on hand for every occasion. These accessories elevate vintage style to any outfit, even if it’s just a t-shirt and jeans.

The accessories at Nene Cherie has the most selection in the entire shop and include sunglasses, handbags and a wide variety of hair accessories. Whether you’re into delicate hair flowers, stylish turbans, fancy hats and fascinators or pin up style bandannas, this line is just the right amount of flirty and stylish.

Nene Cherie’s collection is perfect for the glamour girls, rockabellas and other vintage loving girls who want to add to their retro style. The prices aren’t outrageous, and you will be one of the few wearing Honey Nene’s fabulously handmade designs.

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Cyn Elena

Cyn Elena

For more than ten years, Cyn Elena has been designing retro and pin up glamour accessories for women who love the pin up era of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Their popular hair candy pieces have been worn by celebrities, fashionable ladies of all different styles, brides to be, rockabilly aficionados, pin up girls, burlesque dancers and beginners to the whole pin up, retro and rockabilly fetish.

Cyn Elena is a mother who believes putting family first is an important part of anything. Her shop is set up in her home where she spends late nights creating her own unique line of hair accessories, never expecting the pieces to take off and become her own signature brand. She uses a variety of hair accessories and pins for creative inspiration, and rather than dedicating herself to one style, took a diverse turn, making her style adored by fans all around the world who dress in a variety of ways. Her accessory selection is among the largest in the world and continues to grow as her inspiration kicks into high gear.

For women who love a dash of girlish femininity, vinyl bows are great accessories for the hair, coming in black, red and bubble gum pink. For subtle accessories to complement your flowing long locks or luscious curls, small flower hair clips can be placed to pin back your bangs in a way that is more stylish than a standard bobby pin.

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Looking for something more sassy and fierce? Check out the animal print collection, filled with flower hair clips that have leopard print accents. The “Marilyn Leopard Rose Hair Clip” combines the look of a traditional rose with leopard print petals, bringing a sassy and sexy look to a basic retro style.

For something creepy yet glam, the Cyn Spider hair clips are perfect. Rhinestone studded tarantula sized spiders sit atop hair clips, so you can easily pin back the side of your hair that will have every passerby looking twice.

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Cyn Elena has an endless array of styles for pin up, retro and rockabilly girls of all ages. Check out her ever growing selection for a new and affordable accessory that will be the perfect topping to just about any outfit!

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Miss Fortune Clothing

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Miss Fortune Clothing

Miss Fortune Clothing is a UK-based one woman shop founded by zombie momma Laura Brandreth, who rose from her undead pillaging in 2005 and began to sell her handmade the psychobilly, rockabilly, post-punk rock and roll clothing online.

All pictures with friendly Permission by Miss Fortune

A student of fashion technology, Laura finished her studies in 2007 with an outstanding achievement award and began receiving so many orders for her clothing from England, France, New Zealand and the United States that she opened her own office and began to have her designs made by an outside manufacturer in the UK.

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Always looking for new ideas, Laura gets her rockabilly and psychobilly-styled inspiration from all over the map; 1940s and 1950s fashion photos, music like the Stray Cats or the Meteors and simply imagining up individual and flattering designs for friends or random people she sees on the street.

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She applies her unique combination of fabrics and patterns to the classic 1930s, 1940s and 1950s styles of wasp-waist dresses, pencil skirts, sailor-styled sets and form-fitting clothing to create hotter-than-hot, hella-fun styles. Using nautical themes, Hawaiian patterns and styles plus classic pin up and re-vamped, western styles, Miss Fortune Clothing mixes unexpected fabrics and colors with well-known lines and designs. You will find classic polka dots, red cherries and Hawaiian flower prints plus pink hot-rod hearses, tattoo flashes, skulls and contemporary solid colors.

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Taking advantage of stretch denim and other movement-friendly fabrics, Miss Fortune Clothing’s Ashleen Dress is a dungaree-style halter neck frock that goes with separate gingham gypsy tops and hugs every curve without restricting movement. The Aloha Hunny Range combines Hawaiian-inspired patterns and shirt styles with asymmetrical lines form-fitting femininity while the Nautical Nancy range is all adorable red, navy and white knitwear with anchor, rope and skull details. Greaser shirts, sleeveless hellbilly shirts plus Mexican Day of the Dead T-shirts are also available for all those psychobilly guys out there.

Miss Fortune Clothing’s prices are quite reasonable, ranging from £28.00 to £48.00, and they have an up-to-date sale page with great deals. They take regular and wholesale orders, and ship within all of Europe, as well as The United States, New Zealand and Australia.

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