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Miss Candyfloss

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Miss Candyfloss

Started in 2009, Miss Candyfloss is a retro and pin up inspired boutique started by designers of the Soronius House of Fashion.

656fit-dot-bl-wh-li-frontAll Images with friendly permission by Miss Candyfloss

Inspired by the styles of the 1940s and 1950s, Miss Candyfloss also brings a modern, 21st century twist to the sexy women of our time. The designers seek to create wearable, doll-like designs for women that can be worn everyday for work, dress up or play.


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Manufactured in Europe, Miss Candyfloss makes all their products under fair trade conditions without mass producing items. Quality over quantity is their purpose, with good working conditions and a positive environment put into each and every piece of their clothing.


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The dress selection is among the most popular at Miss Candyfloss. Retro, pin up and rockabilly styles are all available. Polka dot flowing skirts with full tops are perfect for the office or a night out dancing. Slip on a cardigan for work, then take it off and slip on some stilettos for happy hour! For something more professional, check out a fitted pencil skirt dress or the solid color print dresses with colorful, patterned accents.


Create your own outfit with one of their retro blouses and a high waisted skirt. There are all sorts of skirt selections and patterns, all with a retro feel and look to them. Blouses range from simple and fitted to those with ruffles and fancy collars to contrast a sassy skirt. Tanks, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves are available for a cute pin up girl outfit every day of the year.


Finish off your outfit with a piece from their accessories section. Retro hats, flower pins for your hair and little lace accents are all available, perfect for a casual accent to a work outfit, an addition to a costume, or for a stand out piece when you’re hitting the town.


The high quality retro and pin up inspired outfits and accessories available at Miss Candyfloss are some of the best quality in the industry, with exceptional standards and attention to detail. Whether you like subtle accents to a modern outfit or want to go full blown pin up girl, there is something available in this store. And don’t forget, everything must be worn with confidence!

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Mondo Kaos

Mondo Kaos

Mondo Kaos is a European pin up, retro and rockabilly inspired online fashion boutique, with items for both men and women. The majority of styles are inspired by looks from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, including dresses, shoes, beachwear, playsuits, t shirts, jeans, belts, accessories, and more.

They even include children’s clothing and vintage inspired housewares in the mix including coffee mugs, stickers, art and more.

The women’s section of Mondo Kaos is among the most popular. Women can find retro outfits to suit virtually any occasion, whether it is a formal evening out or a casual day at the office. Bathing suits for lounging at the beach, playsuits for pin up aficionados, cardigans to wear over a dress and dungarees for the greaser girl style can all be found at the online store. Classic rock inspired t shirts are also available for a night out at a concert.

Brands @ Mondo Kaos:
Bettie Page Clothing, Collectif, Deadly Dames, Pinup Couture, Sailor Jerry, Stop Staring, Tara Starlet, What Katie Did, Lola Ramona

For men, there is a diverse range of tanks, beaters, t shirts, jackets, shorts, sweatshirts and hoodies, work shirts and Dickies work pants. Kids dresses, hats, t shirts, and pants are all available to give your tyke a similar fashion to the rest of your family.

To top (or bottom) off any outfit, check out the incredible shoe variety at Mondo Kas. Plaid and striped wedges, fierce stilettos, polka dotted flats, and rockabilly style biker boots are all available in the shoe, boot and stiletto section of the store. To finish off your outfit with bold accessories, there are bags and wallets, beanie hats, barrettes, hats, belts, gloves, jewelry, pins, and even Sailor Jerry aftershave and pomade for the perfect greaser guy hairdo and scent.

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Since the store has expanded quite significantly, orders are continually being accepted in more and more countries. They accept Visa and Mastercard, and if you are unable to order in your country, a list can be mailed to the store with the order written on it. Paypal and bank transfers are also accepted as a form of payment.

A wide variety of styles, ease of access and flexible payment options are just some of the reasons why Mondo Kaos is quickly becoming one of the most coveted retro, rockabilly and vintage stores on the web.

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