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Burlesque Corsets

Burleska – Gothic, Burlesque, Rockabilly Corsets

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Burleska is a pin up, burlesque, rockabilly and retro fashion boutique established in 2006.

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All Pictures with friendly Permission by Burleska

Specializing in corsets, they offer a wide variety of corsetry pieces at affordable prices for costumes, burlesque performances and enhancements to evening wear. Corsets in the Burleska shop are made of quality materials that are inexpensive as a way to satisfy customers with low prices on customized corsetry.

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Whether you have the budget for a custom corset or not, there are hundreds of designs in the Burleska shop that are premade for you to choose from to perfectly complement your costume or party. styles vary from gothic, punk, traditional, rockabilly, burlesque, pin up and whatever else you may be looking for. Since corsets can be dressed up or down, each piece is versatile and easy to include in a variety of outfits.

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Their large variety of overbust corsets come in all sorts of styles, organized into different themed sections. For something a bit medieval and masquerade-like, the Alice section consists of a variety of corsets in all sorts of colors. They’re simple, with ties down the front and rich colors for a classy look.

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For something a bit more lacy and racy, the Asian section offers sexy styles in a variety of colors. There are hundreds of other overbust corsets in themes such as bridal, dita, elegant, dominatrix, fetish, flame, lily, majesty, opera, punk, princess, pin up, skull tattoo and much more.

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Pair the corsets up with one of their many skirts and tutus, additional tights, nylons and lingerie pieces, elegant, retro, pin up and gothic jewelry, suspender straps, and more. Jackets and capes are also available to pair with your corset if you’re going to an event during colder seasons. Warm up in style without sacrificing the look of your costume.

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There are a variety of petticoat skirts available to pair with your corsets, a sexy pair of suspenders and stockings, or under a skirt that needs a bit of an extra boost. They’re the perfect punk and retro complement to virtually any corset outfit.

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Whether it’s for your wedding, Halloween, a burlesque performance or a sexy punk costume, Burleska offers just about anything you need.

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Royal Black – Get Victorian Goth there.

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Get Victorian Goth At Royal Black Shop!

If Lewis Carroll’s mind could be morphed into a physical manifestation, Royal Black’s shop of couture and corsetry would depict it perfectly. Awe-inspiring works of art, these corsets and costumes have as many twists and turns as Wonderland itself.

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Foto: Philipp Ganzer – Models: Desireé Kaddatz, Nada

All pictures with friendly permission by Royal Black


Barbara Pesendorfer breathes life into the very bones and meat of unusual art. Living and striving in Vienna Austria, Barbara sews all her imaginative corsets and eccentric wear by hand. She molds beautiful and exquisite fabrics into form fitting corsets and extravagant Gothic evening gowns. The glamorous collections that can be found inside Royal Black Shop are not simple designs, they’re a smooth and fluent mixture of imagination and silky elegance.

burlesque dress
Foto: Ophelia – Model: Renata F.


For over ten years Barbara has been crafting her own fairy tale designs and patterns for vintage and creative spirits. Royal Black Shop is an enchanted garden, sprouting and twisting like emerald green vines around one’s body.

Threnody In Velvet / Iberian Black Arts

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Blossoming rose inspired corsets, red and black Gothic mermaid dresses, butterfly themed ball gowns and handsome masquerade-styled suits for the gentlemen are what fills this lively garden of bewitching garments and delightful concoctions of the mind.

princess dress

Ophelia Overdose (Model, Hair & Make Up, Styling)
Fotografin Jamari Lior

Royal Black Shop is a cozy haven for the darker minded ladies. Ladies who prefer a mad-hatter styled tea party compared to a home-cooked meal, prepared by a 1950s housewife. Royal Black’s collections are still timeless in their own unique way though.

corset dress

Foto: Hart Worx
Model, Make Up, Styling Ophelia Overdose

Pin-up and burlesque loving ladies will still find stunning show-stopping outfits that can be incorporated into everyday vintage wear. Of course, one might have to possess a very off-beat taste to showcase most of Royal Black’s brand of decorative goodies.

goth corset

Artdirektion / Foto / Postproduction: Zum Schießen Photographie
Model: Barbara Pesendorfer

This doesn’t mean that the collection of corsets and costumes are not to be desired, it’s just the opposite. Royal Black Shop has thousands of fans from all across the world who admire and follow the store’s success. With a little red lipstick, a pair of long black gloves or the touch of a little black bird-cage veil – Royal Black can be the ultimate shopping destination for those who prefer the wails of violins and cellos to the sound of old rock n’ roll. Thanks to Barbara, artwork has never looked so wearable!

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Burlesque Costumes

Burlesque Costumes

Burlesque costumes are worn for a variety of reasons, whether a woman is doing a genuine burlesque performance, wants a burlesque-inspired look for a costume party or event, or just wants to add some retro sex appeal to her lingerie collection. Burlesque costumes are classic, iconic looks, with styles that go all the way back to the 1920s, gaining popularity in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s with icons, theatre performers, and dancers around the world.

Burlesque Costumes

Burlesque costumes are incredibly diverse, and can be as simple, colorful, revealing, or complex as any woman desires. Women who are tiny and petite love burlesque costumes just as much as women who are curvy and voluptuous, so there’s no shortage in available stockings, corsetry, and accessories for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

When creating a burlesque costume, one of the most important components is the corset. Finding a corset that suits your needs, whether it’s layers of fabric or a sturdy steel-boned corset, is simple with the amount of customization available by corset designers. Search through shops such as KaosCorsets, SugarKitty Corsets, Maya Hansen, Bibian Blue, Miss Katie, Burleska, and Redcat 7. Most times the designer will allow you to choose everything from the sturdiness of the bone to the colors of the fabric, lace, ruffles, and trim.

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Of course, a corset can’t do it all. Burlesque costumes have plenty of necessary accessories such as pasties, garter belts, ruffled panties, stockings, floral hair pieces, and suspender straps. You’ll find a great assortment of burlesque costume accessories at Gothesque.de, Starlets and Harlets, and Feisty Cat. For luxurious stockings and hosiery that will stand the test of time and last more than one wear without snagging, browse shops such as Sweet Pins, Hepburn and Leigh, Secrets In Lace, Girdlebound, and Cervin Paris. Some of these shops also allow for customization, so whether it’s pasties, stockings, or a garter belt you want to adjust and tailor to your own needs, the talented designers will work with you to make that happen.

Burlesque costumes are always worn with confidence, so don’t be afraid to flaunt your body in the perfect outfit. Check out these shops for the most luxurious and high-quality burlesque looks on the market.

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Kaos Corsets

Kaos Corsets is a pin up, retro, rockabilly and burlesque themed boutique known for their sexy, high quality corsetry. Established in 1992, they started a line in order to provide sexy and affordable corsets to women of all ages, shapes and sizes. They range from lightly boned waspies to steel boned corsets, with each piece individually hand made at their headquarters in the UK.

The website for KaosCorsets is updated regularly with new stock and styles, so if you’re looking to find something in particular, be sure to check back on occasion to see what new styles they have to offer.

Corsets and waspies are two of the most popular items sold at KaosCorsets. Steel boned corsets create the most form fitting shape and look, while waspies are more simple and less constricting if you’re not looking for a specific look. Each section has similar patterns and look, whether you’re looking for a classic black lace look, sexy polka dots, soft pink and white stripes, black and red contrasts, or black and white pin stripes. Corsets and waspies are ideal for formal wear, burlesque performances and even Halloween costumes, whether you’re looking for a gothic masquerade look or just need a sexy top to accent your formal dress.

If you’re looking for the perfect bottoms to wear with your corset, KaosCorsets also offers bottoms to go with virtually any outfit. Sexy fringe flapper looks, form fitting pencil skirts, high cut polka dot shirts for a cute pin up style, and long fishnet skirts for a formal night out.

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Looking for something to top off the outfit? KaosCorsets also offers adorable yet sexy top hats, available in solid black and accented with brightly colored flowers and lace veils for a gothic, punk or elegant look. These hats can suit a variety of styles, it all depends what the rest of your outfit entails.

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Lastly, there is a section of “extras” if you require special care for your corset, whether it’s a modesty panel, extra long busk or specific shipping prices. KaosCorsets does everything in their abilities to create the perfect corset and have it sent to you in the perfect amount of time.

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