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French Market Stitch

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French Market Stitch

Fanciful burlesque costumes are the specialty at French Market Stitch, a new start-up company based in New Orleans, USA. Owner and designer Olga started with a dream to create an affordable, one-of-a-kind burlesque costume for her own Halloween celebration. What began as one fun night has turned into a blossoming showgirl clothing line.

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From corsets to dresses complete with feathers and tulle, French Market Stitch captures all the glamour of Las Vegas and New Orleans night life. Browse their beautiful selection of burlesque costumes for circus flair, red hot diva, and sexy baby doll outfits. Costumes are all designed to be unique and new designs are constantly being added to the inventory.

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Best of all, French Market Stitch delivers the ritzy glamour to a modest budget. Staying small has allowed them to keep prices reasonable, making this shop perfect for the starter burlesque. If you’re interested in exploring the world of lovely showgirl style, there is no better place to begin. Dive in to the spotlight and let your Vegas beauty shine!

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These costumes are constructed from colorful silk and satin and decorated with lace appliques, shimmering sequins, and fun feathers. Steel boning and corset closures keep everything in place while you dance the night away. There are even themed costumes after icons like the Great Gatsby, Black Widow, and the Green Fairy.

You are sure to be a walking fantasy come to life and bound for fame and glory! While the range of burlesque corset costumes continues to grow, the details of accessorizing are never forgotten. Mini top hats complete the showgirl look with eye-popping razzle dazzle. Resplendent with silk ribbons or sequin applique trims, these hats ensure you look stunning from the top down.

Other must-have accessories for the beginning burlesque showgirl include hairpiece fascinators, elbow length silk gloves, and dance shorts and bloomers. The only part left for you to supply is the alluring glance and spotlight smile.

Whether it’s a fun Halloween costume or a show they will always remember, French Market Stitch has much to offer for the girl who is finally ready for her turn in the spotlight.

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Burlesque Outfit

Burlesque Outfit
Finding a burlesque outfit is about more than just a sexy corset and some thigh-high tights. A good burlesque outfit incorporates a woman’s individual style and personality into the look, whether she goes for a fun and flirty innocent pin up pixie look, or a bold and daring gothic or rockabilly style. Burlesque outfits often incorporate retro themes and styles, creating a timeless look that is coveted for many generations.

The perfect burlesque outfit consists of many important pieces that can be combined and mixed and matched to create whatever look you want to achieve. Some staples to the burlesque outfit wardrobe include overbust or underbust corsets, nipple pasties, thigh-high nylons and pantyhose, girdles, garter belts, suspenders, sky-high stiletto heels, arm gloves, feather boas, and more.

If you’re looking for some of the highest quality, sexiest and diverse burlesque outfit pieces money can buy, there are plenty of shops that cater to women just like you. For all the burlesque fixings check out shops such as Love Burlesque, Gothesque.de, SugarKitty Corsets, Maya Hansen, Lulu and Lush, and Feisty Cat. For burlesque-inspired corsets and lingerie, Fairy GothMother offers corsets, accessories, dresses and undergarments that replicate everything we love about a sexy burlesque outfit.

For a full-blown corset that’s perfect for a burlesque performance or costume, Slacks Fashion, Redcat 7, Burleska and Bibian Blue are some of the most popular shops. Check out shops such as Ars Vivendi and Pandoras Choice for some of the best hosiery and accessories available.

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If you want to incorporate some pin up girl or rockabilly flair into your burlesque outfit, check out shops such as Pinup Girl Clothing, Emerald Angel, TopVintage.nl, and Anatomic Bomb.

Always remember that aside from the clothes, corsets and accessories, the perfect burlesque outfit always comes with the right level of confidence, sass and attitude. Any woman can pull off a burlesque outfit if she has the confidence to flaunt what she has and wear it with plenty of grace, class and style.

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