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Colour Me Bad: One Stop Shop For Bombshell Beautys

Colour Me Bad: One Stop Shop For Bombshell Beautys

Through hard work, dedication, passion and a heart’s desire, Colour Me Bad was born early in the year 2011 in Germany. Bringing with it the love for the most sultry time periods in history, creating a simple collection of all things classic and sexy.

burlesque costume

A style that’s best seen under the warm glow of a golden spotlight, Colour Me Bad specializes in transforming an average women into a desired vixen, through show stopping corsets and playful hosiery. Colour Me Bad’s exclusive Burlesque wear features full burlesque outfits and accessories to complete an aspiring dancers wardrobe needs. From colorful pasties, seductive stockings and garters, bustle skirts, miniature hats, elegant lace gloves, glittery heels, and even masks.

colour me bad dress

If becoming a strip tease isn’t on the agenda but becoming a little more timeless and classy is, then Colour Me Bad has a great selection of 1950’s inspired fashion pieces. To become coloured bad, an edgy twist was added to such inspired pieces giving them Gothic flares, such as artistic skulls, adding ribbon laced corset backs to the pencil skirts and keeping the colors dark and smoldering.

pencil dress
Colour Me Bad can get a little more bad than that though, bringing back the oozing sex appeal of retro lingerie. High waistted panties with garters and stockings, black satin bullet bras and sequenced V-neck leotards. Colour Me Bad also offers full body ensemble jewelry and fashionable chokers.

burlesque dress

Colour Me Bad is an international website based in Germany, they excel in shipping to parts all over the globe. Even though their currency is set in Euros and most of the text is in German, everything is still easy to find and order. For over 2 years now, Colour Me Bad has excelled in helping ladies, of all shapes, all around the world, create an eccentric wardrobe for a modern day pin-up girl.

colour me bad

Creating unique fashion pieces that attract vintage souls, enticing them with dreams of being a coy burlesque dancers or a playful model in the 1950s. The only thing missing now is the option to buy a personal hair dresser and make-up artist to complete the look of soft curls and red lips on a daily basis.

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Burlesque Outfits

Burlesque Outfits

Burlesque outfits are designed to be sexy, seductive, and teasing without being overly revealing. Burlesque is often compared to the modern day striptease, with more tease and less of a woman’s body parts revealed.

Model: Steffi, Visa Louisa Kunstmann, Photo: See2Feel
Outfit: Bibian Blue

Burlesque has been popular since the 1920’s, incorporating a variety of dance styles and seductive outfits, and modern day burlesque performers such as Dita Von Teese have brought the popular style of dance back into the limelight.

A true burlesque performer typically wears little more than a leotard and body suit, thigh-high stocking, corsets, stiletto high heels, and pasties, small sticky circles used to cover the smallest portion of a woman’s breast. Burlesque outfits typically incorporate feathers, pearls and sequins into their style, creating a feminine and sexy “over the top” look.

A true burlesque outfit isn’t the type of clothing a woman would wear on a day to day basis while out shopping or running errands. Burlesque outfits are typically saved for performances, where women perform a strip tease on stage to classical, often retro music. Pin up and retro styles are often inspired by burlesque outfits, and although burlesque outfits are often more revealing than everyday wear, the style of thigh high tights and fitted corsets are used in dresses and other pin up outfits.

If you’re looking for a sexy burlesque outfit but don’t know where to start or what style is best for you, check out Glamour Bunny, Sugar Kitty Corsets, The Pin Up Peep Shop, Love Burlesque, Redcat7 or Bibian Blue. These shops all incoroprate burlesque dancing into their clothing and styles, using corsets, thigh high stockings, stiletto heels and even pasties as inspiration for their creations. Professional burlesque performers, amateurs and even pole dancers or women who enjoy burlesque outfits as a type of lingerie have found the perfect outfit for them in these shops.

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One of the best parts of burlesque performances is that women of all ages, shapes and sizes have found themselves doing it. The outfits are meant to enhance a woman’s fierce confidence, attitude and curves, without revealing so much that they are actually stripping and removing all their clothes. It takes a great deal of confidence to truly pull off authentic burlesque outfits, so don’t be shy! Try one.

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