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Modern Pinup

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Modern Pinup ( JBR Clothing ) : Completely Vintage and Retro-Inspired Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
A wide variety of quality vintage clothing gives you countless options when you’re a fan of retro and rockabilly fashion, especially when they’re sold at reasonable prices.

010All Pictures with friendly Permission by Modernpinup

Modern Pinup is a retro and vintage inspired store located in California, USA, and the selection available to you isn’t limited to just clothing. They also have a strong collection of charming accessories, pinup shoes and cosmetics. There’s more than a few reasons why this shop can easily become one of your personal favorites.

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The fashion of the 1940s and 1950s was fun, feminine and a playfully preppy, and Modern Pinup promotes these nostalgic characteristics well. Whether you need a new dress for work or play, you can find an array of chic wiggle dresses, pencil dresses and circle dresses that accentuate the curves that matter.

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The variety of colors and prints are perfectly retro, and without a doubt, you’ll fall in love with more than one dress in their collection.


The hodgepodge of tops and bottoms available at this store is anything but ordinary. You can choose from pencil skirts, poodle skirts and circle skirts to pair with one of their vintage inspired tops. On those fun-spirited days, any of their long and colorful petticoats is the perfect way to add a little bounce to your look.


Modern Pinup offers some of the best brands in retro and vintage-inspired fashion, and the labels they feature are loved and well-known by fashionistas all over the globe. From Bettie Page, Steady Clothing and Hell Bunny all the way down to Bordello and Pinup Couture Shoes for your soles, this store knows exactly what you need to look sentimentally chic from head to toe. There’s not much more pinups and rockabellas can ask for in a store, because their inventory is amazing.


If your budget’s tight, they have some great items on sale, and if you spend more than $100, shipping is free. Their dedication to retro and vintage clothing is apparent in their products, and they’re known for their quality customer service, too. Don’t miss out on this online gem, and check them out today!

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Kate’s Clothing – Dark, Gothic and Rockabilly Style

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Kate’s Clothing – Dark, Gothic and Rockabilly Style

There’s nothing wrong with being ultra feminine, but sometimes a girl needs a little edge, like the girls who carry a rockabilly style.

All Pictures with friendly permission by Kate’s Clothing

They have a tough attitude, and sometimes, vintage and retro clothing are extra dainty and ladylike. UKs Shop Kate’s Clothing is a great online shop if your wardrobe needs a little toughening up.

Brands @ Kate’s Clothing

  • Hearts & Roses
  • Kreepsville
  • Bordello Shoes
  • Iron Fist

At first glance, you might think this shop sells only gothic, steampunk and alternative clothing. Yes, these are the main styles available for purchase. The essence of the Victorian Era and the allure of the 1940s and 1950s are manifested in their seductive clothes.

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Their shop has such a large selection, but you are able to shop by style or designer. Here are three designers from the shop that take inspiration from vintage and retro clothing:

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Bordello Shoes

Whether you’re a burlesque performer or enjoy the fashion, Bordello is the go-to shoe brand to reclaim old Hollywood glamour. They’re tall, sexy and have a dangerous appeal to them, but these shoes will make your legs look like they go on for miles. Known for their platform style, these sky high heels are comfortable. These shoes are great to wear with an elaborate costume, or if you just want to look and feel sexy.

Necessary Evil

Necessary Evil should be on the top of every burlesque girl’s wish list. Their vision takes their clothing to a different level of style without making it look like a costume. Whether you gravitate to their spin on military clothing or their dark but feminine versions of retro fashion, you’ll be sure to turn heads in the best way possible.

Hell Bunny

Hell Bunny is the epitome of rockabilly fashion and utilizes a variety of quirky and playful prints. They succeed with innocent, vintage silhouettes like high waisted skirts, but there’s always more than meets the eye, especially with their patterns and prints. They might use deep reds against black or puff sleeves to add the dramatic flair that every girl needs. Every rockabilly girl will fall in love with this label.

There’s more rockabilly, psychobilly and retro fashion available at Kate’s Clothing. Your initial impression of Kate’s Clothing might discourage you from browsing, but give this shop a chance. It’s dark, sultry and a little tough, but we all need to express those sides of us every once in a while.

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Pin Up Shoes

Pin Up Shoes

For the average pin up girl, the perfect pair of pin up shoes are just as important as the rest of her outfit. Pin up girls of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s know that the perfect pair of flats, pumps, stilettos or boots are one of the most important accessories to creating a pin up style outfit that is truly retro, rockabilly or vintage. Whether it’s a vintage floral sundress or adorable and fun pin up girl playsuit, shoes make the outfit for every pin up girl.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of pin up shoes for any outfit whether it’s retro, rockabilly, burlesque or purely vintage, you don’t have to browse through Grandma’s closet or local thrift stores to find the perfect pair with just the right style. There are all sorts of fashion designers all around the world that are passionate about shoes and the pin up industry who continue to create styles that last from generation to generation.

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One of the most popular footwear companies for girls who love crazy pin up styles is T.U.K. Shoes, where you’ll find everything from colorful flats to crazy pumps to pair with a pencil skirt or playsuit. Some other pin up shops with adorable shoes you don’t want to miss are Get Cutie Co., Sourpuss Clothing, Retro Kitten Apparel/Gypsies Do It Better, Babygirlboutique, and Pin Up Girl Clothing. For one of the largest selections of purely pin up shoes and vintage inspired styles, check out Modcloth, a favorite vintage shop of women all around the world.

Pin up shoes don’t have to be only one specific style. They can be coordinated with the colors and style of the rest of the outfit, but if you’re looking to be a little more fierce, you can add a pop of color to a simple black dress, skirt or pair of pedal pushers and wear a bright pair of pumps, platforms or patent leather stilettos.

No matter what style you’re looking to go for, shoes make the outfit of every sexy and confident pin up girl. Browse through these shops and you’re sure to find the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

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Feisty Cat

Feisty Cat

Feisty Cat is a sexy burlesque boutique specializing in a variety of pasties and nipple tassels for the retro, pin up, rockabilly and burlesque bombshell in every woman. Pasties can be the perfect accent to any outfit, wearing them as part of a costume or under a sexy top “just in case” something comes out. Sexy burlesque performers wear pasties and nipple tassels as a part of almost any costume, whether they plan to bare all or just give a peek while doing a dance.

At Feisty Cat you will discover such a variety of pasties and tassels that you’ll come up with tons of new inspiration for costumes, outfits and Burlesque performances. Sea shell pasties are perfect for a mermaid inspired costume or lingerie piece. Black pasties with rhinestones and feathers are ideal for a cabaret look that is classy but still completely sexy. There are even pasties with chains attached that connect the two, the perfect accent for a tease-filled performance.

Looking for some adorably innocent pasties? Sequined cupcake pasties are colorful and adorable, while the kitty cat pasties boast cute red ears atop a black kitty face. Green shamrocks with red tassels are fun and festive, perfect for a sexy redheaded Irish vixen.

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Accentuate your pasties and nipple tassels with some vinyl lingerie, false eyelashes, legwarmers, gloves, stiletto heels, feather accessories and much more. Everything you need for the perfect burlesque or retro costume is available at Feisty Cat, with a variety of pasties that will certainly have you coming back for more. Vinyl outfits, retro heels, wigs, bondgirl inspired looks, steampunk inspired outfits and a collection of Bordello inspired looks are all sold here. You’ll certainly find inspiration for a new outfit or performance number, and each one can have a new theme, inspired by a cute new set of pasties.

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Find the perfect top hat or feather hair accessory to complete your outfit. Whether you are a full blown burlesque performer, you’re just looking for a sexy costume for a party or you genuinely love the look and sex appeal of everything offered in the Feisty Cat store. Take a look around for some new sexy attire!

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