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Versatile Corsets

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Versatile Corsets

Versatile Corsets is an online corsetry boutique specializing in custom made corsets and accessories. Their styles include simple and basic blacks, frilly laced bridal colors and styles, girdles to wear under dresses and corsets, hosiery, and more.

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Their corsets complement all aspects of the pin up, rockabilly, retro, fetish and goth style industries. Versatile Corsets is known for staying true to their name, creating diverse options that allow anyone of any age, size, style or gender to purchase a corset that perfectly complements them and their preferences.

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Over and under the bust corsets are all available, so whether you need it to replace a bra or just want something for your mid section, there is something available for you. The Jasmine Under Bust Corset is a classic, slimming and flattering style, incorporating beige lace and black ties into the clean lines of a classic corset look.

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It’s simple yet diverse. For more of a costume novelty approach, check out the Saloon Girdle Dress, Sweet ‘N Sultry Garter Dress, or Bowed Jasmine Under Bust Corset in Damask Print. Versatile Corsets also sells all sorts of fashionable accessories to go along with your corset. Petticoats, skirts, pantyhose, nylons, pencil skirts, bloomers, and even formal mermaid style dresses. Looking for the perfect French maid look?

You’re in the right place, there is an incredible assortment of French maid-inspired corsets, all equipped with the perfectly placed ruffled white apron. The accessories section of Versatile Corsets is where all the necessities to wearing the perfect corset are available. Corset liners, thigh-highs, bra tops, sleeping corsets, ruffle panties, garders, anklets, and more are all available for the perfect accent and touch.

Shoes and boots are also available if you’re in need of a sexy pair of sky-high stilettos or want some fun lace-up boots to go with it. Whether you’re tiny and petite or curvy and voluptuous, male or female, Versatile Corsets can create the highest quality corsetry for you that perfectly accentuates your body, preference and personal requirements.

Whether you’re in need of corsetry for a performance or event or you’re just looking to add some to your lingerie and formal wear selection, Versatile Corsets has everything you need to accentuate you and your style.

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Emerald Angel

Emerald Angel

Emerald Angel is an online burlesque, rockabilly and pin up online boutique for women who love replicating the looks of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s eras. Based in the UK, Emerald Angel offers clothing, accessories, baby items, gifts, graphics and art prints with looks that are inspired by retro fashion.

For the latest designs by Emerald Angel, check the “new products” section where you’ll consistently find new stylish designs such as lacy neck collars, flapper costume headbands, shoe clips, cocktail rings, striped dance trousers, cocktail hats, patterned theme ties, pin up and rockabilly themed dresses, jackets, shrugs, and much more. Searching through the new products is a simple way to get a feel for what all of their products are like, since a little bit of everything is included.

In the clothing section you will find men and women’s styles with buttoned pencil skirts, matching tops, retro dresses for all seasons, and men’s rockabilly wear such as button down bowling shirts with patterns and styles similar to those worn by men in the 1950s and 1960s.

Under the section of unique items you’ll find a variety of retro costume pieces such as flapper head pieces, retro costume dresses, nautical themed outfits, and virtually any accessory that could be used for a feminine, fun and flirty costume.

Emerald Angel doesn’t only sell clothing. If you’re looking to dress up your walls with some retro themed styles, their original art prints come in styles that suit just about anyone. Black and white gothic prints, haunted halloween styles and sexy feminine portraits can all be found in this section.

To find Emerald Angel items at great prices and items that will soon be out of stock, check the clearance section of the website. Accessories, jewelry, lingerie and a variety of their unique items are all sold here. Much like the new products, checking the clearance section will give you a quick look at what Emerald Angel offers, and you just might find the perfect item for you at a great cost!

For everything that is flambuoyantly fun, flirty and feminine and retro, pin up, gothic or rockabilly, check out the variety of edgy styles at Emerald Angel.

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