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Pony Maedchen

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Pony Maedchen means “Pony Girl” in German and is an online cheesecake pin up and military-uniform clothing shop named for the pony-tail hair styles worn by the Queen of Pin Up herself, Bettie Page.

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Photo: Cherrymuffin Studios

All Pictures with friendly Permission by Pony Maedchen

Created by designer Valena Fürstenberg and based in Berlin, Germany, their sexy-yet-innocent high-quality garments are also available in brick-and mortar stores in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. If you ever happen to be on a fashionista tour of Europe you can buy Valena’s threads directly by popping in to the Pony Maedchen Showroom or the Savage Store in Berlin, the Flaming Star in Stuttgart, or by visiting Boogies in Innsbruck, Austria or Manillusion in Oslo, to name a few.

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At Ponymaedchen, Valena’s designs not only pay tribute to the 1940s pin up styles popularized by Peruvian painter Alberto Vargas but to the troops who loved his girlie pictures. Here you’ll find all manner of smoking-hot pin up style army, navy and police uniforms to suit every kind of bold sex kitten for almost, but not quite every occasion.

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Smart and girlie retro dresses, meadow girl garments, hot vintage-style tops complete with ruffles and puffy sleeves, pencil and circle skirts with round button and ribbon details, pin up style and sailor swimsuits, plus limited edition dress designs are all available with Valena’s signature fashion style of extravagance blended with repression.

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Model: Eden

Here the female-flattering cut and construction and simple, elegant and timeless designs work together to create tempting, girl-like apparel that provide each individual lady with perfect combination of innuendo and discretion. All prices are in Euros and range from 29 € for accessories to 200 € for uniforms and custom dresses.

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Ponymädchen helpfully provides sizing charts online in both inches and centimeters, so customers from all around the globe can find a perfect fit. Their minimum order price is 30 € for retail and 750 € for wholesale; returns are accepted for all unworn the garments with tags intact and in the original wrapping.

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They accept payments through PayPal, prepayments directly through bank wire transfers and ship worldwide via land/sea or via Airmail if the customer prefers. Follow Ponymädchen on their eponymous MySpace page or sign up for their newsletter to learn about all their latest fashions and deals.

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Frozen Hibiscus

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Frozen Hibiscus

Frozen Hibiscus is fledgling German fashion line featuring an original reinterpretation and vintage styles and retro fashions. Founded by designer Claudia Urbanek, who hand makes all her designs from her atelier, her apparel stands out from the crowd with her divinely decadent vintage kitsch for the selective rockabilly greaser and pin up lady.

All Images with friendly permission by Frozen Hibiscus

Frozen Hibiscus came to be in 2007 spawned by Claudia’s fascination with all the vintage fashions from the 1920s through the 1960s and from these styles she bases her collections.

The 1920s collection brings to mind the nascent years of Hollywood glamour paired with the androgynous styles of that time, like the flapper outfit “Thalia” featuring an embroidered satin cream shirt and elegant kimono paired with brown velvet pants and the masculine “Fay” complete with trousers, blouses and tie and hinged cuffs embroidered with to an exquisite and a stylized design.

The “Tiki” gallery of the Rock-A-Hula line is filled with Berlin mermaids sporting pencil skirts of the 1950s, wide-leg, high-waisted, side-buttoning pants of the 1940s and tree meet wiggle halter dresses like the “Reef”, made from fabrics with colorful patterns of flowers and butterflies create a Hawaiian dream.

The 50s Sweethearts gallery on the Frozen Hibiscus site has clothing appropriate for pin up darlings like the “Lagoon” a pale blue sleeveless top paired with the ”Sailor” swing skirt in white with a double line of pale blue ribbon circling the hem, and outfits best for rockabilly ladies like the back-buttoning, tight-fitting “Cherry” Corsage top, in strapless fitted black satin with double cherries embroidered on the lower waist and topped with a fringe of red frill perfectly paired with a black straight skirt.

Under accessories you find the charmingly campy coconut purse, made from the actual shell of this tropical fruit and a simple wrapped-rope strap, a classic purse with curved bamboo handles made with ‘Aloha” fabric complete with mini-hula girls in perfect Tiki style.

Frozen Hibiscus is available to the public in as their Berlin shop “Mixed Pickles” from Wednesdays through Saturdays and by appointment and Ms. Urbanek will also accept privately commissioned custom orders. If it is too long a wait to travel to the store, then take a look online at www.frozen-hibiscus.de and contact Claudia directly for questions and ideas.

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Yvonne Warmbier: 1950’s Clothing from Berlin

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Yvonne Warmbier: 1950’s Clothing from Berlin
Capturing the feminine flair of the 1950’s fashion world, Yvonne Warmbier takes pride in their signature vintage pieces.

retro dress yvonne warmbierAll Pictures with friendly permission by Yvonne Warmbier

Bring back a piece of this bygone era of style icons with the limited edition collections full of charm and elegance and designed with the modern woman in mind.

yvonne warmbier vintage dress green

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Yvonne Warmbier is a brand that focuses on class and finesse, giving the feminine form some vintage grace. Their classic retro clothing is all manufactured in Berlin, germany from organically sourced and fair trade fabrics, so you can look beautiful while helping to keep the environment gorgeous too. Founded in 2012, German-born Yvonne Warmbier began her brand of classic 1950’s style clothing after being featured on multiple television fashion shows and contests.

yvonne Wambier summerdresszum shop

Today the shop ships worldwide and is quickly becoming renowned for its commitment to vintage design and quality. At their online store, it’s easy to shop by piece, browsing through dresses, skirts, blouses, or petticoats and accessories. Many items are only limited edition, ensuring that your pin up style outfit is unique.

vintage summerdress blue

Their gorgeous pin up dresses are named after fashion icons like Charlotte, Greta, and Martha to bring back the charm of days gone by. Focusing on pastel colors and floral print patterns, Yvonne Warmbier is all about soft beauty and beautiful 1950’s silhouettes. With sizes for small to extra large, their vintage dresses and retro gowns will fit any body type.

yvonne Warmbier pencildress

For separates, there are a variety of pencil skirts and flair skirts in neutral tones of black, white, and grey to match with almost any top. Professional button down blouses and boleros are also available in limited edition designs that are always changing. With their versatile color palette, these retro separates can be mixed and matched for an endless number of cute pin up outfits.
Finish off the lovely vintage look with Yvonne Warmbier’s selection of petticoats and accessories.

satin summerdress

From thin waist belts to cute bows, they have the perfect piece to draw attention to the waist. Crinoline petticoats come in black or white to match any of their dresses for a truly rockabilly look. Complete it with a handmade organza rose in your hair for a retro style to remember!

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Lena Hoschek – Pin Up and Vintage Clothes from Austria

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The Lovely Lena Hoschek

Fashion designers always have a hunger, a certain appetite for a certain style. Lena Hoscheck, from Austria, has an appetite for the classics.

Lena Hoschek Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/15with friendly permission by Lena Hoschek

Lena-Hoschek1 (1)

Figure flattering, feminine, timeless looks that can make any woman feel like a lady. Graduating from the Fashion Institute in Vienna, she now has employees in Graz, Vienna, and Berlin. Not only is her pin-up fashion empire expanding, she’s also adding some high status names to her little black book of happy clientele. Pop sensation, Katy Perry and German actress, Charlotte Roche, are satisfied Lena Hoschek shoppers.

Lena Hoschek Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/15all online shops

Cravings for colored lace, creamy silks, and smooth fabrics with rich prints are all met with Lena Hoschek’s extensive and detailed collections, of 1940s and 1950s inspired pieces. Dresses always seem to be a pin-up designers bread and butter, since they are in high demand among the vintage community. Lena Hoschek doesn’t just cater to the cries of her eccentric pin-up ladies, she spoils them rotten by going above and beyond.

Lena Hoschek Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/15zum shop

Not only does she have amazing dress selections but Lena also creates skirts, blouses, knitwear, jackets, swimwear, shorts and pants, T-shirts (for men and women), sunglasses, and other accessories. A smorgasbord of vintage inspired treats for the dedicated collector.

Lena Hoschek Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/15

Lena tends to stick with neutral elegant colors and classic designs, really capturing the true feel of the 1940s and 1950s with her choice of subtle prints and styles. Not only does Lena Hoschek capture the most beautiful moments of the past, she also capture the essence of femininity in her collections.

Lena Hoschek Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/15

She isn’t all about being a perfect graceful lady, no woman is perfect. The female race has to learn to laugh at their flaws while still carrying on like a true vintage inspired vixen. Lena believes in laughter, having a good sense of humor, having fun, and laughing at obvious human and female flaws. Her collections also represent that radiant side of her.

Lena Hoschek Show - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/15

It’s seen through adorable polka dot prints and kissy lip patterns on the bathing suits. Just imagine the spunky pop star Katy Perry, she obviously found a friend in Lena Hoschek’s creations. Fun, feminine, vintage, timeless…Lena’s imagination and determination has created it all.

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