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Savage Sunglasses: Hot Vintage Eyewear From Down Under

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Savage Sunglasses: Hot Vintage Eyewear From Down Under

If ever there were a beautiful beach locale known for its sunshine, it has to be Noosa, Queensland in Australia. Just beside Sunshine Beach, this seaside escape is home to Savage Sunglasses, a growing retailer of retro style eyewear.

savage sunglasses
Savage Sunglasses

With these rocking shades, your sun-kissed face will look like you have stepped straight out of a postcard.
An independent Australian company owned by David and Kath, Savage Sunglasses set out with a vision to provide quality vintage inspired glasses at affordable prices for their local beach comber clientele.

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That small scale quickly grew to the current worldwide retailer known today for the iconic pin up look of summer. They believe firmly in the quality of their sunglasses, offering a two year guarantee on all of their products. Constructed of polycarbonate frames and lenses, these are made of the same material as high-end optical glasses and can fit any prescription to make them right for you.

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Browse through the collections of retro and polarized lenses for the style that suits your classic look and will shade your sultry gaze from harmful UV rays. Lenses are also treated with a crystal covering so their color and pattern will last. Choose from classic black, cherry reds, flirty pinks, and more. Fun pattern frames include zebra stripes, tortoise shell, and leopard print to bring out your wild side.

Checkerboard frames are perfect for the 1950’s rockabilly look and with shapes like cat’s eye, oval, and rectangle, there is something for every face shape. Rhinestones add some glamour to an already hot look. At such affordable prices, it’s easy to grab a few pairs for every vintage beach day outfit.

There is also an entire page of sale specials to check out for mod styles that are being discontinued or are almost sold out. These frames are less than half price, so it’s worth looking through before you checkout. You never know what extra vintage look might be calling your name!

The quality of Savage Sunglasses compares with the durability and strength of professional optical retailers while delivering the fashion of retro and rockabilly sunglasses straight from the Australian coast.

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Rockabilly Fashion Men

Rockabilly Fashion Men

For men who are truly passionate about rock ‘n roll, cars, tattoos and retro style, rockabilly fashion for men is typically the ideal style for them. Rockabilly men aren’t afraid to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, wearing bold colors, funky patterns, vintage band tees, leather jackets, and spiked accessories. Rockabilly fashion men of the 1950s and 1960s slicked back their hair and put a leather jacket over their sweater vest, showing off their true style and attitude.

Rockabilly fashion for men can be found through a wide variety of designers all around the world who are passionate about rockabilly trends, creating pieces that represent the styles of the era without having to spend a fortune or browse through vintage shops for the perfect look.

If you’re a rockabilly guy looking for some duds or a rockabilly gal looking to dress up your dude, there are plenty of shops you can check out for the perfect looks in all sizes, styles and price ranges. Some of the best shops include Tarantula Clothing, T.U.K. Shoes, Savage Wear, Yvonne’s Inked Divas and Gents, Outsiders.biz, Criminal Damage, On The Trashy Side, Hell Bunny, Tres Noir Rockabilly Sunglasses, Freddies Of Pinewood, Feel Funky, and Iron Fist.

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In these shops you’ll find virtually anything that has to do with rockabilly fashion men such as studded leather jackets, stylish jeans, vintage band t-shirts, belts and buckles, dress and casual shoes, hats, sunglasses, scarves, gloves, button down tees, formal wear, bags, and much, much more. Whether you’re looking for casual retro themed clothes to go along with your girlfriends pin up girl wear or a full blown outfit clad in skulls and tattoo inspired colors and patterns, you’re sure to find something that perfectly suits your style, size and price range in the variety of shops listed here.

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Rockabilly fashion men isn’t just about looking good and being stylish, it is also about possessing the right attitude. Rockabilly men exude endless amounts of confidence, walking into a room knowing they look good, feel good and are sure to be the center of attention. If rockabilly is something you’ve always loved and you have the confidence to pull it off, these shops will provide you with everything you could ever need.

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