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Very Cherry

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Very Cherry

Specializing in vintage pin-up and rockabilly style clothing, Very Cherry is a Dutch online boutique that offers several unique, yet classic fashions.

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All Images with friendly Permission by Very Cherry

The designs available remain true to the classic era of fashion while incorporating modern brands and materials into the patterns. Very Cherry has offered its designer clothing for several years worldwide from its Rotterdam location.

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Overall, the site is very easy to use. Every brand the online store carries is located on the left hand side in an organized column. While the site may be difficult to read in English, Very Cherry offers many recognizable labels that have the same names in Dutch and English.

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Pinup Couture, Heartbreaker, Fever London, Stop Staring and other high-end brands are displayed when “Zoek op merk” is clicked. The site can also be organized by type of clothing, such as tops, dresses, and accessories by clicking “Zoek op categorie.” Images are also clear and accurate, making it easier to shop.

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Very Cherry also offers its own line of pin-up style clothing for women, Very Cherry Clothing. The label copies many of the classic designs while adding unique flair. Because the prices of vintage style clothing can be high, Very Cherry Clothing offers their designs at a slightly lower cost, enabling women to get a great look for less money. Most of the Very Cherry Clothing designs are available for about 100 Euros or less. Styles are true to retro fashion and expand on simple ideas, such as the classic rockabilly polka dot dress.


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The online boutique also has several bags, shoes, accessories, and children’s clothing to choose from. This makes coordinating the outfit easy, making Very Cherry a one-stop place to shop for pin-up styles. Many of the children’s styles available are similar to the adult styles available, giving children the opportunity to have a sophisticated look or coordinate with their parents.

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The site is very easy to order from in English. Very Cherry accepts Paypal and many major credit cards. Shipping from overseas is also fairly priced based on the amount purchased. Tutorials on how to make purchases in English are also available on the website and provide more detailed instructions.

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TiCCi – Rockabilly Clothing

Rockabilly Clothing by TiCCi

Hungarian designer, Stefania Agoston, is a lover of Rock N’ Roll and the styles of the 1950s. The designers, musicians and starlets of that decade inspire her collections, helping her create an accurate depiction of that bubbly 1950s fashion while adding her own Rock N Roll twists.

rockabilly swing dress
All Pictures with friendly Permission by TICCI Rockabilly

ticci rockabilly clothing

Hence her Rockabilly collection for ladies was born into the world. Starting off as an Etsy shop, TiCCi has grown and developed into it’s own online clothing store, offering snazzy rockabilly, maternity and wedding apparel.

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TiCCi offers limited edition dresses, designed specifically for the wearer. Stefania has a quaint boutique in Budapest, filled with already designed outfits for shoppers. Taking appointments, she also works one on one with customers providing custom made rockabilly garments and wedding dresses. TiCCi doesn’t just cater to women, she also spoils the men and children rotten with custom made edgy clothing from the playful decade.

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For years now, TiCCi has been a bright light amidst the storm of modern day fashion, dishing out saucy pin-up outfit after another. Coated in leopard spots, skulls, and red, white and blue sailor stripes, TiCCi is one adorable bundle of retro clothing. Saying eternal vows in a TiCCi wedding dress is a ceremony one will not forget easily. These aren’t typical white and flowy gowns, TiCCi makes every dress a little slice of Rock N’ Roll heaven.

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From a halter top sun dresses decorated in red cherries to a short white dress that shows miles of bare leg, one can imagine getting hitched amongst the bright lights of Vegas then riding off into the sunset in a vintage Cadillac. TiCCis Rockabilly maternity choices aren’t as spontaneous as the style of a shotgun wedding but are still fun. Checkered prints and cute sailor themed dresses make for one cozy and stylish nine months.

pin up swing dress

TiCCi may stand out for supplying rockabilly ladies with vintage outfits for their biggest moments in life but it doesn’t mean they exclude dresses for just everyday moments. Everything in TiCCis growing inventory is a ray of golden sunlight, beaming down on a chic leopard print jacket of a rockabilly princess.

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Catfight Collections: Retro and Vintage Inspired…EVERYTHING.

Catfight Collections: Retro and Vintage Inspired…EVERYTHING.

Australian shop Catfight Collections stocks everything you can imagine that’s rockabilly, psychobilly, retro and vintage inspired, including toys, magazines and even bandages! Their collection of Australian and international branded items has a little something for everyone at reasonable prices–from glamorous pinup girls to hardcore psychobilly guys.

unnamed (2)All Pictures with friendly Permission by Catfight Collections

Modern Retro Style Clothing and Accessories
Men and women can find a wide variety of greaser, rockabilly, psychobilly and pinup clothing to add to their personal style. Men will find a mixture of button-up shirts that come in many styles, like like bowling shirts, plaid shirts, racer shirts and good, old fashioned work shirts. The men’s collection of t-shirts, hoodies and jackets feature retro looking or punk rock logos and designs. Guys can even pick up a rockabilly, vintage inspired wallet with a chain.

Brands @ Catfight Collections

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For women, there is everything from sexy to casual and everything in between. The shop has a wide range of fun and attention-getting clothing, like petticoats, t-shirts with bold designs and phrases, wildly designed socks, pantyhose and stockings. But they also have more subdued pieces, like 50’s style dresses with full circle skirts and vintage inspired tops and t-shirts. Whether you’re looking for a fun pencil skirt, a pair of high waisted shorts or some rebellious, fingerless gloves, the variety of options for women is not scarce.

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Interesting and Unique Shoes
The majority of the shoes at this shop aren’t your normal pair out of a department store, and they all express retro or punk rock flair with creative accents and colors. Guys and girls can peruse through their stock of wingtips and creepers, but the girls really benefit from the shop’s selection of flats and high heels. From elegant solid colored pumps to edgy and hardcore printed flats, soft and dainty girls or even edgy, roller derby girls will swoon at this unique collection.


From clothing and shoes to magazines and home decor, this store understands punk rock, retro and vintage aren’t just fashion statements but a lifestyle. If you’re looking to stock your closet or need a cool gift for a friend, you will be sure to find something here.

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50s Dresses

50s Dresses

50s dresses are considered vintage styles since they are from more than 50 years ago, but that doesn’t mean the styles are no longer iconic parts of the current fashion industry. Dresses with flowing ruffled skirts, pencil skirts, plunging halters and fitted corset tops are common components of fashion today, using 1950s dresses and fashion as inspiration for newer styles.

In Flickr Creative Commons by Cara Photography

Women who have a penchant for vintage fashion often wear 50s dresses as part of their look. Since dresses can be dressed up or down, skimpy or full, fitted or loose and comfortable, they can be worn to work, out to dinner, to church, or even out for a night on the town. 50s dresses tend to be less revealing than a short-skirted, low plunging dress that is made today, so a simple cardigan or roll of the sleeves can easily transition 50s dresses from a day to a night look.

all shops and brands

If you’re looking to add some fun 50s dresses to your wardrobe, don’t be intimidated by the thought of having to sift through a thrift store for hours on end just to find a dress. There are all sorts of online boutiques that specialize in outfits inspired by pin up and retro eras, particularly the 1950s since it was such a positive time. Some of these boutiques include What Katie Did, Babygirlboutique, Starlets and Harlets, and Hepburn and Leigh. Looking for a bolder style that channels more of the rockabilly look? Lolita Girl Clothing, Yvonne’s Inked Divas and Gents, Whirlingturban and Suicide Glam all have the rockabilly and psychobilly look added into their 50s dress styles. For the sassy sailor look that was popular throughout the pin up era of the 1950s, Lucky Diva and Pony Maedchen sell all sorts of 50s dresses with military-inspired styles galore.

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50s dresses are not for one specific type of woman. Whether you’re petite or plus-sized, the 50s was a time to embrace all women, regardless of age, size or style. Curves are hugged, cleavage is plunged, and legs are elongated with the sassy and fearless styles of the 1950s. Curl up your hair and swipe on some bright red lipstick to complete you look as a sexy 50s pin up icon!

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