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Gracy Q: Toned Down Vintage Fashion From Germany

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Gracy Q: Toned Down Vintage Fashion From Germany

The fashion of the 1930s to the 1950s is recognized by clean, feminine lines and elegant fabrics.

polkadot vintage dressAll Pictures with friendly Permission by Gracy Q

German fashion label, Gracy Q understands this style, which is apparent in the vintage inspired clothing by its designer, Anne Struggles. Through her training as a tailor and her experience in costume production, she satisfies the needs of women who love classically made pieces to fit the hourglass body.

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Since 2010, Gracy Q has released about two small but thoughtful collections per year. You immediately notice a lack of vibrant colors, with the exception of a brilliant red in the midst of a monochromatic aesthetic. As the seasons progress, deep blue and purple hues make an appearance. It is a breath of fresh air from busy patterns and designs seen in other collections of retro inspired clothing labels.

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While the structure of Gracy Q’s clothing is taken directly from vintage fashion, the look and feel of each pencil skirt, exquisite dress, coat or cape is modern yet classic. The label is focused on creating comfortable and conservative looks without being skin tight or too revealing. The pieces are tailor made to be flattering and polished for women of every shape and size, making any item a chic addition to every closet.


People outside the pinup or rockabilly lifestyle may find retro inspired fashion to be “costumey, but rockabellas or pinups who work a conservative day job don’t have to compromise personal style during business hours.


If you have trouble balancing your work style with your everyday vintage motivated wardrobe, Gracy Q clothing will actually help you fit in without looking matronly. You can still maintain the feminine silhouette that makes you confident and causes heads to turn.


Women easily forget simplicity is sometimes the best avenue to feeling sexy, and Gracy Q is a great reminder that looking glamorous does not have to be complicated. The store has yet to develop an online shop to reach the masses internationally, but if you love vintage inspired clothing and are located in Berlin or Leipzig, make sure to stop by one of the brick and mortar stores in these two cities in Germany.

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Swing Dress

Swing Dress

Swing dresses are about fun, flirty and flowing skirts that ruffle, kink and twirl as you strut your stuff on the dance floor. They became popular in the 1940s and 1950s eras, when swing dancing was at its peak. Whether you’re swinging your skirt around yourself in a Can-Can-like demeanor or going full circle with your twirls on the dance floor, it is always important to have the perfect swing dress to complement your fierce moves.

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Swing dresses come in a wide variety of styles. The tame styles may include a button-down short sleeved or even long sleeved top, while some may even be just the skirt, so you can wear it with your favorite dancing top. The sassier styles may include ruffled trim, halter tops or even sleeveless tops to wear to summer parties or even during the winter with a sweater or cardigan. Swing dresses can be found in solid basic colors, bold primaries, polka dots, leopard prints, military styles, and much more. It’s unlikely to shop around without finding a swing dress that is perfect for you and your personal style.

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For an online swing dress boutique search, start out with Pinup Girl Clothing, a boutique that sells all things pin up, retro, vintage and 50s style. Stop Staring Clothing is another popular pin up boutique with a wide variety of swing dresses. Same goes for Babygirlboutique, where you’ll find swing and retro dresses in plenty of styles. Looking for a swing dress with a rockabilly edge? Check out Dismantled Fashions, a one-woman brand with all things retro and rockabilly.

Swing dresses are perfectly complemented with some seamed pantyhose and sky-high stilettos, and most importantly, a fierce attitude. A swing dress must be worn with confidence, so you better be ready to get on the dance floor to shake that skirt a bit. To finish off your look, make sure you’ve got that bright red lipstick ready, swipe on some black liquid liner for a fierce cat eye look, and curl up your hair for plenty of bounce and volume. Find yourself a sexy little dancing partner and you’ve got everything you need to jazz up the dance floor!

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