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Modern Pinup

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Modern Pinup ( JBR Clothing ) : Completely Vintage and Retro-Inspired Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
A wide variety of quality vintage clothing gives you countless options when you’re a fan of retro and rockabilly fashion, especially when they’re sold at reasonable prices.

010All Pictures with friendly Permission by Modernpinup

Modern Pinup is a retro and vintage inspired store located in California, USA, and the selection available to you isn’t limited to just clothing. They also have a strong collection of charming accessories, pinup shoes and cosmetics. There’s more than a few reasons why this shop can easily become one of your personal favorites.

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The fashion of the 1940s and 1950s was fun, feminine and a playfully preppy, and Modern Pinup promotes these nostalgic characteristics well. Whether you need a new dress for work or play, you can find an array of chic wiggle dresses, pencil dresses and circle dresses that accentuate the curves that matter.

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The variety of colors and prints are perfectly retro, and without a doubt, you’ll fall in love with more than one dress in their collection.


The hodgepodge of tops and bottoms available at this store is anything but ordinary. You can choose from pencil skirts, poodle skirts and circle skirts to pair with one of their vintage inspired tops. On those fun-spirited days, any of their long and colorful petticoats is the perfect way to add a little bounce to your look.


Modern Pinup offers some of the best brands in retro and vintage-inspired fashion, and the labels they feature are loved and well-known by fashionistas all over the globe. From Bettie Page, Steady Clothing and Hell Bunny all the way down to Bordello and Pinup Couture Shoes for your soles, this store knows exactly what you need to look sentimentally chic from head to toe. There’s not much more pinups and rockabellas can ask for in a store, because their inventory is amazing.


If your budget’s tight, they have some great items on sale, and if you spend more than $100, shipping is free. Their dedication to retro and vintage clothing is apparent in their products, and they’re known for their quality customer service, too. Don’t miss out on this online gem, and check them out today!

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Style Icons Closet

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Come Raid Style Icons Closet!

When women think of vintage, they imagine old Hollywood glamor or June Cleaver from “Leave It To Beaver.” If that is the case then Style Icons Closet is the closet to raid.

All pictures with friendly permission by Style Icons Closet

Style Icons Closet is owned and operated by two British sisters who call themselves, Sisi and Mimi. They pride themselves in their simple and quaint collections of handmade goodies. Sisi and Mimi sew everything themselves, creating what they enjoy most about vintage fashion and how they personally envision it.

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Style Icons Closet can be compared to a pastel cupcake shop for hungry pin-up fashionistas. A bakery for vintage fashion in the United Kingdom, displaying a large window that is filled with cotton candy colored hues, sugary polka dots and even some samples of a more exotic taste.

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It seems that Sisi and Mimi have devoted their time to making Style Icons Closet a polka dot, floral and lace boutique. Their diverse taste in tribal prints though is what really causes their online shop to stand out. Creating old fashion inspired pin up pieces, with bold African tribal prints, makes their small collection pop. Very unique and eccentric, yet this online store keeps the daring yellows, greens and black prints as sweet as their other cupcake colored goodies.

Keeping their designs classic, this online shop is the home to the ever famous pencil dresses, fun party dresses and sexy little black dresses for a night filled with cocktails. As mentioned earlier, Sisi and Mimi create everything by hand. Filling their shop with designs from the heart, every stitch is a thread of pure undying passion for vintage and pin-up fashion.

They make dresses for the customer, asking for measurements to create a perfectly tailored piece of pinup artwork. Customers have the option of choosing their own fabrics and measurements, while Sisi and Mimi offer high quality customer service. They offer, not only dresses, but tops, skirts, petticoats and jackets.

If a pin up girl is looking for the classic stylings of a 1940 and 1950’s fashion icon, Style Icons Closet is the obvious choice. Never dull, always adorable and fabulous!

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Bettie Page Clothing

Bettie Page Clothing

Hot, cute and saucy in all its retro glory, the Bettie Page brand has an online store with all the best curvaceous fashions for every sort of modern pin up girl and even some extras for their guys.

Buy Bettie Page Clothing

Always sexy, their impeccably styled clothes collection boasts singles and separates, accessories and t-shirts for every occasion, event and mood. Bettie Page clothing designs combine 1950s-era patterning with modern fabrics and decade-dashing flourishes to create spunky, original retro-esque appeal.

Bettie Page Clothing’s founder and designer, Tatyana Khomyakova, originally studied fashion and theater in her home country of Russia. A long-time fan of alternative clothing design and outsider art, Tatyana modeled professionally in Russia and the United States all the while longing to break away from the faddish high-fashion world and start her own line of timeless, voluptuous styles to enhance natural feminine beauty and mystique. True to her dreams, Tatyana opened her first brick-and-mortar Bettie Page Clothing store just one year before the eponymous Queen of Pin up passed away and I for one hope her resurgent popularity late in life gave the Tease from Tennessee some much-deserved happiness.

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At Bettie Page you’ll find feminine yet demure circle skirts, afternoon dresses and oh-so-cute and sexy sailor pantsuits; cocktail dresses, military-style outfits, pencil skirts, the tightest bombshell dresses around and simple-yet-striking striped Capri pants. They offer tight, skin-baring dresses where the precipitous neckline and ambitiously skyward skirt slit almost meet and innocent separates like demure blouses and ruffled skirts that when combined create a dead-on MaryAnn.

You can visit Bettie Page Clothing boutiques in 3 locations in California and 2 locations in Las Vegas, Nevada or just browse their online shop. Their website provides excellent instructions for measuring all of those lovely curves and a sizing chart to help you select the perfect body-hugging fit. For questions you can e-mail or call their local retail store numbers. Bettie Page Clothing accepts Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Returns can be made for exchange only within 60 days of purchase, no refunds. If any item is damaged when being shipped it will replaced at no charge.

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