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Mädchentraum – It’s As If You’re In The 1940s

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Mädchentraum – It’s As If You’re In The 1940s

The fantasy and allure of the 1940s captures many a girl’s heart. The soft colors, prints and fabrics paired with simple yet classy designs, causes a vintage ladies heart to pitter-patter like they’re in love.


No one knows this feeling of rapture better than German designer Ann Kathrin Schmidt. Creating the very essence of her dreams and historical imagination into a physical manifestation. Mädchentraum literally translates into “Girls Dream” and a dream it is!


Mädchentraum is a beautiful store crafted from a young girl’s long-time dream. Filled with 1940 inspired garments, the flirtatious floral prints and and broad collared dresses capture the glamorous spirit of the past.

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Ann knows vintage inspired quality and aims to administer just that to her customers. Obtaining a degree in fashion-design, where she specialized in fabricating period costumes, Ms. Schmidt is confident in her abilities to dress a woman like she’s just been through a time machine.

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Ever since Ann was a teenager, producing retro dresses with her dads rustic sewing machine, she has imagined owning and operating Mädchentraum shop. Now it is a blossoming store filled with beautiful pieces of historical artwork. Mädchentraum shop offers 1940 inspired dresses, blouses, long pants, pencil and pleated skirts, fur collared coats, off shoulder shirts, belted jackets and fashionable capes.

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The love for pastel colors and absence of bold prints is obvious while browsing though Mädchentraum’s hand crafted collections. The summer and spring lines are aglow with vibrant colors such as corals and bright flawless whites. The fall and winter assortments are darker than expected when browsing around the mint-green homepage of Mädchentraum shop. Deep royal blues, soft grays and natural browns fill the collection, offering timeless elegance to a lady during the teeth chattering cold months.


Every item is form fitting and feminine. This darling little online shop is perfect for dedicated vintage ladies, remaining true to the historical designs of dresses in the forties. Ann makes sure that every article of clothing is honest with what would be found and bought in the golden era of fashion. Mädchentraum shop is sweet and simple, so flawless in it’s character it’s as if it was created from the soft fluffy clouds of ones dream….

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Charlotte and Jane

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Charlotte and Jane

Ireland holds many gems but none as precious as Charlotte and Jane. An independently owned fashion company, they’ve dedicated themselves to designing a person’s dream dress,creating a unique work of art with every stitch they sew.

All pictures with friendly permission by Charlotte & Jane

Charlotte Cargin and Jane Skovgaard are a genius duo, residing in Kinsale Co. Cork Ireland, they’re resuscitating the timeless elegance of the 1940s and the 1950s for this modern age. Old Hollywood starlets, bathing suits from the 1950s , the colors of the flowers in their gardens and the rare pieces of old time fashion, that can be found in vintage shops, are their muses.


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Charlotte and Jane’s dresses makes the past come alive, their keen eye for details creating an illusion of stepping through a time machine. Charlotte and Jane’s dresses always fit like a glove. Personally tailored to the customers measurements, Charlotte and Jane go above and beyond to make sure each person is elated with their purchase.

Pic. John Allen

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Each customer designs their own dream dress by selecting the colors, the fabrics and even the length of the hem and the length of the sleeves. Charlotte and Jane believe in cutting out the middleman in their business and purchase all their fabrics from family owned mills in Ireland. This gives the client a selection of fabrics to choose from such as: Irish linen, Irish wool, Irish tweed wool, Irish silk/wool mix, pure silk and printed cotton for their dress.

Customization is key at Charlotte and Jane, helping anyone achieve the look of their dreams. Playful pin-up, Gothic black lace, sexy burlesque, and edgy rockabilly styles are all possible to achieve. Charlotte and Jane even cater to the most retro of tastes, for example, comic book print dresses.

Pic. John Allen Hair sticking out on right

Irish rockabilly sensation, Imelda May, is an avid customer and supporter of Charlotte and Jane’s unique design options and dresses. If one is unsure or curious,and are in the areas, they’ll be showcasing their work at the following venues in Ireland on their Homepage.

No matter what the idea or design,one thing is certain, they’re passionate and adamant about keeping their brand timeless, feminine, and fun.

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