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Néné Chérie: French-made Vintage Inspired Clothing and Accessories

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Nene Cherie: French-made Vintage Inspired Clothing and Accessories

Nene Cherie is a French shop owned by Honey Nene, a talented seamstress who creates clothing, hats and accessories, in the south of France. Her design aesthetic is primarily tailored towards the fashion of the 1920s through the 1960s. Every retro and vintage fashionista will enjoy her original pieces and understand her respect and appreciation for these time periods.

All Pictures with friendly Permission by Néné Chérie

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Hollywood Style Clothing

Retro-styled women will love Nene Cherie’s clothing because they are vintage inspired. Gypsy lola , 50s diner, navy style and sexy bustier tops are all included in the tops collection.

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For the summer, the shop has a few flirty high waisted shorts available, and for more conservative occasions, the perfectly retro skirts are available in swing styles or high waisted pin up styles. The elegant interpretation of past decades are masterfully crafted in the small but beautiful dress collection.

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Beautiful Handmade Capes and Coats

Nene Cherie’s collection of capes and coats are so elegant, and they can turn any ordinary woman into a star. The amount of workmanship put into each item is obvious and every aspiring pin up girl will be warm and looking glamorous at the same time. From faux fur accents to full circle patterns in the longer coats, these classic details and high quality fabric are striking and flattering for every woman’s body.

Must-have Vintage Style Accessories

Every retro loving girl should have a copious amount of vintage style accessories on hand for every occasion. These accessories elevate vintage style to any outfit, even if it’s just a t-shirt and jeans.

The accessories at Nene Cherie has the most selection in the entire shop and include sunglasses, handbags and a wide variety of hair accessories. Whether you’re into delicate hair flowers, stylish turbans, fancy hats and fascinators or pin up style bandannas, this line is just the right amount of flirty and stylish.

Nene Cherie’s collection is perfect for the glamour girls, rockabellas and other vintage loving girls who want to add to their retro style. The prices aren’t outrageous, and you will be one of the few wearing Honey Nene’s fabulously handmade designs.

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Marlenes Toechter

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Marlenes Toechter

Marlenes Toechter is a vintage and retro clothing inspired boutique for the girls who always wished they could dress like their mother or grandmother did when she was in school. The classic and innocent flowing school dresses, the high waisted pants, the cute pea coats and the penny loafers are some of the styles you’ve always lusted over.

Model: Eliza Dotlittle – Photo: StAnchor Graphics.

All pictures: Thanks to Marlenes Toechter

 – This is where Marlenes Toechter draws inspiration, creating new pieces for women who have always lusted over this classic style. The styles portrayed in clothes designed by Marlenes Toechter typically reflect young women’s styles from the 1930’s all the way to the 1950’s.

Model: Eliza Dotlittle – Photo: StAnchor Graphics.

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The high buttoned, conservative styles of the 1930’s are available with long sleeved dresses, longer skirted dresses, and more conservative, classic looks, and the colorful, short skirted, short sleeved and more adventurous styles of the 1950’s are also available. Bowling style tops with bold stripes come in all sorts of styles, and flowing swing skirts come in all sorts of colors.

Model: Stefanie Schulze – Photo: StAnchor Graphics.

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Since the military played such a prominent role in the history of these years, there is a variety of dresses and tops that have collars, stripes and trim done in designs that reflect the military uniforms of the eras. Sailor tops were popular among women, which are also available in the shop.

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Model: Stefanie Schulze – Photo: StAnchor Graphics.

Feeling like you’d prefer to embrace your inner cowgirl? If you’re a western girl, there are all sorts of western tops and dresses available, too. Reds, blues and golds are brought together to create vintage western pieces, bringing you back to the styles of the old west.

Model: Madeleine Bergemann – Photo: StAnchor Graphics.

The variety doesn’t stop there. You can even find a dress or adorable top for your child, perfect for a mother and daughter matching outfit. To complete any outfit, check out the accessories department. Anchor purses and hair bows are available in just about any style and color to complement every dress sold in the shop. Even if you’re not ready to wear a whole dress that represents the era, these accessories are perfect to add a hint of retro to your style.

Model: Frau Pepper – Photo: StAnchor Graphics.

With Marlenes Toechter the prices are reasonable and the quality is exceptional and diverse. If you’ve lusted over your mother’s wardrobe, look no further to find an outfit for yourself!

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