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Wearing a Corset to Accentuate Your Style

The word corset is synonymous with the pin up girl style. A corset is the ultimate definition of sexy and sultry, no matter what pattern, color or material they feature. It doesn’t matter the size or shape of a woman, a corset can help achieve a very specific look for women – accentuating the waist, emphasizing the bust or adding a pop of lace beneath an everyday outfit, straight from the shop.

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Corsets have been around for many years, as a staple undergarment for women in all walks of life that helped with waist training, elongating the torso by dropping the waist, and providing stability to the underbust, to helping women improve their posture and appearance, but to understand just how they fit into the world of fashion from high society to the Rockabilly and pin up scene, it is important to learn about corsets and their histories.

The History of Corsets

The first appearance of the corset was during the Renaissance, but corsets have maintained their presence in some way ever since. During this time, it became important for women to define the shape of their bodies beneath their dresses. Fashions changed from loose fitting garments to dresses that had shaped skirts and bodices – things simply looked more refined and allowed women to appear as more feminine, placing emphasis on the bust, underbust and waist. This was done through the use of shapewear like corsets, which were worn beneath other clothing, and helped to draw attention to a narrow waist through manipulation of the body’s shape. Even plus size women took care with their appearance by using corsets to change the appearance of their waist. A corset helped to elongate the body, using laces to tighten the material that they were made from and stiff boning, made with steel rods that helped to shape the piece – and the woman’s figure. Things like ivory, whalebone and wood were also used to provide structure throughout each piece. Though it was meant to help shape the bodies of women, a corset was also used to improve posture and allow women to stand taller throughout their lives from visiting a shop to entertaining friends and family in the home.

As time passed, corset fashions and use changed. Even though the corsets still were used underneath other clothing often, some women took to wearing them out in the open, over blouses and even dresses. During this time the materials that were used to create corsets changed as well, and the garments featured silk, satin, lace, cotton and linen, but were still heavily boned beneath the surface. Unlike their earlier counterparts, they did not restrict movement or limit and change the way people breathed, they were more versatile and comfortable. The steel that was used in corset frames became slightly more lightweight when things changed from function to fashion.

Today, the corsets worn by burlesque, pin up and Rockabilly fans are more styled after the Victorian era corsets, which are much shorter in length and end below the waist instead of at the hips. Unlike earlier corset models, this style focuses on an extremely small waist, tight lacing and front snap, clasp or button closures along with the steel boned frames for continued waist training. In addition to this, the bust is again more accentuated; the modern day corsets are boned and structured in similar ways to the old fashioned ones, but the shape that they give the wearer is much more curvaceous and sexy. In addition, corsets are no longer solely worn beneath other clothing; this type of lingerie has become much more mainstream – plus it’s not only used for waist training or pushing the bust up; it’s also used as a statement made by the wearer about the way that they want the world to see them.

Today’s Corsets: Where to Buy Them

The beauty of the corset is that the wearer can decide exactly what the look they’re going for will be. Some people prefer to lace their corset up tight, causing them to stand up straighter and have a well defined hourglass figure, while others are more concerned with the comfort and fit of the piece, choosing a corset that is stronger boned and will not require a tight lacing for that sensual, sultry fit. Corsets are available in many different size options; but choosing the right size for the body is only the first step.

No matter what the desired outcome or intended use is, before a woman can put on that gorgeous corset, she’ll have to find one from a shop. There are shops online and in brick and mortar locations that are able to hand-sew a corset to meet specific individual measurements and style choices, but as always, there is a market for everything online, too, as long as people know where to look. Stores like Vollers Corsets specializes in more traditional styles, but for the Rockabilly fan, there is a line of denim corsets and corset dresses to set the wearer apart from the crowd. Different fabrics, cuts and colors are used for each corset, so be prepared to go through a lot of different, high quality designs! Underbust corsets – which stop just below the bra line and allow women to choose a special piece of lingerie to go with their corset – are also popular and offered by this company, which creates their product and ships from England, as they have for over 100 years.

Another option is to research Ars Vivendi, a German boutique whose corset line ranges from the vintage and pin up styles to more traditional corsets, or Sweet Carousel Corsetry – featuring hand made designs with multiple colors and styles. This shop offers non-traditional options including deep, plunging necklines, intricate beaded designs and options like bows, lace panels and ruffles. Waist training is still a popular trend for women across the world, and corset makers work hard to accommodate different tastes, choices, personalities and size options.

Why A Corset is Synonymous With Sexy

From size zero to plus size corsets, women will want to take the time to pick out exactly what they are looking for when it comes to shopping for such a special piece of clothing. Though they can get expensive, it is important to shop for quality, not simply the first corset that is seen. A corset is meant to accentuate the woman’s body that it’s put onto, so taking time to think about exactly what is wanted – and needed – is important.

Some women will be able to wear corsets that they find online without making alterations; others with exceptionally large busts or curvy bodies will need to take these measurements into consideration when choosing – or having a corset specially made from a company like Meschantes Corsetry. Another thing to consider is the style of corset that is desired; one plus to being open minded is having many different patterns and prints to choose from. Rockabilly fans can even find or make custom corsets featuring striped materials, polka dots, ruffles, cherry or animal prints and unusual materials like faux snakeskin or fur. It’s all up to the eventual wearer, but a corset is meant to help people show off their personalities – so go crazy! Training the waist doesn’t have to be boring or standard; it’s all about showing off a personal style while looking and feeling good.

Wearing a corset shows that women are confident, no matter what the top is paired with. Corsets can be worn with other sexy lingerie like stockings, ruffled or lace panties and high heels. They can be worn underneath open blouses with tight pencil skirts. Underbust corsets with lace paneled sides can be paired with a super sexy bra and a shirt for the ultimate look… but they can also be worn as they were first intended, if that’s what is desired. From function to fashion, burlesque to Rockabilly, a corset is the ideal fashion staple, so when shopping for one, be sure to choose something that is going to be long lasting, make an impression and fit the purpose it is intended to.

No matter if an underbust corset or a traditional model corset is chosen, the wearer should recognize that she is part of a crowd that continues to grow in size that celebrates the corset in all forms. Whether a corset is purchased in an online shop or hand made with in person measurements, the outcome will be the same: a one of a kind piece that is ideal for any situation, as long as the buyer is willing to take some fashion risks.