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V-Couture – Luxurious corset clothing

V-couture is a German boutique that offers custom made burlesque style corsets with a vintage flare. For those searching for an elegant pin up style, these corsets are an indulgence tailor made to fill any woman’s desire for luxurious clothing.


All Images with friendly Permission by V-Couture

V-couture creates their corsets with the finest materials, using handmade lace filigrees and luscious silk fabrics. The corsets are feature hand silk binding, as well as hand embroidered details.


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V-couture designs allows for the addition of a wide variety of adornments to be added, making each corset a rare treat. Lace necklaces adorned with sequins, separable pearl necklaces, fine lace corset belts, and a variety of other embellishments make these corsets truly unique.

korsetjurkFotograf: Marco Ribbe Photography, Model: Sina Domino Collins
zum shop

Like any woman, the supple feel and voluptuous shape of these corsets hide the strength of their design. Steel bones are encased by high quality german coutil; a steel busk is encapsulated in a plush fabric underlay. This allows skin to be protected while giving a woman that alluring shape that corsets are known for.


The boutique is the creation of Verena Dietzel. Verena’s original background is in fashion design, although her involvement with theater and photography are apparent in the dramatic feel of her designs. Nearly invisible cups, and a satin bow, on a black lace bra, are examples of the details that characterize her most tantalizing pieces. Underbust pieces with matching lace bras, corset dresses with sheer lining, and other designs sure to entice women looking to add excitement to their wardrobe.

Fotograf Nightshadow-Photoart, Model: Maya Mysteria

V-couture also understands the allure of innocence. Corsets trimmed with lace and tulle give to her designs a sense of purity. However, the sheer lace bodices, hand dyed red trim, plunging chokers, and lace bustier give a more intimate feel to these designs.


For some, the purchase of one of these corsets is a splurge , however they are well worth the expense. The allure of these high quality corsets are enough to justify the indulgence, beyond considering their tantalizing effect on your admirers. From a bridal line to designs that would make a burlesque dancer blush, V-couture has something to suit any taste.

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Betty Blue’s Loungerie: Bringing Luxury to Lounge Wear

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Betty Blue’s Loungerie: Bringing Luxury to Lounge Wear

UK indie lingerie shop, Betty Blue’s Loungerie, is causing a buzz across the Internet amongst lingerie, burlesque and pin-up blogs.

Luxus TagwäschePhoto: Iberian Black Arts
All pictures with friedly permission by bettie Blue’s Loungerie
bettie blues loungerie logo

The label carries a small and expensive but respectable and glamorous collection of lingerie and lounge wear. You won’t find flannel pajamas or sweat pants here. This shop is for women who are inspired by vintage Hollywood glamour and will pay the price for decadence and comfort.

pin up NachtwäschePhoto: Iberian Black Arts

The lingerie and lounge wear in this shop is nothing ordinary or practical. Any woman who embraces the rockabilly, burlesque and pin-up aesthetic and lifestyle will want to add a little more luxury from the Betty Blue’s Loungerie collection to their closet. Any piece in the shop is dreamy and can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes.

pin up nightieIberian Black Arts

The Nell Robe is a signature Betty Blue design. The full length robe is made from a slinky satin and is one of the most popular pieces in the collection. The intricate lace clings on to a woman’s most important curves and manages to reveal and conceal just enough to let the imagination run wild. It’s no wonder this robe sells out fast. It’s perfect for a little extra night time fun or if you just want to look fabulous while relaxing at home.

NachtwäschePhoto: Iberian Black Arts

The Bettie Robe is available in a ravishing peach or leopard print satin or in a warm but stylish red polka dotted fleece fabric. It’s part of the Betty Collection. This style robe features full sleeves and is a full length wrap around. The Peach Bettie Robe radiates a 1940s glamour vibe, while the Fleece Betty Robe gives off an instant classic retro feel in a bright red polka dotted pattern. By cinching the waist, the Bettie Robe accentuates every woman’s hourglass figure.

satin tagwäschePhoto:  Tigz Rice Studios

The assortment of velour suits, frilly baby dolls, lavish bed jackets and briefs are daring, yet feminine and exude vintage and pin-up appeal. Every item screams decadence, glamour and comfort all the way down to the luxurious padded satin clothes hangers that are available for sale. It’s safe to say, Betty Blue’s Loungerie has brought exquisiteness back to lounge wear.

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Royal Black – Get Victorian Goth there.

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Get Victorian Goth At Royal Black Shop!

If Lewis Carroll’s mind could be morphed into a physical manifestation, Royal Black’s shop of couture and corsetry would depict it perfectly. Awe-inspiring works of art, these corsets and costumes have as many twists and turns as Wonderland itself.

couture corset
Foto: Philipp Ganzer – Models: Desireé Kaddatz, Nada

All pictures with friendly permission by Royal Black


Barbara Pesendorfer breathes life into the very bones and meat of unusual art. Living and striving in Vienna Austria, Barbara sews all her imaginative corsets and eccentric wear by hand. She molds beautiful and exquisite fabrics into form fitting corsets and extravagant Gothic evening gowns. The glamorous collections that can be found inside Royal Black Shop are not simple designs, they’re a smooth and fluent mixture of imagination and silky elegance.

burlesque dress
Foto: Ophelia – Model: Renata F.


For over ten years Barbara has been crafting her own fairy tale designs and patterns for vintage and creative spirits. Royal Black Shop is an enchanted garden, sprouting and twisting like emerald green vines around one’s body.

Threnody In Velvet / Iberian Black Arts

zum shop

Blossoming rose inspired corsets, red and black Gothic mermaid dresses, butterfly themed ball gowns and handsome masquerade-styled suits for the gentlemen are what fills this lively garden of bewitching garments and delightful concoctions of the mind.

princess dress

Ophelia Overdose (Model, Hair & Make Up, Styling)
Fotografin Jamari Lior

Royal Black Shop is a cozy haven for the darker minded ladies. Ladies who prefer a mad-hatter styled tea party compared to a home-cooked meal, prepared by a 1950s housewife. Royal Black’s collections are still timeless in their own unique way though.

corset dress

Foto: Hart Worx
Model, Make Up, Styling Ophelia Overdose

Pin-up and burlesque loving ladies will still find stunning show-stopping outfits that can be incorporated into everyday vintage wear. Of course, one might have to possess a very off-beat taste to showcase most of Royal Black’s brand of decorative goodies.

goth corset

Artdirektion / Foto / Postproduction: Zum Schießen Photographie
Model: Barbara Pesendorfer

This doesn’t mean that the collection of corsets and costumes are not to be desired, it’s just the opposite. Royal Black Shop has thousands of fans from all across the world who admire and follow the store’s success. With a little red lipstick, a pair of long black gloves or the touch of a little black bird-cage veil – Royal Black can be the ultimate shopping destination for those who prefer the wails of violins and cellos to the sound of old rock n’ roll. Thanks to Barbara, artwork has never looked so wearable!

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Lovechild Boudoir

Lovechild Boudoir

The dignified days of the Victorian era are far from being obsolete. Bustle skirts, corsets,old time bloomers, vintage tops and jackets aren’t just seen in museums and oil paintings of someones great grandparents anymore.

CorsetPics by Xanthe Ellis. Model Katy Padam.

All piczures with friendly Permission by Lovechild Boudoir

With the transfusion of goth, classic Victorian era garments and mechanical steampunk – Lovechild Boudoir carries an extensive handmade collection of sultry items. Classy and ostentatious, Lovechild Boudoir has caught the eye of many magazines, making appearances in “Milkcow”, “Bizarre Magazine”, “Nude” and even “Vogue”. The store’s collection of handmade retro attire is never dull, always exciting and trimmed with Gothic pin-up sex appeal.

HalsfedernPic by Andreea Virna. Model Marinela.

Jayni has been in the vintage fashion industry for over twenty years, designing and customizing antique styled pieces for stores such as: Top Shop and Urban Outfitters. In the year 2005 Jayni began to produce her own brand of aberrant yet beautiful clothing. Clinging to what she knows and loves best, vintage fashion. Being inspired by goth culture, dresses in the Victorian era, flashy cyber fashion and rustic steampunk – Lovechild Boudoir’s handmade articles of clothing are definitely rare gems.

BustlePics by Andreea Virna. Model Elizaveta Shashenkova.

Lovechild Boudoir is operated in Yorkshire, England by Jayni herself. With every thrum of the sewing machine, she breaths life into the past through her creations. A firm believer in reusing and recycling, a lot of the pieces in Lovechild Boudoir’s inventory are made from fabric scraps. Scraps from earlier bustle skirts and jackets to being completely re-made from an older piece. Being clever, artistic and knowing when and how to re-use materials has given this vintage designer a well rounded edge.

ShrugStudio pics by Christel Stol. Model & MUA Anita De Bauch.

Lovechild Boudoir is well stocked with eccentric and seductive items and offer long and short bustle skirts, shrugs, accessories, boas, breeches and bloomers, corsets, dresses, jackets, pearls and swine, shorts and hotpants, skirts, tops, vintage lingerie, plus-size fashion and wedding and bridal items.

HalskragenPic by Vania Santos. Model & MUA Ana Duarte.

Even if a vintage lady’s taste may lay more with the 1940s and the classic pin-up girl style, they should still take a peek inside Lovechild Boudoir. With all the sexy vintage lingerie and corsets, one may find a gold-mine of unique fashion options. Gothic and steampunk inspired attire is a great way to animate someone’s vintage wardrobe.

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