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The Red Dolly Swimwear

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The Red Dolly Swimwear

The Red Dolly Swimwear is an online boutique on Etsy.com. Heather, the designer, is a Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Graduate with an obsession for vintage clothing.

All Pictures with friendly permission by The Red Dolly Swimwear

Her line, The Red Dolly, consists of pin up and retro style swimsuits. The suits are created with styles from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s in mind, ranging from simple black one-piece suits to itsy bitsy polka dotted bikinis.

Vintage bathing suits typically left far more to the imagination than the suits worn by women today. Shorts covering the bum and part of the thigh, high-cut halter tops and low-cut backs are popular components of a one-piece retro style bathing suit.

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For a retro two-piece bathing suit, it’s common for the bottoms to cover the belly button and even part of the thigh, while the top reveals far less cleavage than a string bikini you’d find in stores today. These retro styles are some of the reasons why The Red Dolly has such popular bathing suits.

Swimsuit colors available in The Red Dolly swimwear boutique range from simple and basic to flashy and bright. Basic blacks, bold primaries, contrasting polka dots and fancy plaid are all available at The Red Dolly boutique. If you’re looking to stand out on the beach or poolside, the two-toned leopard print and black one-piece.

One pieces, two pieces and even a yellow polka dot bikini are all available in what appears to be an endless variety of styles, prints and colors. If you’re extra bold and looking for something that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, there is a denim bikini with the sides cut out, crafted especially for the bold girl who wants to shine.

The Red Dolly takes custom orders on many suits, so if you are looking for a suit in a specific size or fabric, Heather will take the specifications and make a suit that customizes you, your body and your style perfectly. If your receive your suit in the mail and it is not as described in the product description, returns are accepted. If you’re a retro girl at heart, check out the shop and dive in to one of the hottest pin up style swimsuits on the market!

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The Dream Retro Wedding Collection

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The Dream Retro Wedding Collection

You have always pictured your perfect wedding, the amazing party and the happily ever after love story, well DyStyle can’t help you with that but we can offer you the most beautiful dress for your special day.


We felt inspired by the glamorous years of the last decades and decided to create, recreate and bring back to life the elegant spirit of the golden age of American cinema.

Using the finest fabrics and an elegant color scheme, DyStyle is bringing you the Retro & Pin Up Wedding and Ceremony Collection.

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The idea behind DyStyle, of creating unique custom dresses for women that love to express their personality with retro outfits it’s been such a success that by demand of our customers we have designed a new collection dedicated to those special moments in your life.

The most important piece of this collection is the ‘Vintage Wedding’ dress, that will impress you with the amazing design and elegance of the silky taffeta, soft and elegant lace and timeless style. Choosing to have a perfect vintage wedding or just a different wedding dress, this design will make you feel special. For the bridesmaid or just for an elegant night you can choose the ‘Vintage Lace” dress that will come in the color of your desire.



‘Marilyn Wedding’ takes inspiration from the iconic white dress of Marilyn Monroe where DyStyle added the elegant lace so you can feel precious and sexy, we tried to put a new touch in it by making it shorter and combined the lovely lace with shiny taffeta, so it can give you a new look but with a retro feel. Remember that you can ask to make it longer or you can choose the “Marilyn Lace” for other colors.



“Greta Wedding” dress has it’s inspiration in the fabulous ’20s Charleston era, and the amazing Great Garbo. You will make an unique entrance at any party this summer. It’s made of silky taffeta and sensual lace. Also, the “Greta” dress is available in a vast range of colors.



For all those dresses you have also the option to choose a petticoat in whatever color you prefer made of tulle.

Enjoy a playful attitude, smile and the whole world smiles with you. Custom made dresses are the best at expressing your personality!

For the new DyStyle.ro collection ‘The Dream Retro Wedding’
© Photo by Ciprian Strugariu
Dress/Styling: www.dystyle.ro
Model: Elena Horvath
Make up : Andreea Cecilia
Hair: Andreea Iordache

New section in store: http://dystyle.ro/gown-wedding-special-ocassion

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