Artifice Clothing – PVC Pinup Clothing

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Artifice Clothing – PVC Pinup Clothing

Pin up clothes and costumes are one of the many styles at Artifice Clothing, a specialty retailer of PVC outfits and accessories.

Photo by SideShowSito – Model: Mosh

All Pictures with friendly Permission by Artfice Clothing

Whether you are searching for rockabilly or burlesque styles, you can find them here with a unique twist on the well known classics. For a fun take on the burlesque theme, Artifice Clothing has corsets galore! Whether your style is an overbust corset as a top all on its own or an underbust to accentuate the rest of your outfit, there are a variety of colors to choose from.

Photo by Jeff Hui – Model: Vera Baby

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Decorated with ribbon or lace trim, most of their corsets are made of shiny PVC for the hot rod leather look. You will also find creative twists on the basic corset, such as neck corsets, thigh corsets and knee corsets! This brand is convinced that the corset can make all your body’s curves look sleek and sexy.

Photo by Jeff Hui – Model: Vera Baby

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The burlesque style doesn’t stop at corsets. There are lots of spotlight worthy accessories to match, including stockings, knee socks, and gloves. You can be dressed to impress from head to toe with the variety of winning combinations.

Artifice Clothing can also supply the rockabilly star with unique dresses and ruffle tops. Their signature PVC fabric gives a punk theme for any costume or simple night out. Looking for pencil skirts or schoolgirl blouses? They’re here in very fitted and flattering cuts to show off your curves. Rockabilly dresses in bright yellow or pastel pinks abound for the perfect pin up silhouette.

Photo by Jeff Hui – Model: Vera Baby

Stripes or frills, sweet or rocking rad, these fun dresses are calling your name. Make it your own by customizing the color of the PVC fabric or lace trim. Artifice Clothing also has details about how best to care for your PVC outfit to make sure it stays looking like new. This fabric boasts your unique rockabilly flair by hugging close for a skin tight fit.

With over thirty colors to choose from, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Bold statements from top to bottom are found for the burlesque or rockabilly woman at Artifice Clothing. One thing is clear: these looks are completely unforgettable.

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Pandora Deluxe: Custom Latex Clothing and Accessories

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Pandora Deluxe: Custom Latex Clothing and Accessories

Those looking for the latest in latex fashion and couture need only to discover Pandora Deluxe Latex clothing and lingerie. Featuring everything from sexy rockabilly dresses, skirts and tops, to fun latex and chain maille accessories, this London-based shop gives a bold twist on classic vintage looks.

Model: Mosh, photo: Vance
All Pictures with friendly Permission by Pandora Deluxe

Pandora Deluxe prides themselves on high-quality latex wear for fetish and couture lovers everywhere. Browse through their unique collections of pin up sheath-style dresses in bold colors and patterns including leopard prints, galaxy designs, and even edgy blood spatter.

Model: Laurel Fatal, photo: Moti Malul

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You can also search by collection name with six different one of a kind collections for every latex wearer’s dream style. Complete the look with a cute latex hair bow or hardcore chain maille necklace!

Model: Laurel Fatal, photo: Moti Malul
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For the sultry and seductive side of rockabilly fashion, check out this shop’s lingerie collection. Decorated with rocking metal studs, chain maille links, or silver harness buckles, these designs are only for the bold of heart. If you’re not afraid to flaunt your kicking pin up curves, go all out with Pandora Deluxe’s unique basques, bras, panties and even latex bodysuits.

Model: Miu Midnight, photo: Gina Soden

Their wide selection of latex colors and patterns sets this brand far apart from other vintage lingerie brands for a look that is truly show stopping. Reminiscent of classic rock divas and pop icons, this is a style for girls that aren’t afraid of showing what they’re really made of.

Model: Psylocke, photo: Belinda Bartzner – Photography

Because Pandora Deluxe’s focus is on quality and the unique design of each piece, each purchase is made to order, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that your rockabilly latex outfit has been crafted just for you. Because of this attention to detail, they ask for about five to six weeks of lead time for each order placed.

Shoppers can also go a step further and contact Pandora Deluxe for information on creating custom designs on latex dresses, pencil skirts, tops, or lingerie items. Even if you simply have trouble deciding between jet black or rocking red, their expert latex stylists are happy to offer advice on color and pattern selection as well. If latex is your passion, Pandora Deluxe has plenty to offer.

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Lady V London: High Quality, 50s-Style Reproduction Dresses

Lady V London: High Quality, 50′s-Style Reproduction Dresses
UK shop, Lady V London, has been creating a buzz on a number of fashion blogs with their collection of high quality 50s style Hepburn dresses, swing dresses and wiggle dresses.

SA13HEPPurple_5 All Pictures with friendly Permission by Lady V London

Owners Sergio and Victoria have successfully created an online store with their vision of affordable dresses in beautifully classic designs. Sergio’s family has been in the London clothing trade for three generations, bringing experience, knowledge and passion for creating high quality women’s garments to the table.

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Flattering silhouettes
These classic dress designs, like wiggle dresses and swing dresses, accentuate a girl’s natural curves. They will emphasize or create a head turning hourglass silhouette. The collection in the shop caters to girls of all shapes and sizes, since their stunning dresses are sold in size 8 to 32. These dresses are not only stylish, but they are made to fit the body well. Full circle skirts, flattering necklines and pencil dresses complete this 50s style collection.

AW15HEPmagentashade_D zum shop

Original and appealing prints
The prints in these dresses are classic, yet trendy, which is an important factor for every retro and vintage loving girl. They are attractive, timeless and incredibly chic, and because they are originally made, each dress is also exclusive. Fans of florals, polka dots, animal prints and geometric prints will love any of these sweet and subtle dresses for their closet.


High quality fabrics and ethical practices
Lady V London’s practices are honorable, because their products are not made with cheap fabrics or with substandard workers. The shop has aimed to primarily produce their high quality dresses in the heart of London, which provides jobs locally and enriches the economy of the UK’s capital. By doing so, they have control of the quality of each garment and can generate a faster turnaround time for their consumers.


Support this great British company, and you will surprised with how their products will make you feel special, chic and comfortable without breaking the bank.


Lady V London has something to suit every taste, and their selection of well-made swing dresses, Hepburn dresses and wiggle dresses are elegant, easy to accessorize and affordable!

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Ponyklau – Pin-Up, Cyber, Fetish and Kitsch Fashion

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Ponyklau – Pin-Up, Cyber, Fetish and Kitsch Fashion

Nestled in Germany lives an artistic soul named Kathrin Engel. She sews and sews away, creating one-of-a-kind fashion pieces, for those who desire the eccentric sinful styles of cyber fashion, fetish outfits with latex and leather and sexy pin-up.

ponyklau burlesque_resizeModel: Rina Bambina – Foto: Dieter Schumann
All pictures with friendly permission by Ponyklau


Ponyklau, Kathrin’s fruit of her labors, is a website dedicated to the most interesting and artistic senses of fashion. Ponyklau isn’t ashamed to show it’s naughty and kitsch side. Are you?

ponyklau pin up_resize
Foto: Paradise Kiss – Model: Amy Stravinski

Ponyklau’s focus rests on it’s creative corsets. Corsets are usually a lady’s favorite choice for accentuating curves, they seductively whisper femininity. What a person buys at the store is made only once, guaranteeing that no one will ever show up at a party wearing the same thing. It’s easy to get in touch with Kathrin to discuss customization options such as different colors and sizes for corsets and other pieces.

ponyklau korsett_resizeModel: Noise Noir , Foto: Cat Mason

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The website itself doesnt contain the exciting collection of Ms.Engel, instead she scatters them about onto different websites. Ponyklau fashion can be found on the following websites listed under the shop link, on Ponyklau’s main site. There is an extensive collection of not only neon colored leathers but subtle modest Lolita fashion and classic pin-up inspired pieces. Adding so many different elements of loud and shocking to soft and sultry, causes Ponyklau to become a very interesting shopping experience for people.

Model: Trash Barbie, Foto: Dieter Schumann

A Ponyklau favorite are the vintage hats, resembling old U.S military and navy “dog dish” hats. They come in all kinds of fun prints, even in a naughty nurse from with a red latex cross on the front. Ponyklau really captures the imagination with psycho circus themes, rockabilly style corsets and skirt ensembles, innocent Lolita and naughty cyber pin-up.

Model: Dafarya, Foto:

One can say that Ponyklau can transform someone into a more riveting image of themselves, the image they create in their imaginations and dreams. Ponyklau’s stunning artwork for corsets and vintage inspired wear is nothing short of fantastic. High quality, beautiful, and maybe even a little strange, pin-up and rockabilly girls don’t want to miss what she’ll come up with next. Take the stylings of the 1940s and 1950s to whole new heights of seduction with Ponyklau.

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