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Lola Ramona – Copenhagen’s Cutest Pinup Shoes

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Lola Ramona – Copenhagen’s Cutest Pinup Shoes

The retro-loving designers at Lola Ramona bring adorable vintage and rockabilly styles to life in fabulous pinup shoes.

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All Images with friendly Permission by Lola Ramona

From classic pumps to ankle boots, these shoes tie the perfect pinup outfit together so wearers can look fashionable from head to toe! For over ten years, Lola Ramona has worked hard to re-create the most gorgeous 1950’s style footwear in pinup shoes that modern women around the globe will love. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, their production is still relatively small.

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This gives an advantage to those who are looking for unique pinup shoes that won’t be duplicated anywhere else. The name Lola Ramona came after the shoe design was complete, and seeks to capture the style of a girl with attitude. As a result, these shoes are quirky and fun, but also slip-resistant and durable in all kinds of weather.

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While Lola Ramona rolls out new pinup shoe styles every season, their basic fit remains the same. Usually the patterns or accessories will change – from rockabilly pinstripes to black and white polka dots, or from beautiful bows to big buttons. The idea is that once a pinup girl chooses her preferred style, she will always be able to find it again in new colors, prints, or patterns.


The Lola Ramona website is easy to browse by past and present styles, where pinup shoppers can find fashionable pumps, wedges, summer sandals, comfy loafers, and even super cute rain boots! Best of all, these basic pinup styles are available in bold polka dots, animal prints, pretty pastels, or sultry stripes. Choose your favorite, or mix and match for the perfect pinup outfit.


Luckily for 1950’s fashionistas, Lola Ramona is available throughout Europe and the USA, but also partners with several pinup clothing shops online like TopVintage and Mondo Kaos. Lola Ramona’s pinup shoes are made of leather or canvas fabric with wooden heels and slip-resistant rubber soles.

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Because of this quality construction, they may be more expensive than competitors, but they also come with a 2-year warranty. No one wants her perfect pinup look to be ruined by a broken heel or scuffed sandal, and Lola Ramona’s shoes are built to never let you down!

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Retro Peepers: Vintage Glasses to Make Your Eyes Pop!

Retro Peepers: Vintage Glasses to Make Your Eyes Pop!

Retro Peepers is the place to go for that cute, 1950’s librarian look known by its stylish cat’s eye frames and reading glasses.

Retro Peepers
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Eyewear doesn’t need to hide your gorgeous gaze behind boring frames and Retro Peepers firmly believes that glasses can and should be a stylish accessory to any outfit. With a range of men’s and women’s designs to choose from, their unique retro look is anything but plain.

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Founded over a decade ago by entrepreneur Annie Towler, Retro Peepers began modestly as Jeepers Peepers Retro Eyewear. Towler was looking for some stylish reading glasses for herself and could not seem to find any that matched her classic pin up style and fun-loving fashion. So she did what any artsy gal would do and designed them herself. Twelve years later, her one-woman business ships worldwide from Scotland, offering hundreds of designs and rolling out new ones every year.

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Peppered with fun quotes by vintage icons like Marilyn Monroe and Vera Wang, Retro Peepers’ site is fun to browse while shopping for the perfect rockabilly reading- and sunglasses. You’ll find women’s styles inspired by the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s, all of which can be reglazed to your specific optical prescription. Each design is named after a different beloved pin up girl and can be ordered in a variety of colors to suit any rockabilly or vintage outfit.

Also be sure to check out their new collection known as, “The Edge.” With men’s and women’s glasses, these designs are all handmade and limited edition. They aim to recreate classic vintage looks using modern materials for a firmer and longer lasting construction than the old-fashioned originals.

While these are available with a variety of different reading glasses’ prescription strengths, any prescription can be added to the lens for a small surcharge to make them right for you. As Retro Peepers’ founder likes to point out, you don’t have just one pair of shoes, so why would you only own one pair of glasses?

With the huge variety of stylish retro options to choose from, there is no need to settle for just one pair. Make every outfit fabulous with the eye-popping designs of Retro Peepers!

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Savage Sunglasses: Hot Vintage Eyewear From Down Under

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Savage Sunglasses: Hot Vintage Eyewear From Down Under

If ever there were a beautiful beach locale known for its sunshine, it has to be Noosa, Queensland in Australia. Just beside Sunshine Beach, this seaside escape is home to Savage Sunglasses, a growing retailer of retro style eyewear.

savage sunglasses
Savage Sunglasses

With these rocking shades, your sun-kissed face will look like you have stepped straight out of a postcard.
An independent Australian company owned by David and Kath, Savage Sunglasses set out with a vision to provide quality vintage inspired glasses at affordable prices for their local beach comber clientele.

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That small scale quickly grew to the current worldwide retailer known today for the iconic pin up look of summer. They believe firmly in the quality of their sunglasses, offering a two year guarantee on all of their products. Constructed of polycarbonate frames and lenses, these are made of the same material as high-end optical glasses and can fit any prescription to make them right for you.

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Browse through the collections of retro and polarized lenses for the style that suits your classic look and will shade your sultry gaze from harmful UV rays. Lenses are also treated with a crystal covering so their color and pattern will last. Choose from classic black, cherry reds, flirty pinks, and more. Fun pattern frames include zebra stripes, tortoise shell, and leopard print to bring out your wild side.

Checkerboard frames are perfect for the 1950’s rockabilly look and with shapes like cat’s eye, oval, and rectangle, there is something for every face shape. Rhinestones add some glamour to an already hot look. At such affordable prices, it’s easy to grab a few pairs for every vintage beach day outfit.

There is also an entire page of sale specials to check out for mod styles that are being discontinued or are almost sold out. These frames are less than half price, so it’s worth looking through before you checkout. You never know what extra vintage look might be calling your name!

The quality of Savage Sunglasses compares with the durability and strength of professional optical retailers while delivering the fashion of retro and rockabilly sunglasses straight from the Australian coast.

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Zweitracht is a German shop dedicated to offering fashionable threads that resemble classic pin up styles of the 1940s through the 1960s. If you are passionate about these looks, whether you’re a sweet pin up dame or a bold rockabilly princess, Zweitracht offers something for women of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Zweitracht offers a great selection of vintage-inspired dresses that reveal as much or as little as you’d like. The queen dresses are perfect for a fall or winter day, with a 1940s bib-like embellishment in front, collared neck, and long sleeves, available in a variety of colors. If you don’t want a full dress in this style, the party shirt offers the same style without the skirt, so you can pair it with jeans, pedal pushers, a skirt, or anything else that suits your style.

Zweitracht also offers some casual spring and summer day dresses in floral prints, solids, plaids, and other colors, made in a loose-fitting style with a tie around the waist that makes it super comfortable and easy to wear however you want, flattering your best assets.

You’ll find plenty more tops in the Zweitracht shop, particularly boatneck styles in short sleeves, solid colors, and with a small embellishment near the collar for a classic pin up girl look. They’re perfect for office wear, casual wear, or even out for a fancy dinner if you dress them up.

You’ll also find a variety of adorably retro accessories at Zweitracht, particularly their scarves that can be worn around your head to keep your hair back, or around your neck for a fun pop of color to any outfit. They can even dress up purses with a sweet bow tie if it’s too warm for a scarf on your body.

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Zweitracht gives women a great way to dress retro while still looking classy and polished, all at affordable prices. If you love the looks of beautiful pin up ladies and don’t want to scour the thrift store for cool vintage looking threads, take a look around Zweitracht for a contemporary piece that is still designed with the 1940s and 1950s in mind. You’ll certainly be glad you did!

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