Pin-Up Fashion

Pin-Up Fashion

Pin-up fashion takes a bold, confident woman to be properly pulled off. Pin-up fashion typically represents and reflects the styles worn on women in the 1920s all the way through the 1950s and 1960s.

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Unlike today, much of pin-up fashion is designed to accentuate a woman’s natural features, enhancing her curves and hips, plunging the neckline to enhance cleavage, and hugging the legs to create a curvy, elongated silhouette. The fact that pin-up fashion accentuates and praises women of all ages, shapes and sizes is one of many reasons why it remains an iconic symbol of fashion many years later.

Pin-up fashion often includes plunging halter tops, dresses and playsuits, frilled skirts, fitted pencil skirts, nylons, seamed pantyhose, corset tops, and sky-high stilettos. Patent leather accessories, bright colors and contrasts and bright red lips are also popular accents. Pin-up fashion embraces individuality and allows women to mix and match colors and styles to create fierce, original outfits that suit them and their personal style perfectly.

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There are hundreds of pin-up fashion boutiques all over the Internet, so if you’re overwhelmed with where to find the most authentic pin-up styles, these are some of the most widely recognized. Switchblade Stiletto, What Katie Did, Modcloth, Hepburn and Leigh, Babygirlboutique, and Lucky Diva are all filled with popular selections of pin-up fashion, dresses, tops, skirts and pants, shoes and accessories. For more of a retro rockabilly look along with your authentic pin-up fashion, check out Lolita Girl Fashion, Miss Hussy Clothing, Yvonne’s Inked Divas and Gents, Poison Candy Fashion, and Get Go Retro.

Curvy girls, conservative girls, fierce girls and colorful adventurous girls can all find pin-up fashion throughout these boutiques that perfectly suits them and their personal taste. Whether work appropriate cardigans and pencil skirts are part of your regular wear or you’re more into the corsets, frilly skirts and skimpy playsuits, pin-up fashion has something to accommodate your style. Curl your hair into voluminous waves, swipe on some red lipstick and black cat-eye liner, add in some seamed pantyhose and finish your outfit off with a pair of sky-high stilettos and your pin-up outfit will be fierce, fun and totally original!