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Greaser Clothing

Greaser Clothing

Greaser girls are a frequently lusted over type of female from the iconic pin up and retro eras. Greaser girls were often seen at the starting or finish line of a drag race, waving the checkered flag in their tie tops and high-cut short shorts. If they weren’t at the track, greaser girls were in the shop with the guys getting their hands dirty and learning the nuts, bolts and mechanics of (now) classic cars. While greaser girls always maintained a feminine look, they weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and truly loved the feel of being around cars with the guys.

Greaser clothing often resembles popular racing sport aspects such as bright checkered flags, dirty mechanic overalls, rolled and twisted vintage t shirts, and converse tennis shoes to protect your feet. Greaser girls wore a variety of these styles but still managed to keep them girly with their attitude, hair and makeup.

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If you’re looking to add some greaser clothing to your wardrobe, you don’t have to browse through hundreds of thrift store aisles to find what you want. There are all sorts of online boutiques that specialize in greaser clothing for girls and guys who truly love the look. Grease, Gas and Glory is one boutique that incorporates greaser, rockabilly and psychobilly styles into their outfits. Suicide Glam and Rockabilly-Clothing.de specialize in greaser styles mixed with pin up and retro themes as well. To add a hint of greaser clothing to your pin up look, check out Lolita Girl Clothing, Starlets & Harlets, Miss Hussy Clothing, Poison Candy fashion, and Modemerr. All of these boutiques bring greaser to their retro and pin up styles whether it’s in dresses, tops, skirts or shoes.

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Greaser clothing isn’t just one definitive style. Greaser girls weren’t afraid to wear a skirt to the race and they weren’t afraid to wear a pair of sky-high stiletto heels with their short shorts as they directed the beginning of a drag race, waving the flag for the racers to go. Bright red lipstick, bold cat-like eyeliner and voluminous hair styles are also common aspects of the classic greaser girl look. For the guys, just slick back your hair, put on a leather jacket and don’t be afraid to get dirty!