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Faire Frou Frou

Faire Frou Frou

Faire Frou Frou is a French phrase meaning “to show off,” and with the variety of sexy and irresistible lingerie pieces in this adorable shop, you will find yourself doing just that!

The store carries sexy intimate and lingerie pieces in all sorts of styles and colors, designed for women who love feeling feminine and flirty and truly enjoy the finer things in life.

Faire Frou Frou carries pieces from top designers including Fleur of England, Fif Chachnil, Myla, Strumpet & Pink, Maison Close, Damaris, and more. There are also classic favorites available such as Hanky Panky, Only Hearts, Cosabella, Keep Me, and Zinke. The store brings the best of classic European lingerie designers right to the United States, providing hard-to-find items for women who love the classic, lacy, feminine feel of their products.

The store is known for its immaculate collection of upscale lingerie from a variety of brands. Camisoles, lacy panties, bustiers and corsets, loungewear, robes and even garter belts and stockings can all be found in the store.

The owners of Faire Frou Frou understand that some of these rare items are so cute, you won’t even want to cover them up! Because of this, they also offer outerwear that is lingerie-inspired, using feminine pastel colors, lace frou-frous and delicate designs to create items you could even wear to work. You’ll find an array of flirty skirts, tops and dresses that can be worn to work or out shopping during the day.

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Upon entering the store you are greeted with a chic Parisian feel with the pale pink, French vintage mirrors, bubble chandeliers, window displays and armoire used to show off different styles.

Customers come in to enjoy the chic atmosphere with their friends, picking out some delicate lacy goods to bring home for the evening. The refreshing atmosphere provides something for any woman with a little Paris in her heart.

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Whether you’re a woman who loves the classic, seductive Pin Up look of French lingerie or you enjoy putting a modern twist on your goodies, Faire Frou Frou will have something for you. French-loving, confident women all come in finding something that perfectly suits their style and life.

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  • [img]http://pinup-fashion.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/ascreen-1.jpg[/img]

    Ladysecret est une boutique dédiée aux passionnées de lingerie et plus particulèrement à toutes celles qui aiment la lingerie rétro façon pin-up années 50.

    Nous référençons différentes marques spécialisées dans la lingerie vintage telles que What Katie did, Kiss me deadly, Lulu & Lush, Lucy B, Mlle Lulu Pin-up ou encore Folies by Renaud.

    Ces marques fabriquent, pour la plupart, en France, en Grande-Bretagne ou aux USA, gage de qualité et d’originalité.

    La boutique est organisée par thèmes (lingerie pin-up, lingerie rock’n roll, lingerie cabaret….), permettant à chacune de trouver son bonheur en fonction de son style.