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Psychobilly Fashion

Psychobilly Fashion

Psychobilly originated as a style of music that incorporates punk rock, rockabilly and a variety of other genres. It often incorporates horror, science fiction, and gothic themes into the styles, which also have a significant impact on the growth and evolution of psychobilly fashion.

Psychobilly fashion incorporates punk, gothic and of course rockabilly styles to create diverse looks among men and women. In recent fashion, psychobilly styles have taken a bit of a rocked-out, tattooed, bright purple hair, heavily pierced look. Tattoo prints, bright colors, skulls, plaid patterns, leather and heavy metal hardware are all common components of psychobilly styles.

To fill your closet with some psychobilly fashion styles, check out some popular online boutiques to find outfits and clothing pieces that suit you and your own personal look.. For a feminine goth look check out Devil Doll, a sexy boutique filled with dresses, tops and skirts to mix and match with greaser jeans or your favorite pair of shoes. Rockabilly-Clothing.De incorporates psychobilly styles into their diverse range of clothes, ranging from pin up to retro to greaser styles. For more of a customized and naughty psychobilly look, Iron Fist encourages you to “find your passion” in their array of rockabilly and psychobilly High Heels and Shoes. Cats Like Us and The Atomic Boutique are especially for rockabilly and psychobilly chicks who want June Cleaver style with a rocker edge.

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Men and women can shop together in boutiques such as Suicide Glam or Grease Gas and Glory. Looking for more fierce, costume-like styles? Check out Miss Fortune Clothing.

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No psychobilly fashion or outfit is complete without sexy bright red lips, fierce cat-eye liner, and teased pin curls for a retro, punk rock look. Finish off a psychobilly dress with some back seamed pantyhose and sky-high stilettos, or put on your favorite Diesel jeans and Converse All Stars with that vintage band t-shirt. Lastly, don’t forget your fierce attitude and confidence, as no psychobilly fashion is complete without it.