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Dollface Design

Dollface Design

Dollface Design is a vintage and retro-inspired clothing line. Since the store opening in 2008, every item made is unique and completely handmade. The two owners, Christina Mendez and Carmela Melecio create each item themselves, continually working together to come up with new ideas to expand the line.

The women’s section of the store is divided into three sections: Retro Doll, Classy Doll, and Naughty Doll. The retro doll section consists primarily of retro-style dresses, ranging from jumper skirts to pencil skirts in a variety of colors and prints including leopard print, cherry spots, zebra stripes and colorful florals.

For the “classy” doll, there are more conservative, work-appropriate styles with longer skirt length, higher-cut tops and more neutral colors. However, if you’re looking for one of these classy styles with a fun print, they are also available in bright colors and colorful prints, too.

Lastly, the “naughty doll” section consists of more fetish-inspired styles with plunging necklines, fitted vinyl skirts and tops and tiny skirts for a sexy look. Retro costumes and evening looks can be inspired by the styles in the “naughty” section.

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To finish off the perfect retro dress or pin up outfit, check out the accessories section. Hair bows and flowers can pin back classic curls, while the dainty necklaces can complement a sexy, plunging v-necked top. For information on the hair services provided by the two owners, there is a contact form on the site. They specialize in pin up and retro hair styles, so it’s the place to go if you’re looking for a sexy curled up ‘do.

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Since items are custom made, a wide variety of sizes are available. Whether you’re tiny and petite or curvy and voluptuous, the ladies at Dollface Design can make the perfect retro dress, costume or outfit for you. For more information on their products and to communicate with the designers and other loyal customers, there are Facebook and Twitter pages where they enjoy hearing from customers and promoting products and hair services. If you’re into the pin up lifestyle and want to have perfect clothing designed to suit all of your needs, look no further than the talented ladies at Dollface Design.