Pinup Dresses

Pinup Dresses

Pinup dresses are an iconic representation of the retro and pin up styles of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. There is never only one style that perfectly represents these eras. While conservative, innocent styles were often required of many women, they still were not afraid to bring bright colors and fun silhouettes to the mix.

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Asia DeVinyl wearing WhirlingTurban dress and burgundy rose by CynElena.
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Pinup dresses cover a broad range of styles, primarily fitted pencil skirts and more flowing, ruffled swing skirts. The skirt is often attached to halter tops, short-sleeved button-down tops, or even a basic long-sleeved top. Styles are available in basic blacks and white, bold primaries, fierce leopard prints, polka dots, and a variety of other prints and styles, all designed to reflect personal style. Whether you’re more into the classic retro and pin up style or like adding more of an edge with the rockabilly or psychobilly aspects, pinup dresses can be found that suit your style perfectly.

To start off with a tame pinup dress, check out a classic pin up boutique such as What Katie Did, Modcloth or Pin Up Girl Clothing. For more versatile styles with a touch of rockabilly, Miss Hussy Clothing and Lolita Girl Clothing may be just what you’re looking for. If the full blown rockabilly or gothic style suits you better, Devil Doll Clothing will give you all the leather and lace you need.

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Love the military styles and stripes? Pony Maedchen creates military-inspired pinup dresses. Love cars? Tokyo Motor Grrrl has rockabilly and greaser inspired styles. No matter what your style, there is a pinup dress in one of these boutiques for you.

One of the best parts of wearing pinup dresses is that they are never catered to one specific type of woman or body type. Whether you’re tiny and petite or tall, voluptuous or bodacious, pinup dresses will flatter your curves and flaunt your best assets. If you’re wondering what the best accessory to go with a pin up dress is, it’s confidence. Wear it with flair and bring it everywhere you go to show the world you’re a fierce pin up dame with a bold attitude that matches your sexy demeanor.