Pin Up Dresses

Pin Up Dresses

Pin up dresses are arguably some of the most eye-catching, fierce and flattering types of dresses that can be worn by virtually any woman. Since pin up fashion is designed to flatter a woman’s body, beauty and natural assets, one of the greatest aspects is that just about any woman can find something perfect for her.

Pin Up Dress by Lena Hoschek

Pin up dresses are made to represent the styles of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, with a variety of shapes, sizes and styles available.

Women of these eras typically dresses more conservative than women today, but even if they were required to cover up, they were never afraid to flaunt their incredible fashion sense. The gorgeous array of pin up dresses speak for themselves regarding why the style is still popular more than 50 years later. Polka dots, leopard prints, bold primary colors and simple black and white hues can all be found in the style of a pin up dress, allowing women to suit up for a conservative work environment or get flashy with a seductive, sultry night look.

To start your search for the perfect pin up dress, look no further than the array of online boutiques that offer pin up dresses in an endless variety of retro, vintage and rockabilly styles. Killer Kirsche specializes in pin up and rockabilly dresses, along with Rockabilly-Clothing.de and their Bernie Dexter inspired duds. Pony Maedchen uses the military uniforms of the 1940s and 1950s as inspiration, so if you’re looking for a pin up dress with anchors, pin stripes or a patriotic theme, they are the shop for you. What Katie Did has an array of feminine, delicate floral dresses while Hot Couture brings retro sass to their styles. Babygirlboutique and Starlets and Harlets are two more boutiques that are known for gorgeous dresses. If you’re into the racer style, check out Tokyo Motor Grrrl for sassy pin up dresses to wear to the track one evening.

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There is no limit to the type of dresses you can find with these boutiques. Whether you’re a size XS or XXXL, pin up dresses, when worn with confidence, are a timeless and classic way to show off your femininity and fierce style.

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