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50s Clothing

50s Clothing

The clothing of the 50s was all about excitement and self-expression. The war had just ended, freedom was ringing loud and clear all across the country, and the economy was booming. The positive attitude of this era was often represented in clothing, with styles that allowed women to sport feminine skirts, fun tops, cute shoes and big hair.

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For men, they expressed themselves with letter sweater vests with their high school logo, pin striped bowling shirts, and leather greaser clothing if they were in to cars and racing. All in all, the most popular 50s clothing is what most of the vintage, retro, pin up and rockabilly styles we see today have stemmed from.

If you’ve seen and grown to love the style of iconic pin up girls, these women represent the more seductive side of 50s clothing in regards to women. Tight fitted corsets, pencil skirts, back-seamed pantyhose, flowing lace and sky-high stilettos are popular components of 50s pin up clothing.

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You may think finding 50s clothing would be a difficult task in the new millenium, but think again. There is a huge variety of boutiques that specialize in adorable 50s clothing, pin up dresses, rockabilly duds and retro or vintage styles. Pinup Girl Clothing is one of the most popular 50s and pin up boutiques around today. What Katie Did is known for their 50s style dresses and innocent styles, while Pony Maedchen is known for their military and sailor-inspired dresses. For old Hollywood glam styles, check out Lolita Girl Clothing, and if you’re more into the retro bad girl rockabilly style, Starlets and Harlets is perfect for you. For true 50s pin up couture in a variety of styles, Whirling Turban is a popular online boutique with pin up couture body suits and elegant flowing dresses.

Aside from the incredible and diverse styles of 50s clothing, the accessories, hair and makeup complete the outfit. Sky-high stilettos or penny loafers and elegant jewelry are all important components, while bright red lips, black eyeliner and voluptuous curls are the perfect finishing touch. Whether you’re a size XS or XXL, don’t worry; 50s clothing and pin up fashion are perfect for you, your style and your body.

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