Pin Up Girl Clothing

Pin Up Girl Clothing

Pin up girl clothing is a popular style because it represents the retro styles of the 1940’s, 1950’s, and 1960’s. It’s about fierce attitude, bold curves, bright colors, funky leopard print and polka dots, pantyhose and sky-high stilettos, all with a retro touch. Pin up girls are confident and come in all ages, shapes and sizes.

Model: Veronika, Visa: Louisa Kunstmann, Photo: See2Feel
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Pin up clothing often reflects retro and rockabilly styles, incorporating fitted corsets, flowing skirts, bright colors, and chunky belts and accessories into each style. Pin up girls tend to be curvy, and each piece of clothing is designed to enhance her natural features and womanly body. Women who are a size 2 can find the perfect pin up outfit just as efficiently as a woman who is a size 22, full figured and shapely. Rather than hiding her features, pin up girl clothing allows her to enhance what she has while looking fierce, fearless and confident.

If you’re looking for some pin up girl clothing duds but don’t know where to start, there are plenty of online boutiques that offer a variety of styles at a range of sizes and prices. Babygirlboutique specializes in feminine pin up styles in a variety of sizes. Pinup Girl Clothing is a popular store from California sells a variety of pin up clothing brands such as Bettie Page, Pinup Couture and Lucky 13. Whirling Turban is another popular shop, specializing in pin up and rockabilly dresses as well as vintage inspired pieces in a wide range of sizes. Pony Maedchen offers pin up girl clothing as well, specializing in military inspired pieces that represent Navy and Army colors and styles from the wars that ended during the rise of the pin up era.

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Whether your style is simple and consists of basic colors or you enjoy fierce, eye-catching styles, pin up girl clothing can suit your preferences perfectly. Start off with a pair of retro inspired leopard print pumps or add in a corset top or flowing skirt to your style to slowly transition into some pin up gear. Finish off with red lips, curled hair and a swipe of cat-eye liner to finish off the perfect pin up girl style!