Greaser Girl Clothing

Greaser Girl Clothing

Greaser girl clothing is an extremely versatile style, incorporating pin up, rockabilly and retro styles, particularly from the 1950’s, into the style mix. When you hear the term “greaser” you likely think of guys wearing leather with a comb in their hair and a giant belt buckle, but women can wear the popular type of clothing as well. Capri pants, bandanas, worker jeans, fitted and tied t shirts are just a few of the clothing pieces worn by greaser girls.

Model: Veronika, Visa: Louisa Kunstmann, Photo: See2Feel
Outfit: Redcat 7

Picture the girl at the starting or finish line at the race or the girl with a wrench in her hand leaning over to change a head gasket. Classic cars at the race track are two popular places to find sexy greaser girls wearing greaser girl clothing.

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For some greaser girl clothing at a variety of sizes and prices, there are plenty of online boutiques that offer exactly what you are probably looking for. What Katie Did offers a wide variety of pin up and vintage styles that incorporate greaser girl looks into them, while Redcat 7 also offers plenty of rockabilly and greaser girl styles. Whirling Turban, Poison Candy Fashion, Miss Hussy Clothing, Stop Staring Clothing and Modemerr offer accessories, shoes, lingerie, jackets, pantyhose, and much more to finish off the perfect greaser girl clothing outfit.

Greaser girl clothing comes in a wide variety of styles. It’s not just about black leather and white t shirts. Bright colors, leopard print, polka dots, leather, lace, ripped worker jeans and ruffles are all important parts of greaser girls feminine yet laid back style, so regardless of how hard you’re willing to go with it or whether you just want to add in a few components to your already loved and adored style, it is simple to do. Add in a leather jacket, a fierce animal print bow or skirt, and some classic white tennis shoes to give just about any style a fun hint of the greaser girl in you. Lastly, finish it off with bright red lips, a swipe of black cat-eye liner and big curls for the greaser pin up beauty we all know and love. And don’t forget your confidence – a fierce attitude is key to any greaser girl outfit.

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  • to me, a greaser girl looks like olivia-newton john at the end of grease, with capris/cuffed pants with candies slides and her hair in a ponytail with a bandana. or even a rosie the riveter-type look like the article mentions. i got a mechanic costume at babygirl boutique but it was marketed as a rockabilly greaser girl costume. they dont have it anymore, but it came with a sexy mechanic outfit with a bandana and toy tools. so cute! christina aguilera’s “candyman” video is another great example of a “greaser girl” look.