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Revamp Productions

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Revamp Productions

Revamp Productions answers the question on every pin up ladies’ mind, “Where can I find the perfect purse to go with my authentic outfits?” and delivers up period-perfect handbags in every retro-style imaginable, then throws in a little more for good measure.

revamp productionsAll Pictures with friendly Permission by Revamp Productions

Founded by two gal pals committed to classic kitsch and retro glamour, both with backgrounds in costume design Revamp Productions went from a homegrown hobby to full blown business providing purses that are no longer simply wonderful and authentic accessories but are considered by many to be status symbols as well.

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The Atomic Bar collection is filled with Tiki and 1950s atomic styles like the Mai Tai II, a jazzy red kitschy fabric tote, or The Zombie, a wondrous pink-patterned leather snap-top bag that borders on a clutch.

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The Matinee line features nostalgic clutches made from an original 1960s mold all lined in silk and with exteriors printed with images from classic movies, music and books.

High Rollers Handbags from Revamp Productions are the utmost in luxurious chic, like the black patent leather “Royal Pink” with a pink leather underlay, pink crushed velvet lining and iconic royal pink crown, or the vintage black silk and gold metallic brocade “Dirty Martini” that comes with a removable rhinestone brooch and martini charm.

For rockabilly custom car chicks still looking for something beyond the ordinary, the VIP lounge is filled with sleek traditional banks and shoes reinvented to honor the fabulous fins and detailing of classic automobiles like the customer Bel Air Car Clutch in poison green metallic and vinyl lined with leopard fur with silver car trim, a Bel Air emblem and a chrome custom chevron. Revamp Production purses are not flimsy toss-away adornments they are built to last for decades, just like vintage fashions were.

Using only the best leather and fabrics and finest custom hardware from Eldorado Club Int, all bags are made in the USA small factories using a vintage machines and come with their own silver number plate to prove their authenticity and add to their ‘collect-ability’. As you would expect, their prices are not low but should be considered an investment in enduring quality and endless style.