Pin Up

Pin Up

Pin up fashion, clothing and style is all about confidence, sass, attitude and fierce, bold, fearless style. Bright red lips, curvy hips and confidence that pans the entire room are some of the most important assets to a sexy, well done pin up outfit.

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Pin up clothing represents styles of the 1940’s, ‘50s, and ’60s, and brings a retro or rockabilly look to the style of just about any girl. Bright colors, tight corsets, back seamed pantyhose and sky high stiletto heels are some of the basic concepts of pin up style. Flowing skirts that represent the innocence of June Cleaver and sexy, fitted halters to channel Marilyn Monroe are all styles that are frequently used in pin up clothes.

Perfect pin up style starts at the undergarments. Purrfect Pineapples and What Katie Did are two popular shops with nighties, slips, and seductive yet innocent lingerie that reflect the pin up undergarments of decades long gone. They’re the perfect start to any pin up outfit and flatter your figure for the perfect silhouette.

The perfect silhouette needs the perfect dress. Whirlingturban and Lolita Girl Clothing specialize in pin up couture, rockabilly dresses and retro styles from a variety of decades. If you’re looking for something more military inspired, check out Pony Maedchen, a a military dress clothing shop with a variety of styles to reflect the war and importance of the military in retro decades.

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One of the best parts of pin up fashion is that it caters to women of all sizes, shapes and ages. Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 32, pin up style is perfect for you. Curves are an essential part of a sexy pin up dress, and the styles are designed to enhance your natural features while still hiding and flattering your insecurities. Don’t let the dress do all the work, though – pin up style still requires an enormous amount of sass and confidence, so don’t be afraid to let your true personality show. Pin up style is all about fierce femininity, fearless style, red lips and sky high stilettos, so don’t let anything hold you back in your search for the perfect pin up look.